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ID please

Posted: 19/09/2014 at 12:28

Thank you for your help  .

I will leave it as the flower is quite pretty.

ID please

Posted: 19/09/2014 at 10:22



This plant has grown from a seed in my bird seed.

Its about 75 - 80 cm or 28.5 - 31.5 inches tall. I have never had anything like this grow before.      

Anyone any ideas?

Hawthorn hedge

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 20:08

Thank you both, yes this is it.

Will it kill the hedge? Should I get something to remove it?

There dosn't seem to be anything about it or what to do with it on google. 

Hawthorn hedge

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 12:57

Thank you for your comment but i know for sure that is not dog pee as two hawthorn trees about half a mile away from me have the same thing and with them being  trees there is no way it is dog damage.

I rememeberd watching something on spring/autumn watch about a caterpillar or somthing doing this to the whole of a hedge .

Anyone any ideas.

Hawthorn hedge

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 11:35





I have recently noticed that a strange web like thing has appeared on one patch on my hawthorn hedge, it seems to be killing it. Does anyone know what I should do about it? Any advice welcomed.

White fly

Posted: 02/10/2013 at 18:36

I have had them in salted water all afternoon, they are still hanging on in there .

Iv rinsed it off and put them back in (clean) salted water. It can spend a night in the fridge and i'll look at it tomorrow, hopefully it will be bug free. 

Thank you for your comments though .

White fly

Posted: 02/10/2013 at 15:02

I have just picked some broccoli and started to prepare it for dinner just to discover its covered in white fly (tightly packed into the small stems). I have tried washing it but they are not moving can anyone suggest how i can get them out. 

I dont fancy eating the flies and i dont want to throw it away.


Posted: 24/08/2013 at 11:49

Do you know when they are ripe for eating?

Does the green lantern case go brown then there ready?


Posted: 24/08/2013 at 11:42

Thanks for the advice .


Posted: 21/08/2013 at 16:54

I have grown Physalis little lanterns for the first time this year. They are very healthy and have fruit on but they have spread out rather than go up e.g. like tomato plants. I have Googled them and the pictures show the plants to be more upright.

Has anyone else grown them? Im in need of some advice .

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