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Posted: 04/09/2013 at 12:11

There was a similar thread not too long ago where I suggested squirrel bafflers - things like this as well as common sense really e.g. placing your bird feeder at least 6ft away from branches etc really helps too.

with regards to the legality of humanely disposing of pests I've done a bit of research.  I knew a chap who would shoot squirrels off birds feeders with an air riffle (lived in the middle of nowhere) - he always said that grey squirrels were classed as a pests.  SO I did some research...have a read of this article I've pasted below the main stuff from page 6.  Basically you can capture squirrels but it is illegal to release them unless you have a license so really the only option is to kill them.

(ii) Section 14 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (WCA) (available at prohibits the release into the wild any animal which is 1) of a kind that is not ordinarily resident in and is not a regular visitor to GB in a wild state or 2) is included in Part 1 of Schedule 9. Currently (June 2008), the black rat (Rattus rattus), the fat/edible dormouse (Glis glis), the grey squirrel (Sciureus carolinensis) and the Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus) are listed on Part 1 of Schedule 9 and therefore cannot be released, except under licence.

hope this helps

attracting birds

Posted: 23/07/2013 at 16:11

richi - really nice idea - trees should be used more to mark special occasions/anniversaries. A colleagues is due to give birth soon and I think that night make the perfect gift! Especially as she is green fingered! Back to your original questions... this website has some good advice. I use them a lot for their guides as it's not too much of an information overload - just enough information on everything.

Best type of bird feeder for a city garden?

Posted: 23/07/2013 at 14:32

I've used this window feeder - it has worked really well attracting the birds closer to the house.  My husband also has one at his office.

The wrong kind of birds

Posted: 19/07/2013 at 10:43

have you thought about squirrel bafflers? I think they are a good alternative to traps - eventually they just won't come into your garden...

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