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Posted: Today at 15:03

Raining here too Cranlan and although I filled the bird feeders this morning they are half empty already, I think the word has spread around the bird neighbourhood, it's costing me a fortune.  


Posted: Today at 14:15

I've just found out it is Saint Jacqueline's Day here in France, I am sure I ought to be indulging in cake too. 


Posted: Today at 12:49

Hello and welcome. Try the Hello Forkers thread (part 2) always some stimulating conversation on there - and often cake to welcome newcomers. 


Posted: Today at 09:02

Hi Clari, glad to hear you are making some progress, although I am afraid I won't be placing any bets. The B&B will continue as before although I am probably going to stop offering meals, or at least be more choosy about when I do them. Unless it is a large number of people it can be a lot of effort for little reward and does take up a large amount of time, both in preparation and serving. One of the rules of serving meals at the chambre d'hote is that we must dine en famille, which means we have to eat with the guests too so often we end up having a 3 course meal when really we don't want/need it. 

Waiters and waitresses are well respected here in France, it is seen as a proper job and normally in restaurants they are treated respectfully. The restaurant is also just a small family business in a fairly small town. Lots of the customers are local business owners, especially at lunchtime, they have the same table every day, so I think it will be a nice atmosphere and a good way to get to know local people. 


Posted: Today at 08:37

Good morning all,

Thanks for kind words yesterday. It sort of sounds worse written down but I do try to make the best of a tricky situation and I really appreciate so many things in my life. No one is without troubles and tribulations of varying degrees. C'est la vie, as they say here. This forum has certainly been a very valued link to the outside world so I thank you all for that. 

Raining and windy here, not as bad as UK but not nice.  Might have to do some h*******k although I am meeting a new friend for coffee this morning. She has a little girl same age as Charlie and she is losing her English. Charlie has some great children's books that he has agreed to lend her and her mum is hoping that they will help gain some interest in reading in English. They are very funny, there is lots of talk about elephant poo and rhino wees with nice pictures, somehow seemed to engage with Charlie at the time. 

Clari, I am horrified to think you haven't had you wages yet, what if February's bounce as well, it can surely only get worse. I think your boss glossing over the situation is very scary too, head buried in the sand, pretending all is OK. Please do what Dove says and talk to some people who understand the rules and can help you. 

Punkdoc, sorry to hear you have been ill, but you sound chirpy enough this morning even with the rattle. 

Everyone, do take care in the awful weather and have as nice a day as you can make of it. 


Posted: Yesterday at 18:29

Hi all, thanks for the congratulation re job.  It isn't full time or anything, mostly just a few evenings and it is a lovely little family restaurant. In the main I am using it to get my French more fluent and also to get to know more people in the area.

Also, not sure if many of you will have gathered my OH and I have a very strained and I suppose strange relationship. He works from home, he works for hours on end, evenings. week-ends, hardly any days off. He loves his work and is a bit like a mad professor, totally wrapped up in his 'really important' project of the moment. It does leave me very lonely at times and especially in the winter months when I am stuck inside, I do get very down about it. I had hoped after his heart attack he might have had a bit of an epiphany and realised the important things in life like family and the like but he is back to 'normal'. I am just hoping the job will lesson the loneliness a bit. And I must admit so many of the things I do are all about keeping my mind occupied and not dwelling on the pretty poor home life. Luckily, Charlie and I get on great and he gives me an enormous amount of pleasure and he is also as energetic as me so happy to join me in all my madcap ideas. 

I am going to carry on the B&B but might not offer evening meals as much, they are very time consuming and although it can be nice chatting to people sometimes it can be a bit too much effort on people you are never going to see again in your life. Also tricky because OH doesn't speak any French so I have to entertain and cook and wash up (OH doesn't cook or wash up either), I think a restaurant job is will be far easier - I hope so anyway. 

And I will have all my new plants to think about. 


Posted: Yesterday at 11:45

Yes Lizzie, it was Le Mont Dore. Our local village put on a coach trip for the day, We had such a good time and we will definitely be going again now I know what's there and how easy it is to get to. 

Some other good news too, I have been very down lately and finding all the time in the house very depressing, I know I have been ill but still I was getting fed up with it. Anyway, I applied for a job in a local restaurant, just part time and unbelievable the owner has just offered me the job!  They don't speak any English so the interview was all in French and obviously the customers in the main are French, so I was astonished that they picked me. It is just what I need to get me out the house and bring my French on to a more natural pace (I hope). And ALL the money is going on the garden, my own little budget.  

Off to study the menu now so I don't make a complete fool of myself on the first day. 

Happy Honeymoon Fidget and Happy Moving Day Lizzie. 


Posted: Yesterday at 08:58

Morning All,

Feeling exhausted in a nice way today, was skiing all day yesterday and had forgotten how tiring it is, was fine on the slopes, just woke up this morning feeling stiff all over.  Luckily, it was just a day trip so I haven't got to do it all over again today. Phew. Charlie loved it, amazing how children learn so quick, no fear zapping all the way down the slopes. Great place too, only a couple of hours away and lots of wide open pistes perfect for easy skiing and not too busy like it can be in the really popular resorts in the Alps. 

Back to i******g today though and other mundanary,

Good day to you all and I will try and pop in later and read back properly. I did notice a birthday, so belated Happy Birthday Chicklet, oh to be 17 again.



Posted: 04/02/2016 at 16:56

Hi All,

Just a quick hello, been a busy week (Thursday  always my busiest day). Hope you are all well, I will try and catch up later.  


Posted: 02/02/2016 at 07:44

Good morning all. 

Hope everyone ok after awful storms. 

Love the picture Chicky. 

Bit grey here yet, forecast is drizzle I think, I will be so glad when spring arrives. 

Have a good day all. 

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