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Apple Trees

Posted: Yesterday at 20:36
Lili, thanks, can you check out my other liriodendron post, I put a piccie up. My azaleas look a bit off colour now, is it too early to feed now?

Does anyone know what this is?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:30
Well done Dove, never doubted you! Thanks all.

Lovely tree

Posted: Yesterday at 18:09

Typical! Your flowers seem a bit rounder and shorter than mine, perhaps just a different one. Hope it is one, the flowers are gorgeous. 

How did the BBQ go? Did the weather keep for you, expect you are ready for an early night now!


Lovely tree

Posted: Yesterday at 17:16

Friend advised this might be a Liriodendron, but wasn't sure. If it is do I need to know anything of note about how to care for it. It looks healthy but is in quite a shady spot. Thank you. 

Thinking about having an Open Day where people come and stick labels and instructions on every plant, so many I haven't a clue about! 




Does anyone know what this is?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:08

Here are some more pics taken today now I can see more of the plant.




Posted: Yesterday at 16:53

Sounds like al lovely evening OL, just the sort I like best. We have to go to our village autumn fete tonight, big thing in the village, a fun fair in town so sproglet has to be taken. They do have a wine stall so all is not lost! 

Garden not looking great quite yet, a gardening club member visited this morning - for encouragement - and said what I need most is a full time gardener, hmm, thought that was what I was, obviously not full time enough. Manure is super though and I have turned all the compost in the other heap and started a leaf bin, well collected leaves and put in bin, am going to make a chicken wire crate for them tomorrow - she says, will try my best anyway - how difficult can it be?

Haven't got an Ipad but laptop built in mouse often just wipes off everything you've written, so feel your pain. 

dahlias dahling

Posted: Yesterday at 16:41

That is amazing, so lovely, might be hunting that down for next year. 


Posted: Yesterday at 16:34

Of course, typos, silly me. 


Posted: Yesterday at 15:59

Golly gosh Bekkie, an extremely efficient post (and only 3 spelling errors, I won’t count the punctuation)  

Like most people on here I read the posts, smile, or lol and then immediately forget who said what.

I do love it though, since leaving the UK lots of friends have started to drift off, used to get loads of e-mails, but just one or two now. Although sounds bizarre this forum stops me feeling lonely, such great help and support, gardening or otherwise.

Anyway, coffee break over (yes did wash hands, wasn’t that smelly actually) and of course I 2nd everything Bekkie says. 


Posted: Yesterday at 13:38

Good luck with BBQ BL, sun shining here so am hoping it is for you too! 

Been playing with my manure again, it is so exciting and have some new advice about making own garden food so all enthusiastic again. Must get back to my bed though before the sun dries it up again and makes it hard work. 

Enjoy your day everyone.

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