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Tomatoe plants...basic how to guide needed?

Posted: 12/06/2013 at 18:37

your beefstakes are huge! all three of my plants arnt that bushy at all...i think im too impatient for tom plants haha. ive looked at some greenhouses on ebay, they are about £10 on there for a gardman 4 tier one.

Tomatoe plants...basic how to guide needed?

Posted: 11/06/2013 at 19:40

Thankyou for all of your help everybody, thee are the first lot of homegrown veggies ive tried so all of your advice helps!

The trough isnt big at all im not sure how big I cant find my tape measure or my camera or I would show you on here  but as a rough guess and from what you have said it is defiantly too small, I am going to get some big pots from the garden center tomorrow.

I only decided to attempt to grow beefstakes as I absoluty LOVE them and in my little dream world thought I would have a luscious supply to munch on as I pleased haha. A girl can dream....

Italophile-yes it is bog standard multi purpose compost from the garden center,it said it was good for growing veggies on the back of it, I took said compost bags advice


I think when I go to get my big containers I will treat myself to some tumbling toms aswell....


Has anybody got any piccies of their toms? I feel like they are my babies are the moment!





Tomatoe plants...basic how to guide needed?

Posted: 10/06/2013 at 23:37

hi yes every day, the soil looks very dry and sandy if i dont.  the miracle grow is for toms and veggies it has directions on the back, but i might get a potash one ive read about this. 

anyone else having trouble with lack of bees around too? 

Tomatoe plants...basic how to guide needed?

Posted: 10/06/2013 at 07:30

thats brilliant thanks found it really helpfull!

Tomatoe plants...basic how to guide needed?

Posted: 09/06/2013 at 16:32

So I have three tomatoe plants, they are a beefstake, sweet million and sun baby. I though I knew what I was doing with them but that stopped now they are growing their yellow flowers and I have come to a halt. I have tried reading guides/manuals/online how to/wiki and google but find it so confusing as it is for avid gardeners...I just love tomatoes and want to have my own proudly grown supply!

Can anybody help me with them please?!!

The vitial stats are;

The 3 plants are sitting in my front garden in a long black trough style pot next to each other, they are about a foot and a half high, tied to bamboo canes to support them.

They are in direct sunlight (not in a greenhouse I dont have one) all day as my garden faces the sun.

Each plant has flowers now, two just have the green buds coming, one has yellow open flowers that are now starting to wilt and hve gone limp and look like they are about to die! This plant also has some white spots on a few of the leaves.

I water them from the roots morning and some evenings about 6pm if the compost looks dry.

I have not used any liquid feed on them yet but have some miracle grow stuff in the shed ready.


Thankyou to anybody who can pass on any tips, however small or big they maybe!


Posted: 20/05/2013 at 07:00

Hello all, My problem is that this weekend I will be going away for 4 days (sunday AM-wednesday PM) and I dont know what to do with my tomatoe plants while I am away. They are still being hardened off so they are not actually in my garden yet, and I dont really have a neighbour I can ask to look after them/water them for me.


They are still only small, one of them (the beef tom plant) has 5 buds now, one is flowering, the other two just have the leaves at the moment so i have been putting them out all day in the sun and bringing them in at sunset when it is cooler, so I am wondering if I should;

Put them out now day and night, either in a mini green house or just in their pot and put a drip feeder next to each one of their roots to water them gradually for the days I am away,

Or leave them indoors the whole time Im away, just in their pot again with the drip feeder?

(by drip feeder I mean just water, I havnt started them on tomatoe plant feed yet)


Thankyou for any help!

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