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Plant ID's

Posted: Today at 14:27

Hi Fairy, nice to see you back too. 

Plant ID's

Posted: Today at 09:49

Thanks for all the help. The first plant is in a small bed under climbing roses so will be fine if it does a bit of ground cover. 

I wondered if the second one might have been a melon or a pumpkin, didn't think of courgette? I do have Honesty in another bed and I did compare but the leaves looked a bit more heart shaped. The compost in this bed is of my own making so it might be anything I suppose. 


Posted: Today at 07:21

Good morning, 

The wind sounds like it was very strong over there, hope everything survives.

Dove I do hope your Ma is a bit better today, maybe the rock will bring back some happy memories.

Sun forecast here today but I think a rainy week-end is due.  Will try and get as much done as possible whilst it's fine.  

Plant ID's

Posted: Today at 00:14

Be very grateful for your expert advice re. plants below.

 Got several of these in a little flower bed, please say they are flowers not weeds. 


This thing looks very healthy but I don't recall planting it:

 As always, appreciate any help. 


Posted: Today at 00:08

Good evening all, sounds very windy over there in the UK.

Was nice here today, been in the garden all day, planting up my babies out of the cold frame but guests from yesterday stayed another night and have had to drink yet more wine with them - just to be sociable of course. we don't let guests smuggle wine in , they have to share with us. 

One of them , bless him, is going to send me some cheddar cheese back when he get home as I said it really is the only thing I miss. 

Lily P I do hope your poor family get sorted on Thursday, what an upset for them all. 

Off to post some more plant ID's now, still keep finding things I haven't planted. 


Posted: Yesterday at 00:12

Hi all ( if any still up) probably Gazza for me too, unexpected guests arrived and drank copious amounts of wine.

BL - hope we can pass Charlie onto someone else for the afternoon, but he does appreciate gardening if a little over enthusiastic.

Matty will be lovely to meet you and cake always a good icebreaker. 

Fed up with weeds, been digging all day at them. 

Still working on rockery, way bigger project than I first thought - ever onwards. 



Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 04/05/2015 at 20:22

Ooh Chicky, Love the containers, the colours of the trees and those last two pots are gorgeous, the slate is very effective too. 


Posted: 04/05/2015 at 15:20

Hi all, just popped in out of a quick rain shower, been weeding - again- where do they all come from? Anyway noticed I had received an e-mail invitation to a delightful sounding Strawberry Tea from Bizzie Lizzie at the end of May, how nice and yes BL we would love to come - and I'll bring cake too. 

Hope you enjoy your time at Malvern and also that Matty is well enough to fly back with you, I might have to come over and meet Matty as well if you have a spare moment -  will also bring cake. 

Going to follow that bramble link now, sound intriguing. And then back to the weeding, I suppose you just have to think of it like vacuuming, do that several times a week too. 

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 04/05/2015 at 14:53

Chicky, So far I have added nothing, just keep getting some lovely surprises. 

I have got some Zinnia Purple Prince to add in and also am relocating some dahlias to replace the enormous ornamental grass I removed, (don't tell Verdun). Have also put a potted agapanthus in that I found in the greenhouse, may or not be the right decision but there was a big gap and I think that might be where it came from orginally. Really looking forward to June/July when everything comes into full flower - I hope. 

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 03/05/2015 at 22:23

This little beauty showed it's face today, last year was completely overgrown and I thought I had killed it when I first weeded this patch, everything was so tangled together.


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