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Truly evil weevil

Posted: 01/05/2014 at 17:48

Thanks dove. We have quite a few bats too, so maybe when the grubs hatch the balance will be restored. I love the idea of farming a big crop of grubs for the bats, it seems so much more worthwhile.

Truly evil weevil

Posted: 30/04/2014 at 01:10

No, it is definitely the leaves that are eaten last of all. It is like something small is hauling them down; stems getting shorter and shorter, and finally the leaves disappearing. It is really quite sinister! No roots left what-so-ever either. I think, from reading the responses that my best bet is to try a Nematode treatment. I will have a go at the vine weevil and the leather-jacket treatments - definitely worth a go for both! I was raking the lawn area ready for re-planting today, and I found both vine weevil look-a-likes and leather-jackets! There was at least a grub per square foot of lawn, in some places even more. What the veg and flower beds are like - I can only shudder at the thought. I don't think voles are responsible because I haven't seen any other signs of them. If they were there, perhaps they would eat the grubs for me?? Anyway, nematodes definitely on the to do list.

Thank you all again for your (as usual) most excellent advice.

Just out of interest, does anyone know if this problem is partly the result of us not having any freezing weather up here this past winter?

Truly evil weevil

Posted: 29/04/2014 at 01:01

What is doing this! Not only is it eating my plants but it is doing it in the most infuriating way! Something is eating small plants and seedlings by dragging them down into the soil, stem first, then the leaves too. I keep finding strange little tufts of green pocking out of the soil where seedlings used to be. Eventually those disappear too, and there is no root on the plants left whatsoever. I live in a daddy-long-legs infested area and have suspected the lava (leather-jackets) but I've not been able to catch one in the act. Is this what they do? If so, how can I punish them enough?


Lawn re-sowing dilema

Posted: 28/03/2014 at 23:29

That's great advise, really good details, thank you. I am quite relieved at the outcome, I was wondering how I was going to keep the whole thing under control and worried that if I waited till it was all ready it would be too late. I'll keep my eye out for weeds sprouting in the meantime. I am quite looking forward to the big seed sowing day now 

Stratification of Seeds

Posted: 28/03/2014 at 02:01

I have a very large  outdoor table, which I cover with chicken wire when all the seeds to be stratified are in place. The wire tightly holds down plastic trays of compost, the seeds themselves and a topping of vermiculite. I love watching it in freezing winds and rain, without my precious trays getting blown away, or one of my 11 cats getting at them.

The best successes I've had through stratification are the wild, or species roses. They come up all at once as soon as the weather conditions are right. I've done some trilliums this way too. Native deciduous trees are also very successful done this way (except the Oak, which I find needs to go in a warmer place to get started immediately before the winter gets going, and they seem to grow better under cover for the first winter too. 

Check out Jackiegear on ebay for detailed growing instructions on her tree seeds. There are many sellers who give excellent stratification instructions, though they sometimes vary in their methods.

Used to sell some seeds pre-stratified, and they germinated very well indeed.

Lawn re-sowing dilema

Posted: 28/03/2014 at 01:28

I'm having to re-lay my lawn, and am doing the digging and raking bit by bit so I don't overdo myself. Should I sow the seed bit by bit as I go along, or is it best to wait till the whole lot is ready. I'm expecting it to take another month to get the whole lot ready. What do you think?

damp garden

Posted: 27/02/2014 at 20:46

I had chickens many years ago. The scratching can be reduced (though not stopped entirely)  if there are re-enforcements laid beneath lawn (these come in the form of a grid, usually used for reducing ware on paths and well used areas. The bottom of some types of bread crates etc. can be embedded as a substitute and turfed over if you break off the sides. The best thing of all that I found, however, was to have a substantial sized raised sand pit in a well drained sunny spot. The chickens were so busy rolling around in the sand that they didn't bother with lots of scraping in the rest of the garden.

Hope that helps, Dinah

deodarus - how much can go

Posted: 14/02/2014 at 20:27

Thank you, the tree's flexibility could be a positive factor - I will look for an arboriculturalist - I am sure they are very hard to get at the moment!

Wisteria and dogs - poisonous?

Posted: 14/02/2014 at 19:02

Thank you for drawing attention to the poisonous pods - it is very much appreciated. I knew that Laburnum pods were poisonous, and was planning to tack some wind netting under the bottom branches of mine to catch the pods, but I didn't know about the wisteria. It could be very useful to know because there are sheep to consider here too!

deodarus - how much can go

Posted: 14/02/2014 at 18:51

My mother has a lovely mature Deodarus tree. It is taking a real battering (since my mother lives on a high ridge) from the wind, and she fears it will blow down on to the roof of the house. She wants to keep the tree, so I am wondering if it can have a proportion of the top cut down to minimize the risk. If it can be topped, how much can go whilst still maximizing it's chances of survival. It is taller than a fairly high, two story building.

Also, she is hoping that a nearby Monkey-Puzzle will be OK, since it doesn't sway so much. Any advise regarding either tree would be very welcome.

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