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Posted: Today at 06:13

And yes Pat, he had had a wash. 


Posted: Today at 06:12

Morning all,

Backpacker who is walking across the whole of Europe is an early riser, I suppose it is a long way. 

Think I might have a sneak back to bed when he is gone, long time since I got up in the dark. 

Catch you all later. 


Posted: Yesterday at 17:32

Yvie, what a mess you are all in.  Get well soon wishes to all concerned and definitely an enquiry at the hospital regarding what happened to your mother. 

We have had an unexpected backpacker turn up for a room and dinner (hoping he has a good bath before he comes down) but he seems very pleasant, from Switzerland, probably not hiked over all in the one day though. Luckily I have been very conscientious today so the house was all clean and tidy, unfortunately for him nothing too fancy for dinner but sure it is preferably to hiking into town - and all the veggies are from the garden. 

Good evening to all and Yvie get well soon - all of you - hugs.


Posted: Yesterday at 07:51

Morning all, 

Sun is shining and all looks much brighter today. 

Happy days to you all, and  stay safe especially those off out exploring away from home.  


Posted: 01/09/2015 at 21:19

That will suit me fine FG, but don't expect them to be i****d.  Would have to include one of your fabulous walks too. 


Posted: 01/09/2015 at 20:37

Good night all, just enjoyed watching the GBBO with a glass of red - need to keep an eye on my carbs too, running club starts again tomorrow  - eek. 

Glad you got stuff sorted Chicky. 

Thanks for all the support too today, you are all so kind and understanding. Fg & Hosta you really should never feel alone when you have us lot to keep entertained, love the banter you two seem to manage so effortlessly. Can't decide now whether to have my next holiday in Scotland or Cornwall, seriously feel the need to meet you both in the flesh as it were. 

Dove I want your OHs metabolism and my OH needs it even more so. 

Btw, anyone seen/heard from Wintersong or Bekkie, both just seemed to disappear? 


Posted: 01/09/2015 at 15:26

Thanks Hosta and everyone else who has had kind words to say, I definitely 2nd you in the comment 'You're a lovely bunch'. Just trying to coach myself into listening to my head instead of my heart - I tolerated years of being bullied by her "for my own good" and really should just be happy I haven't got to deal with all that anymore. 

On a more positive note all the i*****g is done and there is not a single item of dirty laundry anywhere in the house - I have suggested to OH we now walk around naked all week - he was not impressed. 


Posted: 01/09/2015 at 12:33

Agree Pdoc, but probably in his/her mind they are right and I am the bad one, I am sure or at least hope they don't mean to be hurtful but somehow despite apologies for any 'misunderstanding' they can't seem to move on.

I had a friend who didn't speak to her sister for over 10 years over a bounced cheque, just a mistake. When they finally made up they were both sorry they had missed so much of each other's lives. My son is now 8 and in 10 years time the last thing he will want to do is spend time with an aged aunt and uncle, right now is the time he would enjoy spending time with them and his cousins. I just find it incredibly sad and frustrating because in all honesty nothing really drastic happened between us, we just had a different opinion about something and for the first time ever I stood my ground and disagreed with her. She just didn't like the idea of being challenged and unfortunately she has a very strong influence over my brother and he took her side of the argument, not that a side needed to be taken, we are surely all entitled to our own opinions. 

Sorry, rant over, nothing anyone can do but as you see I am terribly upset over this - again.  I must get back to that i*****g and literally let off steam there, so much better for my blood pressure. 


Posted: 01/09/2015 at 11:49

They look lovely Lizzie and so does the meadow, I am aiming for something like that next year at the entranceway.  I have just retrieved Shadow from a sneaky escape, 1st time for ages and he hadn't got far thankfully. 

Hosta that sounds painful and frustrating, all that free time and yet limited what you can do. How have work taken the news? Hope they are kind with you. 

Feeling a bit fed up today, bit wet and a pile of i*****g to do. Charlie back at school so seems like summer is over. Also, even though I wasn't expecting any contact my sister and brother both failed to acknowledge Charlie's birthday, just brings the hurt back to the surface, all so unnecessary. Considered writing again but I know it will get me nowhere so best just to accept the situation and move on. 

Anyway, sun trying to come out and i*****g pile is much smaller than earlier - ever onwards, chin up and all that. 


Posted: 01/09/2015 at 07:07

Morning all,

Good luck Chicky, hope it goes smoothly.

Charlie back at school today, 1st time in 8 weeks, luckily it's raining so at least he won't feel like he is missing outdoor play.

Rain probably means i*****g for me though. 

Good day to all. 

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