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Whats your plans for the garden this year?

Posted: 16/01/2013 at 13:42

Thank you Busy-Lizzie, It's lovely to get a positive response. thanks again.  I had a single plot and wanted an adjoining one that had been neglected but for which the rent had been paid.  At about the same time as it did become available I got a call from the secretary Diane, to say that it was available, but that in the circumstance this triple would be a better bet for me, the circumstances being that I had a hip replacement in early November.  I'm mobile but have to be careful.

I took it immediately, my wife ws not too enthusiatic initially, as I had seen Dennis and his wife put in hours and hours of work in the preparation, even down to riddling the soil in each bed.  It's a shame that they had to give it up it up.  My original plot is only a couple of allotments from them and I used to rib them about the work they were putting in.

I have a small greenhouse in the house garden and the seeds arrived yesterday, so once the weather improves I'll be up and at it - with heavy stuff being delegated to the family for the next few months, if they want to eat the stuff, they can help grow it.

Whats your plans for the garden this year?

Posted: 16/01/2013 at 07:35

I've got a larger allottment for this year that has been diveded into 19 beds, each double dug and de-stoned.  The chap who had it from the outset about two years ago, spent alll last year doing the preparation and has sadly had to give it up due to health issues. I've a shed to put up and then it'sdown to planting, I'm really looking forward to the year.


How's that for a spot of luck? 

I've bought myself a rotary petrol mower and developed a planting scheme that is on:

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