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can anyone tell me what this plant is?

Posted: 24/07/2013 at 13:43

Defo Ligularia- see teh blog on bog Gardens- I added a picture of mine this morning to that article.  The flowers smell nice-  need watering if the leaves droop in the sun.

My is clay soil.  Ligularias grow well but not so lucky with Eremerus-  this year added 3 inches of grit/san/


pebbles and have managed to have a couple flowering.


the photo is Ligularia veitchiana, if the leaves are more finely cut it will be the Rocket- RHS Plant Selector Ligularia 'The Rocket' AGM / RHS Gardening

One of my favourites!

making a bog garden

Posted: 24/07/2013 at 09:15

The Ligularia are excellent for your bog garden and even a shady damp area.  My 3 have flowered for the 1 st year.  My favourite is the Ligularia veitc


hiana which has 6-7 ft spikes of  yellow flowers, and smells lovely.  Also have ferns, hosta, alstilbes (crimson red and the white are the best in my opinion) and yet to plant: rodgeria, darmera pelata,

Ligularia veitchiana attached, flowered from end of May to early July.  The ligularia przewalskii is very similar, more spikes and less height which is in flower now.

Alos the angelica gigas- biennial but now growing some seeds from last year's plant- also 6-7 feet high and magnificent.

Have lots of plants to still plant out, seem to spend all my time watering them at the moment...l!  Must get going this weekend. 

Picked up a plant from its temporary home a black plastic tray and found a newt- only 1.5 inches long, thought it was dead but was very much alive!

 The red lobelias are also great for the bog garden as like soggy feet...  Slugs love them too- but this year seems to be a good year for lack of slugs..thanks goodness


Mystery plant- friend or foe? Eat or not?

Posted: 08/07/2013 at 09:38

I have some of the plants with purple and yellow flowers that have been in the garden growing out of wall tops for the last 4 years which I thought were solanum vines although the flowers are smaller.

The photo attached re my question was for the seed grown plants of this year which are similar but with white petals and yellow centre.

I have over 50 excellent books but non gave the detail as required!

Mystery plant- friend or foe? Eat or not?

Posted: 07/07/2013 at 07:06


Thanks for all the responses, I am glad I posted it, very enlightening, I now realise I also have several plants of deadly nightshade with purple and yellow flowers, thin woody stems near the base, with small purple and yellow flowers, overhangs walls, which I belived to be the Chilean Potato vine/ solanum crispum but know think it is deadly nightshade.  Obvioulsy related as being solanum- potato family.I thought deadly night shads was the Lords and Ladies with red berries and green spathes!

Mystery plant- friend or foe? Eat or not?

Posted: 05/07/2013 at 12:54


Is it a weed or a vegatable, pepper etc?

The flowers look like potato and chilli pepper flowers but the leaves and fruit are different.  It is in a pot and about 10in high.  The "green fruit" are currently smaller than a pea.

I grew it from seed indoors with collected flower seed so was unaware I had collected a pepper/vegatable seed.  I have about 3 more not yet in flower.

Can anyone enlighten me on what it is - will I be able to eat the fruit or is it poisonous??


weed photos

Posted: 05/07/2013 at 08:40


I have lots of this too in some potted on plants, not sure if it blew in or came in with the multi-purpose.  I grew it on and it is starting to get bright insignificant yellow flowers- I am sure it is either a weed or a crop plant from a farmers field that has blown in and self seeded.

Sometimes seen it appear in the lawn.

Anyone else have any views on it?

Open Gardens this weekend 15th/16th and next 29th 30th June

Posted: 14/06/2013 at 09:33


thought I would share this event with you if anyone is in the area this weekend.  I haven't been to this village one before but have had 4 enjoyable days at Whixley, Great Ouseburn, Marton cum grafton and Little Ouseburn near York over the past couple of years.  The villages open typically 10-20 gardens and tend to be rasing funds for the village school church etc.  Great day out and plenty of tips, photos and ideas to take away.

This weekend:

2013 Long Marston Open Gardens Saturday15th/Sunday 16th June 2013

Contact details - 01904 738488- Eileen and John Visser. Tickets £5 / £7.50 for both days .Children free. Disability access to some gardens- Toilet facilities at 2 locations. Tickets available at the Car Parks or individual gardens. Refreshments available all day at the Village School (Lunches 12.00 - 2pm.)

Weekend: - 29th and 30th June- Poppleton Garden trail

The weekend of the Garden Trail is going to be a major
event for Upper and Nether Poppleton.  They have 17 gardens already signed up for
the Trail together with Poppleton Community Railway Nurseries and the Methodist
Church Garden.

Anybody know of any more recommended in the Yokrshire area over the coming months let me know- I can't get enough!

There are the National Garden Open Gardens but most are 1 or 2 gardens only so only go if near.

Garden Share- What a great idea!

Posted: 14/06/2013 at 09:18

Update-The landshare site seems to be under used as most postings are years old.

So if a keen gardener, student etc wants a south facing garden to grow flowers and vegetables at Bardsey near Wetherby let me know and I will arrange with the owner.

Talkback: Powdery mildew

Posted: 14/06/2013 at 08:25


I have it on my pulmonarias and lupins in the drier, full sun borders, elsewhere they are fine.  Honeysuckle is OK.  Teh only way to avoid is keep well watered in dry weather- water on an evening or early morning to prevent evaporation and use a mulch on those areas.

The honeysuckle will be fine -With the honeysuckle and pulmonaris once it has flowered- prune, which will get rid of the mildew and will give you better flowers next year or a second flush later in the year.

Just reminded me to go and shear my "frosted" pulmonarias and replant some in a shadier moister border!

More on Hostas, ferns, Cow Parsley and cardio-crinums

Posted: 24/05/2013 at 15:34

More on hostas, I am busily creating a shady border and want to fill it with hostas, ferns and astilbes. 

I have had some first class designer collection of Hostas via the internet from JJ Parker of Manchester- great plants at a great price, also purchased some great designer ferns and astilbes .  Just to let you know they currently have an even better offer on hostas and ferns.

I have seen bad press on Parkers on this forum before, but these 3 plants and the veronicastrums are first-class plants at first-class prices- would highly reommend.

For the Chelsea look to my new shady border and airy feel to my perennial border I bought some lovely Cow Parsley they are young plants from e-bay- search "Cow Parsley chelsea plants" only £9.50 for 3.

Really pleased with my £9 Cardiocrinum Giganteum bought from the Explorers Collecters Gardens/ Festival theatre at Pitlochry last week.  Expensive but rare and looking forward to the stunning flowers, and future bulblets..........

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