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Posted: Yesterday at 18:42

I managed to send an email eventually and suddenly the website form worked.  So I've ordered 10+5 and going by the neighbour's border down the road, I should soon have umpteen of them.  Mind you another neighbour always has loads of  (not the french ones) marigolds which I have always liked and I haven't been able to get one to grow or Livingstone daisies either which grow in profusion in several gardens round here.  Maybe they've all got slightly more 'proper' soil than me being further down the hill.  My soil is mostly artificial ie ouf of my compost bins though I have been known to help myself to molehill spoils  as well.


Posted: Yesterday at 16:18

I've been trying to get an order for Sternbergia from  The on-line order form tells me I'm already on their data base which I found quite surprising as I am not aware of ever buying from them.  It wants my pass word but as above, I haven't a clue.  It won't let me put in a new one eithe or send me a reminder (if I do have one).  So I tried the phone, no-one answering!  Tried email and while the usual email form came up there was no send button anywhere to be found!!  Is it me or them?

Rosebed & Rockery

Posted: 29/09/2014 at 19:46

Takes me all my time to remember what it is I planted last week.  It did have a label for a long time but once that went, no chance.  It's very heavily perfumed as well as beautiful.  Usually has three heads on each stem, centre one opens first and  goes over, I remove that and the other two open every time.  It stops flowering briefly and then the second and third act follow on through the year.  And despite it's south facing aspect it's a very windy spot as usually the ruff stuff comes over the hill to the south west 

Rosebed & Rockery

Posted: 29/09/2014 at 08:58


David Austin, planted nearly 25 years ago.  South facing house wall, narrow border, chalk 'soil', no chance according to your expert. Very hot summer and little rain here in 2014. This is this year's second flush, there will be another yet if all is as usual.  First blooms appear April/May, still at least 2/3 by Christmas.  I do like pruning and deadheading anyway and it gets a good footing of compost in the Spring.I main prune  first chance I get which is any fine spell in January, after that it's when I deadhead.  I also sling suitable feed on the ground, mainly because the solid chalk is inches down. 'Looking like others expect' has never been an ambition of mine.  




Which is which?

Posted: 28/09/2014 at 18:27

House Spiders

Posted: 28/09/2014 at 17:52

I was standing in the middle of a factory floor some years ago when a large house spider suddenly scuttled into sight.  Two seconds later this bloke in big boots ran across at speed, leapt into the air and came down with  great force on to the poor thing.  A lively conversation followed but I don't think I converted him.  I like mice, white rats, UK snakes but have you ever come face to face with a dragonfly larvae emerging from the water.  They might look pretty flitting across a pond but they look nightmarish at an earlier stage. 

Help please Identifying a plant

Posted: 28/09/2014 at 16:49

Hooray, I wasn't too far off with the pronunciaton then.  Such a bright splash of colour.  I gotta get sum!  Many thanks

Help please Identifying a plant

Posted: 28/09/2014 at 13:25

Slight change of direction.  Neighbour has bright yellow crocus like flowers out now in profusion. I did ask and he did tell me but all I can remember is it sounded something like sturnburg

House Spiders

Posted: 27/09/2014 at 11:11

I used to be the same as most folk and only wanted rid of house  spiders though I didn't kill them.  Then I had children and decided to stop reacting to house spiders so the children wouldn't.  I never minded the garden spiders as they just scarper anyway.  Then I started phographing the natural world round where I live, plants, butterflies, dragonflies etc and inevitably smaller insects.  Flat on my face in the undergrowth taking shots of fungi I often came face to face with creepy crawlies and photographed them as well.  There's some fascinating stuff out there in the wilds of Dorset. The childhood 'training' comes in handy as my 6'3" son-in-law has to call on my 5' notalot daughter when he sees a house spider in their ancient cottage.

Planting species tulip

Posted: 27/09/2014 at 10:52

I'm glad I'm not the only one leaving things behind.  I walked round Blandford with someone on Thursday looking at building stones.  Got back to his place, in for a cup of coffee.  Bring the dog in he said, my sister would love to meet him.  Scout is a large hairy collie, the house is small, fairly crowded with nice stuff.  I was worried Scout, though very well behaved, would sweep stuff off with his tail getting through to the conservatory and out again.  Got back to Dorchester, thought, I'll pop into Waitrose, no handbag!!  Back to Blandford on Friday  'sigh'

ps I really like tulips but do prefer the plain colours and tulip looking specimens.  Red Riding Hood is a particular favourite but so many of them are tempting colours.  Dark purple and a pure white go really well together in a pot

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