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Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 01/08/2015 at 14:54

 A peaceful Saturday afternoon in our garden


Talkback: Powdery mildew

Posted: 01/08/2015 at 14:37

Aw bless them

Powdery mildew

Posted: 01/08/2015 at 14:31

Powdery mildew usually strikes when a plant has been weakened by drought.


Posted: 01/08/2015 at 14:28

Pat, has he always been this acquisitive or is it a newly acquired skill  


Posted: 01/08/2015 at 13:59

Take it back from him Pat - you can usually plug in a normal mouse to a laptop and use that instead of the mousepad.  That's what my OH does (he's younger than me ).

Lavandula angustifolia growth problem

Posted: 01/08/2015 at 13:57

Really good information on pruning your lavender  here


Posted: 01/08/2015 at 13:51

Yes, if you click and zoom you can see the snow

How far away are the mountains?


Posted: 01/08/2015 at 13:46

Congratulations on the laptop by another name Pat E   Persevere with the mousepad - after years and years of using an ordinary mouse both at home and work, I'm now quicker on the pad than the mouse   It can be done

Talkback: Powdery mildew

Posted: 01/08/2015 at 12:49

Then just give it plenty of water - in dry spells a bucket full every other day

The damaged leaves will probably die and fall, but it'll recover and grow some more.

Talkback: Powdery mildew

Posted: 01/08/2015 at 12:30

Lorraine, is it in a container?  If so how big?

What sort of compost?

How often are you watering it and how much?

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