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GW 22nd June 2017

Posted: Today at 10:51

What!!!???? She's going to present GW!!!! ????  

Bird scarers - what have people found to be most effective?

Posted: Today at 08:53

Seaside windmills ... I dot a few around the fruit patch and   around newly sown seeds ... seems to work.  

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: Today at 08:30

I might well join Pdoc for at least some of Glastonbury ...... it may distract me from my paperwork shuffling .... 

Caterpillars Eating My Rosa Altbertine

Posted: Today at 07:38

Rose sawfly caterpillars - I snip off and bin any leaves affected - they seem to like some particular rose varieties while leaving others totally alone.  

Crampe (flowering sea kale)

Posted: Today at 07:36

Like many large perennials it takes a few years to develop to it's full magnificence ... the RHS website suggests 2-5 years to ultimate height 

weed or flower

Posted: Today at 06:43

That being said, willow herb seeds prolifically and is highly invasive ... Most Gardeners yank it out at first sight unless they have a very large wild-style garden which can accommodate it. 

Last edited: 23 June 2017 06:44:40

Lupins & Delphiniums

Posted: Today at 06:40

Can you post some photos please, to give us some clues?  If the photo doesnt upload try reducing the size. 

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: Today at 06:19

Good morning all A more comfortable night ... Now OH is making coffee ... 

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 22:35

Well, I s'pose it's good to get a diagnosis so you can have a plan of action ... Life doesn't get any easier once you hit 27 does it?   Sleep tight BL xx

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A wind-up/solar powered radio

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Another ID please

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