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Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 21:26

Hogweed - my OH would love you. 

Thx Verdun, actually think I have some sahins, will spread them about a bit. 

LP - Small child never ever stands still, bit like me OH bemoans us both - he hardly ever moves. 

I have a Plan A not quite sure how to attach it - here goes....

.... that didn't work, all my lovely lines went wobbly.  will try again tomorrow. 

Seriously, thanks for advice, all so very exciting, have found a lovely birdbath design too, just got to get OH to make it. 


Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 19:50

Thanks Birdy, very clever using that quote-y thing, not worked it out yet. 

Verdun - do you think Salvia Amistad would look good next to my Echinops? Have cut them back this year and now need something to fill the gap (different bed but all blues, deep pinks and purples with a yellow front border. 

Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 18:06

Kef - interesting. 

BM - annoying thing is my OH is a software writer - he could so easily do this - but I suppose like people who have builders for OH home is always last on the list.  He did say - when pushed  - that although he could write it I wouldn't have the technical knowledge to operate the system - double  

Obelixx - like your thinking, am looking at The ideas from the Sissinghurst White garden at the minute, do like blue though.  think I will get a few choices together and look in detail at plant suitability and ease of growing and of course getting hold of at a reasonable price, good job it only a small patch, could get quite carried away. 

Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 15:54

Thanks Verdun, don't want it to end up looking like a municipal park display, nice enough in a park but all wrong for the garden. 

It's how to achieve a balance and natural feel that bothers me. 

Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 15:36

Been thinking (dangerous I know), if I go for some perennials, still can't decide which colour, as the bed is an oval shape how would it best be planted up;

Should I have clusters of plants mirrored on each side?

Divide the oval into quarters or smaller segments?

Have 'rows' based on height of plants?

Should it have a back and a front (difficult because you walk all the way around it)

Be worked in rings around a centrepiece?

Or just 'dot' plants around willy nilly Keeping an eye on height? 

Just some thoughts. 


Posted: Yesterday at 15:27

Getting a bit windy here now, have raked up all the leaves but you would never know - shouldn't have bothered. 

Hope all OK up north there, looks very blowy. 

Done some weeding but spent most of the day mulling over a bare patch - might have to get some seed catalogues out for my new (yet to be decided upon) plan. Thinking white or blue or cream & purple, decisions, decisions, never think this hard about what I am going to wear. 

Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 15:15

Again, RB already got a lot of Rhododendrons 

I believe the previous owner was a bit of a plant collector, have all sorts of everything squeezed in a corner somewhere. Just a shame I don't know what half of it is - or how to care for it - learning something everyday though.

Problem with this climate is everything grows so big and so fast everything is fighting for light and then grows too tall too quickly. Think I have some serious cutting back to do in spring. 

As much as I appreciate 'inheriting' a well stocked garden it is nice to start a few beds from scratch with aim of keeping control 'cos at least I know what I aiming for. 

Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 13:29

Hot Tub Pansyface - very much on my wish list - OH says you have a swimming pool what more do you want?  - Simple a hot tub I say, he is not weakening I am afraid. 

Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 13:26

Nice & easy Birdy, might have another spot to try that in, what is it called? I have a bit of a soggy bottom bit it might like. 

Liking the idea of some perennials, obelixx been looking up your ideas, very nice plants, but the blue salvia Paten is a gorgeous colour and BM you are painting a beautiful picture. Bird bath - loving it. 

Alan - before now on here I have offered free bed and board to anyone willing to work the week in the garden - no shortage of wine (or snails) or bread, think the Follies is in Paris though - bit far! 

Loads to think about, thank you all. 


Empty Space??

Posted: Yesterday at 13:10

The only picture of the yellow magnolia I have is the one behind my son on his bike - probably too far away to see properly.  Sorry.

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