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Posted: Today at 11:24

Not a 'pair' Hosta - hedgehogs are pretty promiscuous and just wander around finding mates in the spring and summer, then leaving the females to 'get on with it'.  In fact they're not very sociable at all unless it's for procreative purposes.  

You probably saw a mature hog and a youngster.  You've probably had at least a couple of 'families' this summer, knowing your acreage and the type of habitat you've got.  

Lots of really good info here 

Blue hydrangea turning green/turquoise

Posted: Today at 10:20

Many blue hydrangea flowers change to a beautiful turquoise/grey as they age.  Highly sought after by flower arrangers.

You may be interested in the information here 

Possible weed??

Posted: Today at 08:07

I think it's Chelidonium majus (aka Greater Celandine).  

Whether or not it's a weed depends on where it is and whether you want it there 

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Posted: Today at 07:54

Good morning all   D'day Pat 

And  to everyone who's had celebrations that I've somehow missed 

Looks like another glorious day ahead here - sorry if some of you aren't getting this sunshine 

DD - so good to hear from you and Charlie - glad that things are going well - I'm sure there'll be tricky times, but I know that there's nothing as miserable as being in a bad relationship so I'm glad you've made the move 

We're eating Polka raspberries every evening ... sometimes with ice cream   

The little veg patch is really productive at the moment, toms, cumbers, corn, squash, pak choi, peas and chard ... and at long last we've got some beans on the way ... the climbing french beans I bought as plants from the GC when the second lot of White Emergo seeds rotted.  

Also our espaliered pear tree has its first crop - one pear on each of the four lower branches   not ready yet, but looking very good. 

My Rhubarb Died :-(

Posted: Today at 07:41

I agree with Plantpauper - it's 'going over' for the winter.

If the ground is dry give it a bucket full of water, let is soak in then use a handfork to clear the weeds (roots and all) around it for at least a diameter of a metre and mulch it well as described above.  Mulch again in the spring - the worms will take the organic matter down into the soil and improve it for you.  

If the rhubarb has been a bit sparse this year I'd not take a crop from it next year, but give it lots of mulch/manure and make sure it gets plenty of water in dry spells in the summer.  

Rhubarb is tough as old boots - it comes from Siberia.  The most usual cause of it's demise is being over-picked and not allowed to recover. 

What is your weather like?

Posted: Today at 07:34

Yesterday it was 31.9C in the shade here in Norfolk and the temp dropped overnight to 16.1C.  

We have hazy blue skies and sunshine at the moment and it looks like another lovely day.  

Please help identify this plant

Posted: Yesterday at 21:03

It looks like  Allium sphaerocephalon to me.

I.D. Please

Posted: Yesterday at 18:15

Privet. Probably just a different clone to the others. 

Is my sprouting broccoli beyond saving?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:23

When did you sow the seed for these broccoli plants?  This year or last?  If you sowed the seed this year they shouldn't be producing flowering shoots until next spring. 

Fruit Trees from seed (of the more exotic form)

Posted: Yesterday at 16:13

You can grow all sorts of citrus as well as avocados from supermarket saved seed, but you're unlikely to get fruit on them anywhere in the UK.  

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