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About me:I am a gardener who has to curb any inclination toward hard landscaping jobs. My Dad was a very inspiring landscape gardener, so I tend to overstretch myself. I have illnesses now that prevent that sort of thing, but you know how it is when you are more keen than is good for you. So I concentrate on smaller projects, and you can't get smaller than collecting and germinating plants and trees seeds. My thirst for new plant is restricted by finances and space, though I make a good deal of headway by planting things in old mushroom cartons and the flower buckets that a few supermarkets still throw out. As far as these buckets go, I can just about lift a full one without doing myself an injury, and I am a wizz with a drill to make drainage. It's such a good plan that I really shouldn't be telling anyone about it cause you'll all be at it. Anyway, there you go, at least they will be recycled across the world now... Cheers to you all
more coming soon...