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Posted: Yesterday at 20:31

Quick hello before bed (exhausted). Wine festival was super, such friendly and knowledgeable people, all growers and producers of their own wine. Lots of tasting done and a fair few cases packed into the car. 

Managed a walk around the town of Brive, lovely riverside park, nice lunch too and got back in time to do a few jobs in the garden, including planting some cornus cuttings. 

Seeds still not emerged  but it did say 2 - 3 weeks, patience, patience. 

Good evening to all, very much in need of early night here, have to i**n all holiday clothes and pack tomorrow and clean house from top to bottom - OH always queries why I feel urge to leave house tidy for possible intruders but I can't help myself, couldn't bear to come back to chaos. 



Posted: Yesterday at 20:11

I followed advice on here and made some nettle liquid feed for my garden last year, just to make you feel better, they can be useful, obviously within moderation. 


Posted: Yesterday at 07:35

Morning all,

Frosty start but sunny. 

Marmalade has spent the night outdorrs again and returned (thru cat flap) happily this morning bearing no extra war wounds - however, he had to have the door opened for him, refused to use the cat flap to go out. 

BL glad to see you up and about, great pics, love snow (in the mountains), hope the little one is soon up & about again too. 

Morning Bill, sounds like you are having a horrid time, feel free to complain. I hope you start to feel better soon too. 

Off to a wine festival today at Brive. 



Posted: 27/02/2015 at 18:57

Evening all, lovely afternoon in the garden, nothing major accomplished but lots of ‘roundtuit’ jobs, including turning all three compost heaps, two looking lovely, one might need some of that ‘hurry up’ stuff.

Also gave my damp dark corner a really good hose down, cleared all the rubbish away and planted up some tubs with the cyclamen and heurchers I bought last week. And of course planted my bargain rose, lots of manure thrown in the hole and the best compost I have, give the poor thing a fighting chance.

Spent 15 minutes coaxing Marmalade out of the cat flap with a sausage, poor cat just couldn’t pluck up enough courage to come out or work it out. The outside entry clicks when he goes near and releases slightly, think he might be waiting for the same to happen from the inside. Have moved more plant pots around exit so he has more cover and tomorrow will have another go with Charlie on the outside & me on the inside helping him a bit. Have sprayed Feliway all around too so that might calm him.  Poor cat.

Quiet evening in tonight (gym class on half term too) hurrah.

Clari – enjoy your ghost hunt; hope they find one or two.

Lots of clematis action on here today, think I will go to Lidl and get one (or two), very useful plants.

Wintersong and Bekki, think you deserve a restful evening too, hope you get one.

Panda – enjoy guides, sounds like fun.

Hosta – definitely an improvement but don’t be over doing it, you might have to have another exotic holiday.

Pdoc – bad day, always tomorrow.

Oneofseven – beautiful crocus, beautiful, in about 5 years I hope mine will have naturalised to such an extent.

Dove -  hope you feel better tomorrow; this set back thing seems to be quite common.

Kef – Charlie says hello back too, asking all sorts of questions about all of you actually and why we have such strange names.

Have a lovely evening all, seems I am required to participate in a game of chess, Charlie loves it, me not so much and embarrassing that I have to concentrate so hard with a 7 year old.  


Posted: 27/02/2015 at 12:36

Thank you all for cat advice. Update this morning - he has been out in sunshine all morning, albeit on the roof, accessed from bedroom window, has come in now through cat flap, which I have checked and is working properly both ways. He has turned his nose up at cat food, as per usual, but eaten it sulkily as I have nothing else to offer (no incentive there I'm afraid).  

As it happens I have some Feliway left over from the journey here, had forgotten all about it, so will give it a go with that. Throw in some TLC and see what happens. Thanks again and apologies to those of you who are not so keen on cats, I can promise he goes nowhere near anyone's beautiful garden, our neighbours have only 'functional' gardens so there is no damage to be done. 

More garden tidying up this afternoon with my little 'helper', Charlie in tow. 

Least sun has come out now and wind dropped a bit.



Posted: 27/02/2015 at 09:00

Thanks for comments on cat (Marmalade), think he might of been in a bt of a scrap, little nick on his ear and it has been wet. Naughty thing though has pooped on my bathroom mat, usually such an outdoor cat, out all night, sleeps all day.  The flap is set in a recess doorway and I moved a plant nearby for camoflage (Bekkie's idea). Worst thing is we go away on Monday and I am worried about poor lady coming in to feed him walking into cat mess, not a welcome sight (or smell). 

On a positive note bought the rose from Lidl yesterday, going to sort it and a home for it out today.  May well go back for the clematis, just where I want it is not ready yet, have a mountain of rockery stone to shift to other side of garden. 


Posted: 27/02/2015 at 08:34

Morning all,

Missed you all yesterday, Charlie on school hols so I am very much in demand, nice to be needed I suppose.

We walked Shadow for hours, pond dipping and tree climbing as we went, obviously not in a straight line at all. Had to buy Charlie some new shoes too and as we went to pay found out it was bogof day so he got a bonus pair.  Did consider for a moment geting the second pair for me but his excitement at having a red and a blue pair was irresistible, I am such a soft touch.  

Cat is now driving me mad refusing to go out at all, I have been putting him out the kitchen door and seconds later he is in the cat flap around the other side of the house. He can obviously use the flap to get in, can't understand why he won't go out of it, or even out at all, very out of character, used to be out all night, now he just keeps waking me up. 

Very windy out there, going to go check for any damage, fingers crossed. although I expect my obelisk is over (again). Need to rethink it. 

Sorry to hear about your washer punkdoc, always something isn't there. 

Good day to all, hope to catch up again later. 


Posted: 25/02/2015 at 21:30
Evening all, just a quick peek in, what a busy lot you are. BL, you sound much better, hope the grandchildren not too bad but at least they can be spoiled by you.

Been into Lidl today to see roses and clematis, white climbing rose is only clue to description but looked green and healthy, Mrs. Bateman clematis, what does anyone think, worth a chance, only ???2,50? Rose is going in north facing spot, clematis partial shade, or would be if brave enough to buy from Lidl.

Cat has nearly been evicted today, still refusing to go out of cat flap despite coming in OK and decided my seed trays ( on warm under heated floor) looked like a litter tray, never used a litter tray but worked that out far quicker than cat flap! Live & learn.

Rained all day so house gleaming, poor dog has been banned from wagging his tail too, think he is losing his winter coat, good job we love these pets deep, deep down !
Good night to all, sleep well and get rid of all the germs!


Posted: 25/02/2015 at 07:45

Morning all,

Hope everyone has had a goodnight's sleep and all the sick people are staring to feel human again. 

Hope you get your printing done ok Clari, as an ex-teacher know exactly what you mean. One campus I had to teach at occasionally had a paper rationing scheme and come the end of the month there was no more to be had, I used to skulk around printer hoping other tutors would leave their leftovers in the tray by mistake. 

My mum used to say that the reason she didn't do housework very often was because she was building up our immune systems, worth a go I suppose.

Really lovely day at the zoo yesterday, more like a safari park, except you walk around not drive, some super landscaping and the animals all looked well cared for and happy. Boys had a fantastic time and the weather was fine too. Was exhausted by the time we got back so early night but feel ready for action today. 

Good day to all. 


Posted: 24/02/2015 at 09:47

Morning all, best wishes to so many of the sick people (very sensible re. dentist Dove), BL you do sound to have it very  bad, hope the meds start taking effect v.soon. 

Finished tidying up garden from week-end's efforts, has been a bit wet but warm and so many plants are coming into bud, although need to get on top of weeding very soon, lots of little ones sprouting, speedwell etc. 

Today though off to the zoo with Charlie & a pal, two week half term holiday here. OH not coming, "too busy", I am afraid we have had a few words about him working so many hours, seems so often just me and Charlie doing stuff together. Think working from home blurs the lines of working hours, also he really loves what he does and gets totally engrossed. Tried to explain Charlie won't be a child for long and soon enough spending time with us will be a no no. Not sure I got through though. 

Anyway, will be nice to see what a French zoo has to offer & weather not too bad. Catch up with you all later, have a good day (or restful one). 

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