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ID please

Posted: Today at 11:09

Been weeding around the blackcurrant bushes today and noticed a row of these little plants, all very neat, some bigger than others. Any idea what they might be or are they just unusually tidy weeds? Seems a strange place for them to have been planted.

 Thanks for any help.


Posted: Today at 08:12

Morning all,

Sitting at breakfast table watching the birds eating their own breakfast. Bought some new fat balls last week and they really seem to like these ones there were 4 in the holder day before yesterday, just one left now - and that's going down fast. Never seen so many birds,

Pleased to hear new business doing well OL, 5 Stars, well done.

Well done on 3rd place in quiz BL too, I love a quiz but never do very well, answer always on tip of my tongue,but never quite there.

Liri, well done on the path, such an awful job. Ours needs some serious work on it, in parts it looks better than the lawn. Really needs a complete 'makeover' but it is so long will cost a fortune, the best it is going to get for now is a very good 'rake over'. 

Going to dig over the vegetable patch today and get some more manure dug in. Has gone very nippy so I hope it warms up a bit. 

Have a good day all, don't work too hard. 

Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Yesterday at 21:21

 not sure about cuddling - think more hands around the neck! Just kidding - honest he is adorable (at times). 

Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Yesterday at 21:04

Verdun has just recommended a plant for me - common name Melancholy Gentleman, my exact image of him. Bless. I am a big Dickens fan too, Mr Jaggers (Great Expectations) definitely Verdun. 

Bekkie - Nancy?

Will have to think about the rest. 

Growing Sweet Peas 2014/2015

Posted: Yesterday at 20:38

My 'free' sweet peas from GW are going mad, they are 8" tall already, what do I do with the now? Eeek.

Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 20:31

Like the common name Verdun - melancholy gentleman - my impression of you. 

Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 20:29

Verdun, apologies, mis understood you, thought you were querying use of 'argentea', know you are a salvia fan. 

Liking the look of White astrantia, but Monty says just 7 - eek. 

Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 20:24

Verdun, (White astrantia?)  they say the foliage is lovely, did look at Salvia x. sylvestris Schneehügel but thought too tall. I am going to get the Salvia Amistad for somewhere though, looks gorgeous. 

Why will the Lilly of the Valley wreak havok, does it spread really fast? Surely a lovely scent? 


Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 15:58

Lily of the Valley, of course. Will have to whittle down if nothing else because of the budget (v. small). 

Magnolia is yellow but it didn't flower for very long. Some of the plants did have a bit of yellow on, I will dbl check that again to be sure, choices, choices. 

Going to look at yellows and creams tonight too, build up another picture in my mind. 

Here is pic of 'proposed bird bath - think the same green as tree seat - OH v. clever when he puts his mind to it (creep, creep).  Got all excited it was so cheap, 9.95, but that was just for the design and instructions.  It will be perfect to stand on the access point to the septic thingy, that is a bit raised, so the birds will be able to find it - thank you Lily.


Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 11:15

Hogweed & WillDB you are spoiling all my fun.

Actually there is some sort of access point to the fosse septic in the middle of this patch, probably why it was created in the first place, so that is another reason to do something with it other than grass it over.

Anyway, here is my Plan A, maybe a few too many, but can think about it, is only Plan A. 

My Plan A List for a White Flower Bed

Allium Mount Everest   - Tall Globular

Delphinium ‘Snowgoose’   - Tall Spires

Echinacea purpurea 'White Swan'  - Tall Clump Daisy

Leucanthemum 'Old Court'  - Frilly Daisy

Nicotiana x sanderae 'Fragrant Cloud'  - Star like flowers

Dicentra spectabilis f. alba  - Arching Stems, fern like leaves

Malva moshata alba  - Bowl like flowers and fern like leaves  

Dianthus 'Haytor White'   - Fringed flowers and grey/green foliage              -

Lavandula angustifolia 'Baby White  - Small spiked flowers, evergreen grey foliage

Campanula carpatica White Clips    - Cushion forming, bell like flower

Cerastium tomentosum   - Star like flowers, felt leaves     

Salvia argentea   - Downy silver foliage

Hosta 'Fire and Ice'  - Varigated Leaf

Tried to mix it up with shapes and textures and got some nice fragrances too. Will have to add some winter flowering pansies or something to get it through the winter and a whole host of white bulbs for the following spring (2016), too late now, will start off with what I have and turn ‘white’ from May onwards. 

If anyone knows of any particular difficulties with any of these choices (or you are laughing your socks off at the idea), please let me know. I have drawn a little plan, all colour coded and stuff, but couldn't get it on here. Will probably end up nothing like anyway. 

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