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HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 17:20
That's meant to say "think my absolute fave ..."

HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 17:19
Back from zoo - brilliant. Lots of stars but thinky absolutely gave was a Poitou Donkey stallion . The Siberian tigers and Snow leopard are pretty impressive too. Great welfare standards too

Little GC by the car park. Three nicely grown Centaurea Montana for ??5 - pres from OH

Help with pond life

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 09:37

Well what I get in the birdbath must be different LOL

HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 09:34
That sounds like my sort of menu. I love sweetbreads, fortunately I can get them from my butcher. The beef sounds blissful.

Yet another mecanposis!?

Your new-look forum

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 09:31
Sparkles . Can you not go into My Posts or Followed Threads to catch up?

HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 09:22
Pdoc - plant sale? Is this confession time? It's good for the soul you know

Anyone seen Fairy, or have the builders cut through her internet cables?

What can I grow in the same planter as strawberries?

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 09:18
Do you mean planting something else among the strawberries or in a different area of the same planter?
If the latter tell us more about the planter - size, depth, growing medium, site etc.

I don't believe it!

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 08:01

I find that a soft graphite pencil or Chinagraph lasts the longest on plant labels. 


Posted: 02/05/2016 at 07:58

Hi Wakeshine and welcome

Rambling/Climbing Rose

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 07:56

Have a look here

Lots of suggestions for roses suitable for growing into a tree - you can refine your selection for height, colour, perfume, soil conditions and other requirements.

Brilliant site and gold standard rose grower.

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HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

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