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Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 20:38

Fairy  ((hugs))

Dahlia Mystic Fantasy

Posted: Yesterday at 18:42

Stick some on your list for Father Christmas AnniD  

I think I'm falling in love with this one 

Last edited: 24 November 2017 18:46:06

Dahlia Mystic Fantasy

Posted: Yesterday at 17:51

Hi ... Mystic Fantasy appears to be available from the online shop at the National Dahlia Collection in Cornwall 

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 17:26

Do you need an excuse for a weekend watching rugby and cricket in December Pdoc ? ... it seems a very civilised way for a chap (and chappesses too) to pass the time and stay out of mischief 

Hopefully Fairy's just really busy .......................... 

Office plant suggestions please

Posted: Yesterday at 15:56

25 yr old Forsythia tree leaning approx 50%

Posted: Yesterday at 13:59

Hi Barry ... if the photos won't upload try reducing them in size ... it's a glitch on the forum which will be sorted soon but in the meantime reducing the size is a good workaround.

Moving established veg

Posted: Yesterday at 13:11

Would it not be possible to come to some sort of deal with the person taking over your current plot? 

Perhaps you could arrange to harvest your onions and garlic, sharing them with the new owner and promise that you'll leave the onion bed properly dug over and ready for him/her to plant something else.  

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 10:46

Change of plan ... the Dragoon phoned ... he has suffered an equipment malfunction and is awaiting a spare part ... we have rearranged for a week today. He was very apologetic ... we don't mind ... we don't want to risk his hose leaking all over the parquet 

Lovely to hear from those on their travels 

I shall be popping down to W'rose in a bit ... if you want me to get anything for you speak now ... 

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 08:20

Hello all   I'm here and awake ... Just 

Coffee being taken on board ... it's bright and dry here with no frost ... I suspect that it's going to get colder through the day ... the ex Dragoon is due here around 12:30 to clean upholstery and carpets ... The front door will be open while he works as his 'hose' is connected to his van ... He doesn't bring equipment into the house which will ensure the parquet is safe   I shall wear a  warm woolly. 

Gardening tips

Posted: Yesterday at 07:14

Hello and welcome Richard 

Either you're awake in the middle of the night or you live in a different time zone to most of us. This is a UK based forum ... Is it British native plants you want to know about or plants native to somewhere else?

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