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Posted: 15/12/2015 at 19:53

That's fabulous David   Very kind of you to share it with us - you'll have to make another one for your family and guests

And of course, the Sainted Delia is a definite VIP up here in Norfolk

Talkback: Clearing out the cold frame

Posted: 15/12/2015 at 19:40
Hostafan1 wrote (see)

he's a busy boy Dove. He's on the greenhouse heating thread too plying his wares.

Yep, they've both been flagged up.  It's a shame he has nothing better to do at this time of year - has he written all his cards?  Are all the presents wrapped and under his tree? 

Talkback: Clearing out the cold frame

Posted: 15/12/2015 at 18:18

Looks like Samuel has been trawling up very old threads in order to advertise his company.  That's two today. 

Samuel, this forum is part of the Gardener's World online magazine which is a commercial company dependant on advertising revenue for its income.  Sneakily posting threads in order to obtain free advertising is really not on - its not fair on the businesses who pay their dues and its tantamount to theft from the magazine. 

If you want to place and pay for an advert you can contact the team (contact details at the bottom of this page). 

In the meantime your posts which link to your business website will be brought to the Moderators' attention.


Posted: 15/12/2015 at 18:04

Hello folks - I'm back and very stuffed - OH is cooking curry - I don't think I'll be able to manage more than a cuppasoup and a piece of toast ... in a few hours time!

Lovely lunch here  - very good food and great service - we left them a healthy tip

And no, they didn't offer me my old job back ... phew!  


Posted: 15/12/2015 at 17:53

Norfolk??? Who mentioned Norfolk???  My garden is in sunny  Norfolk

"Show us ya baubles!"

Posted: 15/12/2015 at 11:06

That's absolutely lovely Doogie

It's hard typing 'cos Ive just painted my nails - Im decorated too

"Show us ya baubles!"

Posted: 15/12/2015 at 10:07

I've tried turning my pic in all directions, but it always appears laying down

Oh well, all will be well when the new improved high spec website makes its appearance 



Posted: 15/12/2015 at 08:57

That's good news LillyP  - are they going to give you any physio?


Posted: 15/12/2015 at 08:24

Oooh Cheers Bushman - just what's needed


Posted: 15/12/2015 at 07:45

Oooh, yes please Bushman

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