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Harrogate Show 23rd April

Posted: 06/05/2014 at 10:43


I had a lovely day at the show and came away with some lovely plants and bulbs.  Ofcourse I didn't take a note of the full name of the bulbs so I could check on growing conditions, soil, frost, size, colur etc. and will they flower this year and indeed should I plant them now?

Anyone know the store holder's name, it was a stall selling loose bulbs- you bagged them yourself, it was outside on the avenue, they probably do all the shows.

The bulbs are Chimanthe x3 (corms) and a large spark plug looking bulb Jack in the Pulpit- Arisaema - unknown variety which is the main problem.

Would love to have the exact names and advise on growing them.  i have clay soil on a north facing slope, which has been improved- shady area of hosta, astilbes, dicentra, etc.

I also have a darmera peltata and gunnera manicata to plant out, with a dilema as to whether to clean up the weeds round the side of the shed which is wet/ boggy but not very big- 2ft- 3ft  wide, or to dig up a section of the lawn and create a bog garden with a pondliner or?  Or do I go the whole hog and plant by the river at the bottom of the garden, which never seems damp to me, currently it is full of weeds, -  a few docks, ground elder, grass and a beautiful huge willow tree, and does flood every year.

Look forward to your suggestions


Help...marestail and other nasties...

Posted: 05/05/2014 at 10:23

Hi David Olive- thanks for your message re the perfect product- I am interested please contact me with more details and references, I couldn't get the message system to type a message back - so posted my reply.  Sure others who do the the dreaded marestail or horsetail would be interested. 

Help...marestail and other nasties...

Posted: 04/05/2014 at 08:49


I have a perfect solution for the stump but need one for the marestail/horsetail....


I am still struggling with marestail after using hte Kurtail 2 years running- each year it grows back thick and fast.  I only have 3 shrubs in the bed and lots of over weeds.  Digging 2-3 foot down did not work either.  The bed is on a slope so is well drained.

Thinking now whether to try the vinager or to try manure and lime.  I am thinking that vinegar will just burn the tops off and come back next year as the kurtail did exactly that.  When I dug down and checked the roots they were green inside the bootlace exterior.

However, I do have  a perfect solution for sprouting tree stumps- it worked perfectly after trying all the paint on bramble, brushwood, treestump killers which  didn't work.

In my last house I had the stump of an old hawthorn hedge in a border, I couldn't dig it out so I used it as a feature and pruned off all sprouting branches, ofcourse pruning made more grow, used all the above strong paint on but to no avail.  My solution that worked first time was- I made several holes in the stump with a screwdriver, then carefully poured a little household thick domestos in the holes.

It worked perfectly- the stump was then a dead stump used as a feature, and all my growing palnts around it were unaffected.

Would love to hear from anyone who has sucessfully treated maretails and can see the results the following year.  My photo is the following year after using Kurtail- totally useless.  It is contained in a walled bed just next to the patio, and I would love to plant permanant plants.  Also tried the green manure- hungarian rye grass and growing the african daisy-but that didn't work. 

Did read that growing turnips got rid of it????? any allotmenteers advise me on this one?  What about lots of fresh manure or rotted manure?

I always wonder why I haven't seen it growing in cultivated farmers fields- is that because of the muckspreading?

Monty Don -Italian Gardens on now 7.40 Sunday mornings

Posted: 02/03/2014 at 07:51


On BBC 2 now- just started at 7.40, and the next few Sundays.

Monty Don -Italian Gardens on now 7.40 Sunday mornings

Posted: 02/03/2014 at 07:51


On BBC 2 now- just started at 7.40, and the next few Sundays.

First Spring Flowers

Posted: 26/02/2014 at 15:28

I created a woodland garden last year, by adding ferns, primroses and heucheras, plus a white border and by using the snowdrops, hellebores and acronites as a basis for the project.  So far, so good.


Could this be a first? Sweet Pea flowering in Febraury

Posted: 26/02/2014 at 13:51

Up north on the outskirts of York, we haven't had much ground frost this year- maybe 4 times so far.  Although, the car windows and roof were iced over this morning, and have just hung the washing out and it was cold, now that the sun has disappeared.  Just a quick survey of the snowdrops, crocus and a few daffs and then spotted a sweet pea- just starting to bloom, there are flower buds on the other stems.  I didn't plant any, so these must be the ones that have self-seeded from last year or before.  My sweet peas are never very good- I always start them off inside and think I always plant them out too late- e.g. June when the frosts have gone..  Didn't bother growing any in autumn as have always been disappointed.  But this time nature has stepped has even beaten the montana clematis in


the background.

Anyone else with a surprise?


Also attached a photo of my young french lavender backed by red cornus in a pot, which is blooming nicely, on a very exposed north facing patio!

The lavender was a very small pot from RHS Harlow Carr, given as a thank you for being a volunteer.  It has really come on since last year.


Olive Tree care indoors....losing it leaves- what am I doing wrong?

Posted: 22/02/2014 at 22:19


The good news is it grew back it's leaves when I put it outside last May. 

This year I have left it in the front porch, which is open, but as we have hardly had any frosts and its feet are dry, it is looking very healthy, it hasn't lost one leaf!

I keep it on the dry side and pour on the left over from the t-pot.

Should I prune it this year to keep it a tighter ball shape and if so when is the best time?  It is a free loose shape at the moment. 


Monty's white garden

Posted: 03/08/2013 at 16:32


They are an annual Ammi Majus- grown from seed early in the year.

They came free with Gardens illustrated magazine last year.

Lovely magazine- currently there is a trial offer on of 5 mags for £5- can cancel as the trail comes to an end, but well worth the viewing for £5.

I haven't yet planted mine out so have spoilt the display- must do it today- mine were started too late and not planted out early enough so will be small not like Monty's stunning ones!

Looked brill in his garden!

Plant Swap- Ricinus Communis- Caster Oil Plant for a Hedychium Ginger

Posted: 03/08/2013 at 15:35

Hi Anyone in thelYork area who would like to plant swap a Caster Oil Plant/ Ricinus Communis with a  Hedychium Ginger- orange colour- or a Canna Lily.?

I have some extras which I grew from seed after seeing it on Gardeners World with Carol Klein and Monty Don and in her book Life in a County Cottage.

So have created a hot border and "hot trough" so want to compelte the look.

A good tip if you can't find it at the GC or on line or is too expensive- I usually buy the hard to come by or unusual species on e-bay e.g. had some great ornamental grasses- were plugs now full-size for a few pound, eryngium Jos Eikling and Sambuca Black Lace but haven't found a orange hedychium as yet-

Have now put my extras Caster Oil Plants on e-bay and will be watching for a hedychium.  Will let you know how I get on.

Anyone else tried selling their extra cuttings, divisioss or too many young plants on E-Bay?

It is a good way of selling yours to buy someone else extras............

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