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Hi All from Wales!

Posted: 16/07/2014 at 09:58

Welcome aboard Jay 

Corn Cockle can kill?

Posted: 16/07/2014 at 09:55

I saw that on the DM website - typical DM tabloid scaremongering - whatever would they say about foxgloves, potato fruits, yew seeds etc\/ 

Interesting how rare they seem t think it is 

The article also says it was 'found by a lighthouse' ............ jolly clever lighthouse is all I can say - perhaps it can help the next time I'm looking for something 

Is This Honey Fungus?

Posted: 16/07/2014 at 08:43

Definitely not honeyfungus, and not ink cap either  so DONT EAT IT!

Not sure what it is  - would need much better photos and spore print to make an identification - but whatever it is it's doing no harm; it's helping to break down decaying organic matter in the soil and turning it into the nutritious soil that your plants need  

Pruning/ planting

Posted: 16/07/2014 at 08:37

Bumping up

Blackbirds in the mower shed

Posted: 16/07/2014 at 08:20

Young robin 

It happens - learning to fly is a complicated and dangerous thing 


Posted: 16/07/2014 at 08:18

Woody, I bet Tom Jones will be really good - I think the 'mature' version is much better than the earlier one   Have a lovely time.

Good luck Clari!!!

Good luck KEF too - you'll find the most important thing with the concrete is to get it all done before the concrete 'goes off'' (technical term) 

Annoying viney growth in my lawn

Posted: 16/07/2014 at 07:58

I find it better to wait until the spring.  If you do use weed & feed in the summer you need to do it when the weather is going to be reliably overcast for a few days as otherwise the fertiliser can scorch the grass turning it brown.  

You can of course water it in, but that will impact on the efficiency of the weed killer. 


Posted: 16/07/2014 at 07:41

Seriously, the ants swarm in thundery weather because they use the rising thermals to fly high - sometimes thousands of feet into the air where the queens mate before drifting back to the ground well away from their original nest and start a new colony 

You can sometimes see them being picked off by flocks of birds high up in the sky 


Posted: 16/07/2014 at 07:19

Morning Bekkie 

I've always found that ants swarm in thundery weather - but maybe that's because we usually get thundery weather when ants swarm 


Posted: 16/07/2014 at 06:50

Snoodle - work is merely the chance to sit down and conserve energy for gardening - nothing more 

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