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Indelable marker pens for real?

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 21:35

New things to try out, great! Thanks!

Blood moon....

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 05:47

Oh dear punkdoc, sorry to hear it. I'm glad we didn't have another row with our neighbours this time. We were a little bit noisy earlier (loud whispering) because we got so excited, and they are shepherds, so sleep is precious, but they seem not to have woken.

We had a fantastic view with no nearby towns or major roads. I did get a bit distracted earlier when the moon was brightest.   I started re-potting a few plants out there while waiting. Too dark once it started happening though.

Indelable marker pens for real?

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 05:30

I will definitely check that out! Thank you for the tip Pansyface.

Indelable marker pens for real?

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 03:58

I cut yoghurt pots and ice cream cartons into strips as plant labels, and I rub them with sandpaper first, so that the permanent marker pens should adhere to the plastic, but every spring the writing has gone, gone, gone, completely and I am speechless with crossness and perplexity. Has anyone ever come across a pen that stays readable outdoors (salt-laden wind proof and frost proof would be good) or am I being daft even to countenance such a thing?


Species roses

Posted: 21/07/2015 at 22:27

I'll look out for seed, and If I find some I'll forward you a few for the recommendation,  since it sounds like it is something of a lost treasure.

I could always buy the plants, but if I did that I'd be spending on plants what I could be on lots more seeds. While I'm at the seed germinating I might as well do another big batch. I think I enjoy the seed hunting bit most of all, even if it's only on the internet. My happiest moments have been finding  sellers who grow their own native species roses in their gardens. That too is treasure, and a few variations through cross pollination seems to me to be part of the wild rose life story.

I've mostly acquired species roses from the ranges available from seed merchants like 'Plant World Seeds' and 'Chiltern Seeds', but also some good supplies from ebay sellers like 'Treeseedsonline''. Between them, they do have a surprisingly good range, and have, so far, been perfectly good seed that has grown into what they were advertised to be.

Species roses

Posted: 21/07/2015 at 00:37

Hi Dove, you didn't happen to keep any seeds did you?? I know they hybridise out in the garden, but it would still be worth a try because it looks a delightful darling of a variation on the theme!

Nutcutlet, I had some sloes germinate unexpectedly after wine making, appearing on the compost heap a few months later - a lovely surprise, I wonder how common it is for this to start the process? I imagine partial fermentation would suit anything tough skinned, that birds eat and spread the seeds that way. Worth looking into and a bit of experimentation!


Species roses

Posted: 17/07/2015 at 17:16

I'm half way up a mountain, looking out to sea, on a north facing slope. What I don't get in frosts and flooding however, I do get in winds and storms. The roses seem to love it though.

The spines are very characteristic of pimpernellifolia. It sounds quite true to type. It may be doing very well, growing lots of stems and leaves and getting tangled because it has garden conditions, where as it is usually clinging on to a Scottish mountain for dear life, with little soil for it's roots (keeping it very dwarfed) and frequently having branches broken off in the wind. The ones I have are sitting in  pots (ready for planting out next year) and are being sheltered by a wall. These, too, are very leafy and verdant, lots of stems, spines and high ambitions, and it would be a shame to release them into the wild now because I fear they would be decimated by the winds.

I think it is called the plant's provenance? but this term confuses me, because people talk about the provenance of the seed (where it was collected) but also the provenance of each individual plant - and my point is that these can be two very different things.

Species roses

Posted: 17/07/2015 at 06:24

Hmm, nature isn't quite working lately I suspect, no frosts at all last winter. Still, that could well be the answer. It's into to the fridge time if they haven't shown up before autumn. Thank you Ceres, I think you have probably answered the question if in a converse way I don't use the fridge if I can help it because it dries things up so quickly, or if I keep up the watering it ends up rotting the seeds - in other words I keep getting it just that little bit too wrong for the poor things to survive. Yes, nature is much better at stratification - perhaps I could beg a favour with someone inland who actually gets frosts, and collect them next spring.

I did get seed to germinate that came from Pakistan - and yet we are not at all dry and arid here, but they seem to have liked the weather anyway, maybe they came from a river bank somewhere?  I suspect species roses may be genetically quite versatile. That might be why your pimpinellifolia differs from catalogue examples - it's maybe doing something different on account of where it is growing? From what I've seen so far I think species roses may have genetic histories that allow for other attributes in different environments, soils, climates and so on. Is your rose appropriately spiny? Also, is it white, pink or yellowish, because I've seen mention of these colour variations within the species?

Species roses

Posted: 16/07/2015 at 17:31

I'm growing species roses from around the world from seed. It's not the best time to be bringing this up, because it's neither planting, stratifying, sprouting nor collecting time, but it is refreshing labels and accounting for  I have already time, so things are by no means dull - oh yes and I quite forgot about flowering being around about now

I'm going to be planting a Species Roses Worldwide Garden (well not quite, since Australia and New Zealand don't seem to have any) for a lovely retreat run by amazing nun's, just along the coast from me.

If anybody else is collecting species roses, I'd be interested in rosy talk especially on the subject of a few that I just can't get to break dormancy.

My mum's Sweet Peas didn't happen.

Posted: 23/06/2015 at 01:07

Thanks for that Tootles. That is really 'fresh from the scene'  information - wow! It would normally be a bit out of my mom's way, but she makes great use of bus and train, and has accompanied gardening friends (with a very large shopping trolley) on the train to garden events. I'm sure the trip is do-able if she can't get plants closer to home I'll pass on all the details - you may see a small group of ladies filling a shopping trolley with pots next time you go past!

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