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Growing Garlic

Posted: Today at 12:02

 Just for you Edd

Growing Garlic

Posted: Today at 11:39
barry island wrote (see)

I've just planted some shop bought lidl garlic into pots no sign of growth yet after three whole days.

Better ask Santa to bring you some patience for Christmas!!!


Posted: Today at 10:56

Susan - my sympathy to your daughter - the same thing happened to me some years ago when I worked in a music and arts venue that was open to the public - the b*****d actually pushed past me on the stairs in his hurry to escape with my purse   Fortunately no great harm done - not much cash in there and I hadn't got the housekeys with me that day as OH was working at home and I cancelled my cards pretty quickly.  I hope the made good use of the prescription for thyroxine   The worst thing was having to get a new driving licence.  

But one nice thing happened - a few weeks later my purse was delivered by the postman, nicely wrapped and with a card from the person who had found it in a bin at the back of the Kentucky across the other side of the city - my NI card had still been in it, and the chap who found it went the trouble of researching my address and posting my purse back to me as he'd thought it might have been a present.  It restores your faith in humanity just a bit   I hope something nice happens for your daughter very soon

dwarf raspberries

Posted: Today at 10:47

Fantastic variety - cut them all back to ground level between now and February and mulch with organic matter and stand well back

White Beam problems

Posted: Today at 10:44

Hi Peter

Those twigs don't look terribly happy - can you scratch into the bark of twigs on the tree with your thumbnail and see if there's green tissue below the bark.

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Today at 09:42

 Much as I love Richard Serra's sculpture at Liverpool St Station, I think we've still got a way to go 

dwarf raspberries

Posted: Today at 09:28

Are they summer or autumn fruiting ones Tootles?

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Today at 09:25

If only the London underground stations looked like the Moscow ones!



Posted: Today at 09:12

Verdun, we'll get you some of these for the log cabin for Christmas


Plant ID's please

Posted: Today at 08:23

Good idea - and I'd better stop wearing the ones that are four years old and get myself another appointment

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