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Posted: Yesterday at 21:33

Oh dear oh dear,,oh dear......

Posted: Yesterday at 21:31

That's why the Queen's representative in Parliament, Black Rod, has the door shut in his face and he has to knock to be allowed into the House of Commons to summon them to the State Opening of Parliament - it signifies Parliament's independence from the monarchy/

Plant ID

Posted: Yesterday at 21:26

When it finishes flowering in late spring you can dig it up and split it and next year you'll have loads and loads of lovely lush plants just like that

Here's a video showing you how to do it

plant ID

Posted: Yesterday at 21:12
gardeninglily1 wrote (see)

It took me ages to upload because I keep getting an error message on my kindle. Something like Rad Ajax callback error. Anyone had that before? 

Yes, it's one of the blips on the forum - if you're patient and just wait it does work - as you found

Oh dear oh dear,,oh dear......

Posted: Yesterday at 21:08

And my great grandfather who used to walk five miles to school and back in bare feet every day, carrying his shoes so they didn't wear out would never have become Mayor of Luton - I don't wish to offend anyone, but ........... poppycock and balderdash!!!


Posted: Yesterday at 20:49

I would say frog - the skin looks smooth and I can't see the lumps behind the eye sockets that toads have.  But on the other hand his face isn't as pointy as our frogs

But you don't usually see toads in water - and their skin is usually dry and warty.

He/she does have unusal markings

Buddleia dying

Posted: Yesterday at 20:10

Oh may the saints preserve us from contract gardeners - many of them are not gardeners, they're groundsmen - they wrecked some of the rather choice plants at the gardens where my office was.  You may have found your problem!

Blueberry tree leaves have gone brown and dropped off

Posted: Yesterday at 19:52

And they need rainwater rather than tap water if at all possible otherwise the compost will turn alkaline.


Posted: Yesterday at 18:52

I agree, it's easy to pull out - it's just that it grows really quickly in the spring and you think it's going to take over, but it's easy to weed out as you can feel where it is if you weed without gloves, just pull it out and bin it


Posted: Yesterday at 18:09

Wintersong - Gt Dixter is wonderful - we went in late summer and it was amazing, the colour combinations were fabulous - and if you're at all interested in architecture, interior design/furniture etc, the house is worth a visit too 

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