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Arrival of Frog Spawn 2018

Posted: Yesterday at 23:03

Last year the appearance of spawn seemed to stretch over quite a long period in the UK. We've not seen any in our pond here in Norfolk yet and if I remember correctly it was well into March before we had any  Don't think it's too late yet and with a very cold spell forecast the later spawn may well be the most successful.  

Tips for adding height to a small garden

Posted: Yesterday at 21:34

Foxgloves will give you height before the cosmos   and Verbena bonariensis come into flower. 

Hello Forkers - February 2018

Posted: Yesterday at 20:11

Hair has been cut, "buttons with attitude" have been purchased and sewn onto the Boyfriend (Husband) Cardigan for Wonky  

... but you can't see a photo 'cos poor Nora, Daniel and the techies are probably still working into the wee small hours to fix the glitch ........ think we should send out for sustenance for them  ... shall we get them pizzas or fish & chips?

Now I shall find out what you've all been up to and then get on with OH's new jumper ... 

white moths flying above lawn last year

Posted: Yesterday at 19:57

Our local bat colonies seem very happy to take as many moths, midges, mosquitoes and chafers as they can get their teeth into ... if insects are causing a problem in the garden cultivate your natural predators a and they will help you create a natural balance. 

Alpina clematis

Posted: Yesterday at 19:51

My C. alpinas definitely aren't evergreen 

Alpina clematis

Posted: Yesterday at 16:55

Hi Joy 

There's a glitch on the site today ... the tech team are sorting it so hopefully we'll be able to post pics again soon ... looking forward to seeing your clematis 

Small ugly garden with potential

Posted: Yesterday at 15:25

There's a glitch on the site ... it's being worked on ... hopefully we'll be able to post pics again soon.

Hello Forkers - February 2018

Posted: Yesterday at 11:59

More investment in mental health is imperative ........ the damage won't repair itself.  It might surprise you to know that many homeless rough sleepers and prisoners were the victims of abuse.  If we don't try to make them better for their own sake (and of course we should), then we should do it to save society more money in the long term. 

I've heard from Nora that they're tackling the photo uploading glitch so hopefully that'll soon be ok.

I'm just off to catch a bus into the city.  See you later.  

Dry stone border edging

Posted: Yesterday at 11:24

I prefer an edging which is below the level of the grass to facilitate easier mowing.  Raised edges are a nuisance and I try to avoid them if I possibly can. 

I try to avoid creating a raised bed in a lawn unless it's unavoidable ... we have one as it's supporting a high bank.  

Last edited: 20 February 2018 11:25:58

Hello Forkers - February 2018

Posted: Yesterday at 10:23

It's for the same reason that the bullied frequently become bullies themselves ...... it's what they've learned ... at a much deeper level than objective rational thought.   

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