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Hoping this isn't a weed . . . . .

Posted: Yesterday at 22:04

When it's growing it isn't a problem re cattle etc.  But when it's pulled and dropped or worse still, gets into hay bales then it don't do 'em any good at all.  It also seeds pretty freely so it isn't difficult to get  a whole heap of them all of a sudden. Sheep kept in a pasture with it merrily chomp it to the ground as it grows with no ill effects at all.  And yes, when I find a healthy clump or two growing where they are no harm to any animal, I always look for the cinnabar caterpillars






Hoping this isn't a weed . . . . .

Posted: Yesterday at 20:28

If it's ragwort please don't chuck it over the hedge/fence if there's cattle or horses next door or likely to be

Bee watering hole

Posted: Yesterday at 13:33

 Don't have a downpipe but I've taken the seal out of the lid so rain caught in the lid runs into the barrel.  Hopefully it means less filling with a hose pipe

 I've drilled small holes in the dustbin lid, rain runs under the dish so two in one bright ideas

The bird bath was porous so it solves that problem

Someone mentioned this shallow dish with gravel earlier so I've constructed these several situations which incorporate the idea and helps with other problems.  Mostly the problems are because I live in a small block of flats with no way of having an outside tap.  We do, however, have south-westerly winds which bring rather a lot of rain at times.  I also have a couple of bins under the edge of the outside stairs to the floor above but I don't put the water trays there






Buried treasure

Posted: Yesterday at 12:44

 very slow to load this morning, thought it had failed. 

Buried treasure

Posted: Yesterday at 12:41

I had a phone call last year from someone in the next village 'Can you come and look at the wall I've found under my garden' !!! I was off like a shot.  Beautiful flint walling, a fireplace, a well were eventually revealed in the garden of an old manor house along with ancient broken glass flasks and beautiful pottery, pieces large enough to be identified.  Mostly from 17th century.  All because they started a new bed where a corner needed tidying up.  The previous occupants had been there for years but not quite that long.   

re the visited 'yellow garden' the transfer of material from the top to the bottom may have been solifluction effects from the last ice age 10-15,000 years ago when tundra conditions existed beyond the reach of the glaciers.  Hereabouts everytime they put in a new road through the chalk the slips show up really well . Summer time partial thaws melted the top layers which have then slid downhill, wherever there was a slope, scouring big channels through the chalk



Anti-baby seed starting

Posted: Yesterday at 08:03

My home wreckers have got their own versions  but what I do have is a lack of window sill space so this brilliant bit of thinking just might solve that problem.

Compost bin full of potato plants :(

Posted: 17/04/2015 at 08:42

Ummmm, I don't have that problem in my daleks.  Maybe that's because I eat my potatoes, skins and all.


Posted: 16/04/2015 at 16:55

No, it's Macropetala macropetala.


Posted: 16/04/2015 at 16:43

Thanks for that ref. Had a look and I think it might be Koreana blue eclipse as although it looks pinkish in the photo it has blue flowers to start with.  It's in full flower now and though it's facing south its got a high wall to the east and is sheltered by the porch to the west.

It's my daughter's house/clematis. She has just posted the photo on facebook , someone asked which it was, she can't remember but has said 'Mother will know!!!!!' I bought her the milk churn it's in but I didn't buy the clematis.


Posted: 16/04/2015 at 15:13


Which  clematis is this? It's in an old milk churn which gives some idea of size.  it's been there a while

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