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Singing the praises of

Posted: Today at 20:59

Lovely flower and I like a splash of red.  Half hardy might be a problem as I don't have winter quarters but might be worth  try

Crikey! Who pressed the freeeeezing button?

Posted: Today at 20:47

It's already dropped to freezing here in Dorset but the sky was clouding over. I could only see half the stars though with a wide sky that was still quite a few.

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Today at 13:19

Very agreed.  I do dislike those 'nature lovers' who want to kill off everything that they think interfere in some way with anything they think  is OK. It's not about 'us' it's about our planet. If we can't see a reason/use for something it doesn't mean there isn't one in the grander scheme of things.  Not that I think there is a grander scheme though just that one thing leads to another and often in unexpected ways the human race cannot begin to comprehend.  Doesn't mean don't interfere with something, just don't make specious excuses

Bee Hotel

Posted: Today at 11:26

The top photo is a broken brick from an old farmyard complex in West Knighton, the wall is around a farmhouse garden in Huish.  Both are made from the clay on which Broadmayne bricks are made.  The broken brick was made about 100 years before the wall bricks.  Best Broadmayne bricks are 'famous' throughout Dorset and readily recognisable by the black carbonaceous bits in them (also very expensive). Production ceased really with WW2 when all kilns were closed down.  By the time they could reopen, mechanisation was coming in fast especially around the eastern counties and hand made bricks could no longer compete.  Still possible to get hand made bricks in Dorset though, Swanage Brick works still make 'em and it's a positive pleasure to watch the process.

Bee Hotel

Posted: Today at 08:22

Yes indeed.  Handmade bricks are a delight.  You can see the difference on the outside as well as inside.


Crikey! Who pressed the freeeeezing button?

Posted: Today at 08:08

They got it wrong yet again.  Hard frost, porridge morning here but the sun is definitely a'cummin in and glinting on the hedgerows.  When I went out late with the dog I could feel the temperature had dropped so I'm not really surprised. The cars all have well frosted windows.  I can see a boy headibg for the school bus, he's making patterns with his feet in the frozen grass

Fragrant tree

Posted: Yesterday at 23:48

We have a main road running through the village. Most of the 'nice' houses are on it.  They sell quite well and then whoever buys, promptly complains about the traffic.  We even had one plonker move in next to the garage and then try to shut the business down as there was traffic going in and out all day!!!.  Soon put a stop to that though . I've had plenty of practice at stopping mischief making.

I always have liked the scent of well-made silage, almost as much as well-made hay and a warm byre on a chilly morning

Crikey! Who pressed the freeeeezing button?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:16

4C here in Dorset but damp with it.  Sunshine 'promised' tomorrow but I'll need to see it before I believe it

A few random questions :)

Posted: Yesterday at 19:02

I run a Christmas Workshop in a village near Dorchester (with a buffet lunch) always well into December.  When I went to pay the bill for the hall last year there was a row of beautiful gladioli blooming happily in her garden

Something of an apology.

Posted: Yesterday at 16:26

Berkley. Don't know garden groups in the east end of Dorset but there are plenty of Garden Groups in the west and also Village Newsletters and websites which all carry notices of local meetings, garden or otherwise and usually reports after meetings.  Local papers like the Dorset Echo usually post photos and reports of Annual Shows.

Thirty years in Birmingham....poor you

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