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Get if off your chest.

Posted: 18/02/2015 at 11:51

We have to pay around £40 a year for our green waste bin - I think I'd ask the neighbour for a contribution if they used it!

Chicken poo and straw

Posted: 18/02/2015 at 10:28

I'd stack it next to the compost bin and then add it in layers when adding lawn mowings, veg peelings etc. 

Turfing up to sunken birch trees- raising soil by how much?

Posted: 18/02/2015 at 10:22

The turf will contain air/oxygen and as long as it doesn't become over-wet and compacted  the roots should be fine.  Encourage worms in your lawn to keep it aerated


Posted: 18/02/2015 at 08:43

Don't think so KEF - they've decided to settle with the  stepchildren that DD has acquired when she and hub got together 14 years ago - they're teenagers now

i been given this advice but '.................

Posted: 18/02/2015 at 08:40

Steve - I've always found vets to be very patient.


Isn't it funny how people are always keener to accept the advice that most concurs with their own thoughts


Posted: 18/02/2015 at 07:45

Morning BM - yes, I'm very please - no, Frank's not posted lately has he?  Hope all is ok.


I think an Easter Day Flower Count is a good idea


Posted: 18/02/2015 at 07:41

Good morning all   I've just read back all of yesterday's posts - you were all so busy!!!  I've still got some house sorting to do - hopefully I'll get out in the garden next week (there'll probably be rain, hail, sleet, snow and tempest then!!!) 

Lovely to hear from Stacey and read all about everyone's gardens getting ready for spring.  Sorry about poorly pets   and poorly people ((hugs)) 

Daughter certainly feels that spending time in her garden has helped her - she says not to overdo things, just potter and enjoy the sunshine whenever it appears.  I bought her a gooseberry bush yesterday. 


Posted: 17/02/2015 at 08:30

Morning Stacey   hope you pop  in here - I've just spotted you on the birthday thread

Spotted today

Posted: 17/02/2015 at 08:22

Hurrah!  Spring is springing

Purple sprouting broccoli

Posted: 17/02/2015 at 08:20

I agree - plant your brassicas in the ground and use containers for other things, salads, roots and beans are all happy in containers.

Purple sprouting broccoli can even look quite good planted amongst summer annuals in a cottage-style flower garden, then when the flowers are over you can take them out leaving more room for the broccoli to grow over the winter.

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