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Posted: Today at 16:20

Just back from Pompadour, one of the guests left his bag so thought it a good excuse to lbreak from i*****g and give it back and have a peep at the horses too, was lovely to watch but a bit wet. Charlie had fun though in the mud. 

Seen two dead badgers (roadkill) since we have lived here BL, never seen them in UK, shame they were dead but I suppose it means there are a lot of them about. 

Did a sort of brunchy lunch so just an easy pizza (extra toppings) tonight and definitely an early night.  Should perhaps have another look at the i*****g. 

Hosta you are on the ball today, going to be a fun AGM I think.  Hope you get back in time for Poldark. 


I wished I never seen it

Posted: Today at 16:02

I loved 24, although took a little break after watching too many episodes back to back whilst i*****g, however, on return found it as good as ever. 

P&P - super, Homeland good, but not watched 2nd series as afraid of being disappointed. 

Used to love Foyle's War, but absolute favourite is Morse, daren't mention how many times I have watched them but think I would get full marks as specialist subject on Mastermind, his car registration number is 248 RPA for example. 

Wish I could find something good on now, but haven't found anything lately to grab my attention. 


Posted: Today at 05:59

Good morning,

Breakfast done and all guests checked out and gone.  Poor people won't be back home until midnight tonight after a long day at the horseshow. Think I might have to go back to bed in sympathy for them. 

I have given up on TV (we get English & French here), still not much I fancy, not good at sitting still either.

Washing & ironing day ahead ready for the next lot of guests arriving Tuesday, weather forecast not so good so won't feel denied gardening opportunity although seedlings needing some TLC.

Hope you are all well and enjoy your Sunday whatever you are all up to.  


Posted: Yesterday at 08:20

Clari - your rules are like mine - very flexible! He does look happy though. 


Posted: Yesterday at 08:18

Morning all,

Guests all arrived OK, all very happy with their rooms and their dinner and have now all had breakfast and gone out for the day. They are from all over but are all going to Pompadour to a dressage, show jumping and cross country event, panicked a little when all horseboxes arrived, but they were empty, horses stabled at the event. 

Now off to take Charlie horse riding and find a fancy dress costume for a 'choucroute' party he is going to tonight - don't ask I don't know the answer, seems to be a big thing in the village. 

I and OH will have to miss it as entertaining our guests again this evening. More cooking. 

Have a good day all, hope the weather perks up a bit. 


Posted: 27/03/2015 at 06:34

Morning All, welcome Hours Go By too.

House all spick & span ready for guests, garden tidy, few finishing touches to do in guest room that was decorated (3 coats to look decent Panda) and now just food shopping and cooking for tonight to be organised - gosh it's been a long week. 

Whatever ate half my Cosmos has been back and eaten the other half - despite slug pellets and spray.  Will have to start again.

My lobelia came up fairly quick but have been very slow to get bigger, lupins are doing very well though. 

Right dog walk and then get cracking, have a nice day all. 


Posted: 26/03/2015 at 07:02

Punkdoc to get you started just spotted a fellow like this on my newly cut grass, then he hopped onto the windowledge right in front of me, lovely morning surprise. 

Enjoy your trip.




Posted: 26/03/2015 at 06:43

Good Morning, lovely and sunny although bit of a frost, very pretty though.

Edd, you sound like a man with a heart of gold. 

Matty, so pleased to hear your good news, I remember some very sad posts of yours a few months ago, so good to see a happy outcome.

BL & other poorly people, hope the meds kick in v.soon.

Dove hope yesterday went ok. 

Like most people on here juggling lots of gardening tasks with everything else but beginning to see the light a bit now. 

See you all later. 


Posted: 25/03/2015 at 07:27

Good morning all,

Dove, so sorry about your Pa, although aged still doesn't stop him being you dad does it, I hope all your happy memories will be some comfort.Hope your ma takes the news ok too. Thinking of you and also all the others on here who have been having a bad time lately. 

Clarington, Reggie sounds like he's settled in really well, lovely to see them growing up, Shadow has gained weight and 'filled' out a bit too, looks more like a labrador now than a long legged greyhound. 

Mixed weather forecast here so probably get some more seeds planted in the greenhouse. Decorating still on-going  house tidying downstairs to be done thoroughly today (including moving seeds back to greenhouse now germinated , hope they will be ok). Guests arriving Friday, hope we will be all sorted by then, at the moment all the furniture in the wrong rooms. 

Best wishes to you all. 


Posted: 24/03/2015 at 16:49

Hi all, flying visit, off out to athletics, followed by parents school counsel meeting, but just checked my seedlings in greenhouse and something has eaten all the leaves off half my cosmos - are they done for or will they grow new ones??? 

Be grateful for any advice and also what to do to prevent other half going same way. 

OK, must dash, have a nice evening all. 

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