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Hello Forkers December

Posted: 15/12/2016 at 07:18

Good morning all 

Pdoc ((Hugs)) never was the word tragedy so apt.  I just don't know what could be done to make things better that wouldn't make things worse elsewhere. It seems that every time we try to right wrongs we cause yet more obscenities. The road to hell is paved with good intentions ...  I think one of the problems is that historically the west has thought that it has the answers to other peoples problems ... And it patently hasn't. 

Chicky, OH and I were just bemoaning the closure of the little cottage hospitals and convalescent homes. It's the lack of these that causes bed blocking. Southwold had a cottage hospital, partially funded by Adnams brewery, and it was wonderful that Pa could be sent there when he no longer needed to be in the big hospital 25 miles away. Sadly even with the additional funding from Adnams the NHS have ended it's function as a hospital and now only houses clinics. The repurcussions are immense both for the big hospital and the local community. Eventually I expect someone will come up with the idea of opening little local convalescent hospitals!  We keep reinventing the wheel. 

Today I will be driving around Suffolk. I have to see solicitors re the Aged Ps' estates, so I'll deliver cards and presents in that area at the same time. 

Hello Forkers December

Posted: 14/12/2016 at 18:23

Oh!  I haven't had Chicons au gratin for years ... it had totally slipped off my radar ... we shall have it for supper very soon 

That sounds like a lovely day Obelixx, notwithstanding meece!  

Black mulberry tree

Posted: 14/12/2016 at 17:55

Outside your area, but this place is superb and they sell black mulberries - they also sell more mature trees although whether they have older mulberries I don't know - you could email or ring them 

Slimy gazania

Posted: 14/12/2016 at 17:07

Yep, once they get like that they're just food for slugs - no need to encourage the blighters 

Slimy gazania

Posted: 14/12/2016 at 16:32

Gazanias are tender perennials and won't over-winter in most UK gardens so they usually get treated as annuals - if they've gone slimy my guess is that they've had their chips - I'd pull them up and sow fresh seed or get plug plants in the spring

Hello Forkers December

Posted: 14/12/2016 at 15:10

Love it!   

Hello Forkers December

Posted: 14/12/2016 at 12:55

Clari - the term you're seeking is 'Sentence case' 

I've found this ........ no idea if it'll work on screen tho' 

Right, pressies wrapped and stacked, and the fridge emptied and cleaned and the contents rationalised and chucked or replaced in orderly fashion. 

The only thing left that I have to do today is to make supper - a shin of beef casserole with mashed potatoes and Savoy cabbage.  

agapanthus still alive

Posted: 14/12/2016 at 11:14

I grow the deciduous ones; this is what they look like at the moment  - they'll be fine 

The more tender ones tend to be the ones with thicker fleshy leaves. Do you know which you have? 


Posted: 14/12/2016 at 10:29

He was a remarkable man - he lived near to us and I was at school with his sister in law  - at weekends and in school holidays he'd get us cleaning really old and dirty harness etc that he'd bought in old farm sales and helping with his horses in exchange for rides.  I got my first pony from him (rotten bu$$er broke my arm ) .  He collected all sorts of wagons, carriages and Romany vans and vardos and kept the history alive.  He was the only man I ever knew who the Romanies and traditional travelling people treated as one of their own.  

He had a fine voice and we've had many a sing song around a roaring fire in the Low House. 


Posted: 14/12/2016 at 09:19

Oooh, that's MIL's neck of the woods 

This is the chap I mentioned - there are videos and recordings of the music and singing online. 

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