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Posted: Yesterday at 21:16

Tina , we need photographs please - of the flowers and leaves and of the whole plant.

To post a photo on here you need to click on the green tree icon on the toolbar above where you type your post.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:58

You'd better pop around there tomorrow then ...... where are you going to put them?


Posted: Yesterday at 20:30

Neer tried them Verdun - no point here .............. but go on go on go on!  You know you want to ...................


Posted: Yesterday at 20:21

Well done Chicky

I wouldn't rely too much on Old Speckled Hen for carb content - OH can put away prodigious amounts, and he's built like a particularly skinny whippet

Cat deterrent research

Posted: Yesterday at 19:30

I think it probably does Hosta


Posted: Yesterday at 19:27

Where's your carbs???


Posted: Yesterday at 19:23

Hosta!!!  If you don't eat properly there'll be no more


That's the way to handle him Fg


Posted: Yesterday at 19:20

I've coped on my own - OH was at Chelsea for a year doing his Masters and I was living and working here (in a rather scuzzy street - I've never dialled 999 so many times in my life!!!) 

Every six weeks we'd meet up for a weekend - either he'd get the train back here or I'd get the National Express to London.  As I said, I coped ........ but it wasn't very nice.  It was then I got into the habit of having Radio 4/World Service on all night. 

Being with OH is bdooly amazing   but I'd rather be on my own than with the wrong person.  That's not good at all


Posted: Yesterday at 19:11

It's virtually compulsory viewing Hosta - and if you need an excuse you can say you're watching it on my behalf - I'm a girl, I ought to watch that sort of thing, but I have the wrong shaped feet to wear things like that so they're no more than 'sculpture' to me and I need an early night anyway

And as for our trip to Cornwall, now you're in the know   I'll expect you to start crocheting lots of bunting to decorate the road to the west country for us

GWRS - it's just a day trip, meeting up with some friends

Bizzie - lovely seeing your horses

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