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Lily Beetle

Posted: Today at 10:30

I do keep a close eye on the 'victims' as I put their containers in places where I can easily see them and do something about both the beetles and their progeny. And I don't have to worry about the neighbours as nobody else gardens anyway. I think I'll dispose of the old compost to be on the safer side. I can't think where they appeared from in the first place though.  The nearest lilies I know off are across the valley about a km away.  If they can fly that far there isn't much hope of stopping them altogether

Lily Beetle

Posted: Today at 09:08

The grubs emerge from the soil beneath the plants don't they?  If I replant in new compost what do I do with the old.  Will composting it break the cycle (I'm usually a year ahead with the compost) or do I bung it in the refuse collection?


Posted: Yesterday at 22:20

Fishy, alkaline indeed it is, I'm just writing a paper on ancient and modern excavations in the chalk which is the major geological unit in this part of Dorset.  The soil in my garden is what I have added over the years.  There have been plenty of holes in the chalk from the Romans onward.  They built a dam and an aqueduct all the way to Dorchester.  Biggest hole though was Isambard Kingdom Brunel's railway to Weymouth about 100m uphill from my road.  We have cob cottages, flint cottages and walls, chalk block and flint houses and the materials came from the hillsides and fields here. And I have boxfuls of chalk and flint fossils mostly picked up off the fields as I walked the dogs. A few miles westward and you're into clay vales and fertile greensand  and a few miles east and you're into Hardy's heaths where rhodies grow in profusion and both are quite different geology and gardening to the chalk. Dorset is an interesting and sometimes confusing county if you're interested in the soil and it's potential.

Spring is Springin

Posted: Yesterday at 21:54

 Peacock Bridge on the Dorset River Frome. Taken in April  a few years ago. 

Spring is Springin

Posted: Yesterday at 15:18

Bit of a change today. The wind has dropped, I've even managed a little pottering to the north of the building and bulbs are opening fast in all directions.  I'm not relying on it though

Spring is Springin

Posted: 04/03/2015 at 21:10

Not quite it ain't.  I've got lots of stuff sending up shoots and it looks good through my south facing windows but step outside and the temperature and wind sent me back indoors smartish

What's in your potting shed?

Posted: 02/03/2015 at 19:47

My shed is full to the brim, unfortunately not with plants or tools. It's full of display boards, notice boards, boxes of stuff I need for geology events, the overflow of rocks from my flat and spare posting tubes for maps. It wasn't intended as such at all but events overtook my plans.  One of these days though..........

Dug up roses

Posted: 02/03/2015 at 19:42

I can only use it where my dog can't get to but he walks round with his nose in the air sniffing hopefully.

Sadly, a lesson not learned!

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 22:24

I've rescued so many bees out of water troughs over the years. I've also rescued frogs out of a bowl I keep outside for mine and other passing dogs.  It's an ancient large and deep pot and I found a couple of frogs in there who couldn't get back up the slippery sides when the water got low. There's now a large stone in the middle and I've not found any more.   Adders will only have a go if you take them by surprise.  I used to see them sunning themselves on stone walls but as I was on a pony they took no notice of me otherwise they would have been long gone.  They are part of the 'rich tapestry of life' we are so lucky to have around us.

white bits in very very well rotted horse manure

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 18:10

My very best horse manure comes from a friend's field in Devon.  They've been there at least 20 years and the heap was there then.  They've added all sorts on top so it is a large heap.  I fill several bags from the bottom of the heap when I visit.  It's loverley stuff

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