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Posted: 31/12/2014 at 09:39

First one to count their flowers tomorrow can start the thread!

Verdun will award doughnuts to the winner 

New Year Gardening Resolutions

Posted: 31/12/2014 at 09:31

A shallow stream - usually quite formal when used in garden landscaping terms nowadays, although I think it can refer to any pretty trickling watercourse.


New Year Gardening Resolutions

Posted: 31/12/2014 at 08:44

A rill sounds wonderful - we will need pictures

Happy new Year

Posted: 31/12/2014 at 08:42

Happy New Year KEF

Coffee Grindings

Posted: 31/12/2014 at 08:39

I've never thought that the caffeine might be strong enough to deter slugs and snails, but I've hoped that the gritty texture of the grounds might help to keep them away from my hostas


Posted: 31/12/2014 at 07:46

Good morning Lyn and Lesley

Did anyone see the moon last night?  It was beautiful

Lyn, I think there's some sort of competitive element at work - some people seem to need lots of posts on 'their' threads   That always puzzles me - if I start a thread I don't regard it as 'mine' - this forum is about sharing

Egg dilemma?

Posted: 31/12/2014 at 06:39

It was great fun when we were children to find an abandoned hen's nest on the farm and throw the eggs into the moat where they floated - we then threw stones at them to try to burst them and cause a real stink! 

Until Pa found out and banned our fun - he said that we were filling the moat up with stones!

Positive thoughts and silly things for the tough times

Posted: 31/12/2014 at 06:34



New Year Gardening Resolutions

Posted: 31/12/2014 at 06:27

In 2015 I'm going to make proper use of my special Gardening Notebook, and record dates of all sowings, cuttings etc, the places I'm planting things and the variety.

I'm also going to note how well things are doing and any ideas I have to improve things.

I will keep all these notes in my special Gardening Notebook rather than in various jotters kept around the house, and I will also take my GN on garden visits to note down ideas/planting combinations/varieties etc.

Will somebody keep reminding me please ............


Posted: 31/12/2014 at 06:20

Good morning all - still chilly here -1.4C overnight and lots of frost. Brrrrrrr!

I'm not expecting to count as many flowers as last New Year's Day - however I can't remember how many that was.

Now I've got a Special Gardening Notebook I shall have to make a New Year's Resolution to use it

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