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Poor little plum tree

Posted: 27/07/2016 at 16:57

Yes, our neighbours grew it for the bees ................................... we moved, they moved, their landlord paved their entire back garden and 10 years on the residents of that street are still cursing them.

There's loads of other good plants for bees, we have a garden full of them (plants and bees) and if you read this you'll see that HB has a real knock-on impact on the diversity of our native plants

But it's your garden

Potato Plants What's Wrong?

Posted: 27/07/2016 at 16:48

Love King Edwards 

Different potato varieties come in a wide range of shape and colour - just have a look here 


Posted: 27/07/2016 at 15:09
KeenOnGreen says:

Now there's an idea!  Shame my pond is only shin deep. Oh for the simple pleasures of days gone by. Give me a leech over Pokemon any day

See original post

 Any of us good enough at IT etc to invent a game where there are ponds with leeches in all over the country and we give the public clues and they go and dangle their legs and try to catch a leech ................  we could give a prize ................. could Verdun spare a donut do you think?

Visiting Woottens?

Posted: 27/07/2016 at 14:48

Oh flamin' 'eck ... It must be my fault   look what's happened since Ma died in April and I've not been driving down to Southwold at least once a week ............... they must really miss me 

Andy - if you've not been to Southwold before, don't forget to drive over the Common, past the water towers and go down to the harbour for fish and chips available from several fishermen's huts etc along the harbour (betweensthe Harbour Inn and the sea). 

Or, as it's the holidays, you can park at the harbour mouth near the lifeboat museum and walk inland along the harbour, through the boatyards etc to get your fish and chips.  

And you can gaze across the river to Walberswick and the former fishermens net lofts which became artists studios in the first half of the 20C and are now the holiday homes of the rich and famous, Richard Curtis, Emma Freud et al.  


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Posted: 27/07/2016 at 13:39

Hello, back from tennis and a bit of a food shop ...... just having a sandwich then I'll unpack the shopping and make a picnic for this evening's trip to the beach.  

Blue skies and white fluffy clouds here now ... so not a lot of rain.  

GWRS   When I was working there was a Wyevale (with a very good café) just around the corner from my office so I spent quite a bit there ... membership of the Garden Club was useful as I got quite good money-off vouchers from accumulated points and members also got reductions on compost and other stuff.  That was 2+ years ago - don't know if it's still the same. 

Poor little plum tree

Posted: 27/07/2016 at 13:29

Try to support the branches - I used clothes props and strong forked sticks  cut from hedgerows when I had the problem.  I would only remove very weak spindly branches but don't remove them now, it's a bit late in the season - stone fruit should be pruned around the end of June to avoid the tree contracting Silver Leaf Disease.

Could I also be very cheeky and advise you to get rid of that Himalayan Balsam in the foreground of your second photo before its seeds spread all over your garden and infest the entire neighbourhood.  It's an absolute menace 

and if you do get rid of it, please dispose of it carefully as it is an offence to cause it to grow in the wild.

Sorry to be interfering 

unknown tree

Posted: 27/07/2016 at 10:38
treehugger80 says:

I thought quince too when I first saw it, but i'm sure quinces are supposed to have spikes (like pears do sometimes) and this is free of spines/spikes.

 Think the spikes arrive as the tree matures - if it's a quince yours may be too young. 

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Posted: 27/07/2016 at 10:35

Morning Panda  and the rest of you 

Sort of drizzling now - not enough to keep the birds off the feeders tho' - OH says he'll fill them up while I'm at tennis 

Dead-heading roses

Posted: 27/07/2016 at 09:29

I have heard the 5-leaved thing, but I don't follow it .......... I deadhead to the next leaf down  unless that leaf is looking weakly, discoloured or stuff like that and in that case I go down a bit further.

As has been said, this is dead-heading, not pruning ........ but there's no harm in cutting out stuff that's not looking good at the same time. 

gallery of shame

Posted: 27/07/2016 at 09:19

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