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Posted: 13/04/2015 at 06:35

I've been having a read back too and yes, DD those pics look amazing - you've worked incredibly hard and it's looking lovely


Posted: 13/04/2015 at 06:28

Good morning all

A lovely morning here - a peachy sunrise and a blue sky - birds singing, doves cooing and the grass sparkling with overnight raindrops   Chilly tho' ... 2.6C at the moment.

Yvie DM = Daily Mail - not a paper I buy , but the website can cause amusement in this household!   

fidgetbones wrote (see)

I did send something via dove, but cant remember what. Was it a buddleja? I think nut hsd roscoea to pass on to Michael? Wonder what happened to him?

I certainly passed on a buddleja and a Molly (and some aquilegias) the former and the latter were from Fidget, can't remember who the Molly was from


Posted: 12/04/2015 at 20:35
Liriodendron wrote (see)

Dove, does your dicentra not like shade?  I was planning to buy a white one for a pretty shady spot, but you've made me think again... 

I thought it would so I'm not sure what went wrong - maybe it needed to be a bit bigger before I planted it out ...... we shall see


Liriodendron wrote (see)
....The Countryfile forecast predicts a warm, dry few days... 

According to the DM website we're in for a three month heatwave   I'm not going to put money on it

Beech hedge

Posted: 12/04/2015 at 20:17

Lots of helpful info here

Celandine trouble

Posted: 12/04/2015 at 20:13

The nice thing about celandine (apart from their lovely sunny faces in the spring) is that they die down in the summer and don't reappear again until next year


Posted: 12/04/2015 at 20:10

Well done Verdun - you are such a kind (and sensible) man   As you say, depression is a bu$$er   CBT is the best therapy I know, but you have to be in the right place to be prepared to try it and keep using it.

I dug my white dicentra up at the end of last summer and popped it in a pot - it looks much happier than it did on the Shady Bank - not sure where it's going to live permanently but for now it can flower where it is


Posted: 12/04/2015 at 19:56

I have visions of a Canna Hedge

Shrub Id please

Posted: 12/04/2015 at 19:51
Trial-and-Error wrote (see)

It's not a magnolia, but I think it it from the Rosacea family, i.e. a decorative almond (don't know if there is any such thing, doesn't look like a normal almond), or a type of crab apple, or may be even a decorative plum?

But are the leaves right for any of those?

Shrub Id please

Posted: 12/04/2015 at 19:41

On closer inspection the stamens in Tanya's pics are different to the ones in the Magnolia pictures - back to the drawing board Miss Marple

Any ideas what these are

Posted: 12/04/2015 at 19:37

And at a guess the first is Calendula - Pot Marigold

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