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along came a spider

Posted: Yesterday at 20:54

I'll have a bitter shandy in hot weather and a glass of white wine at Christmas so I don't think that's the explanation.  I have been plastered three times in my life, none of them intentional more a question of sneaky moves on the part of salavating males.  I didn't like the taste and even less did I like the effects.  I prefer to know what I'm doing and who with


What are these?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:04

They certainly look like pollen beetles though all the ones I've seen look black.  Maybe they're fresh hatched

New Dralek

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 20:28

As long as it's a mix of all sorts of garden and kitchen waste and preferably stable waste too, not too much of any one thing at a time, you shouldn't have too much of a problem. I level it out as I go and make sure it's well pushed down round the edges.  Once it's really, really full put the lid on and start another, leaving the first one to get on with things. And yes mine are all on soil which gives them a flying start anyway


Posted: 21/10/2014 at 20:19

My brother-in-law died suddenly in January, chatting to his wife one minute and gone the next.  They had met at 5 years old and lived in the same village all their lives.  John was a gregarious individual and got on with anybody and everybody.  Village in shock, church full to overflowing.  A week later my son-in-law was rushed off to hospital in dire straits.  It was 3 weeks of constant effort before we knew he had a chance of surviving although no idea of the long term effects if he did.  7 months later he's doing OK but still with constant monitoring.  Chance saved him really as a change over of consultants meant one who recognised what the problem was and an immediate operation meant Iain had some hope (or rather we had some hope as Iain knew nothing about any of it for quite some time).  My brother died in June having had an op which they assured him was successful.  This month a 60 year old long time friend and a village stalwart died by his wife's side, like John, completely unexpectedly.  Again a village was in shock, nobody could believe it as he was part and parcel of most people's lives.  The church was overflowing as was the village hall and I suppose it will sink in eventually that David really has gone.  I remember Aberfan and Kennedy and so many other disasters including war. I haven't lost the connection with real people or events.

along came a spider

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 19:59

I don't think I want one quite that big under my kitchen cupboard.  Twinkletoes seemed to have packed his/her bags and departed for foreign climes then reappeared when I was pouring brandy into the Christmas cakes. He/she has gone again now, do you suppose it was the alcoholic fumes which brought him/her out of hibernation? Are house spiders into that sort of thing?

Blowing a gale where you are yet?

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 11:21

It's been extremely windy here in Dorset and although the sun is shining now the trees are still clashing about and there's leaves everywhere.  Fortunately not a lot of rain yesterday as the river was rising rapidly after an inch of it overnight Saturday.

tools missing in action (MIA)

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 19:48

Ah yes, drill chuck key.  It wasn't in the garden though.  Must have been three years before that turned up about 2 feet from where I had been using it in my 12ft x 3ft hallway!!  I often lose things indoors as well as out but I mostly know whatever it is is still here somewhere as long as it was an indoor loss.  Lost in the garden, no hope at all, just sheer luck if I get it back.  And no I don't have acres to lose anything in, just easily distracted and forgetful (though my son-in-law has a different explanation but then he's so tidy it's perverse).  My daughter says he's usually washed up  kitchen utensils before she's finished using them so much so they sometimes get washed as many as three times


Posted: 20/10/2014 at 14:23

I have very little paper waste and what there is goes into the village paper collection.  That raises funds for projects like the church fabric, village hall etc.  I don't buy newspapers, magazines etc but advertising junk which comes via the postman goes in the village collection.  If my daleks are too full I simply store compost stuff in the horse manure bags and gradually top up the follow-on bins from there. Grass cuttings soon dry out in those and then doesn't compact down like fresh. The bins are aerated with coarse stems, small twigs which are easily sieved out if not absorbed into the mix.  Straw bedding, easy to obtain where I live, also helps as does my daughter's chickens nest material

What's the best book you've EVER read ?

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 14:04

I have several of Ranulf Fiennes' books.  'Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know' fits him to perfection.

What's the best book you've EVER read ?

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 21:03

I prefer real people adventure.  Books like the Great White South and Cradle of the Storms, A Labrador Doctor, The Gobi Desert and too many more to mention.  I have shelves of reference books but the real life ones make me grateful for the comforts we all take for granted.  I do like the Bill Bryson ones though as they make me laugh

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