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Posted: Yesterday at 20:06

KT53  Gwyneth's post is dated  Sept 2013 - I dare say the price may have gone up a little since then

Gardener Survey

Posted: Yesterday at 19:53



Posted: Yesterday at 19:40

Was it Ryan's Opuntia that gave rise to Hosta singing the whole of Bare Necessities on here not long ago?

disable thread notifications

Posted: Yesterday at 19:32

Hazel, when you get an email thread notification there are two links you can click on - the first one will take you to the thread and the second one will enable you to disable the notifications for that thread. 

If I want to disable it  I go straight to the second link and click on it - without clicking on the first link.  That seems to work for me. 



Posted: Yesterday at 19:25


So proud of my beautiful clever Wonks!!! 

I know how nervous she gets with exams and tests and stuff like that - it's absolutely brilliant that in the last few years she's married her lovely huh,  learned to control her nerves and get a really good degree and pass her driving test. 

Oh, and won a prize for gardening

Apparently Pa Womble is currently holidaying in Brazil - he'll have a surprise when he gets back  -  I imagine he's trying to dodge the mosquitos - and apparently he's going to be fumigated when he comes back


Posted: Yesterday at 14:35
Just heard from Wonky - she's got some fantastic news but you'll have to wait for her to tell you


Posted: Yesterday at 10:03

 Topbird - it was a present from a very kind gardening friend

Right, heading south to visit Ma ........ see you later folks ........... have a good day!


Posted: Yesterday at 09:49

Oh flippin 'eck Hosta ........ that doesn't take it into June does it?????????


Posted: Yesterday at 09:34

Lily P - Mighty Atom is a snowdrop which was discovered at Benhall in Suffolk, near my childhood home (not far from Sizewell 'atomic' power station).  Magnet is another snowdrop

Daffodils advice

Posted: Yesterday at 09:29

Hello SuperShrimper

As Nut says, that's what they do in the first year - then the bulbs will multiply and you'll get more flowers next spring, especially if you take the seedheads off when the flowers die off.

Nut, you won't have to bother about the circumflex any more - I'm going to miss it tho

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