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Posted: Yesterday at 19:13

Verdun, I told her she'd built a coffin - just as well her hubby is 6'7" so he'll know it's not for him LOL

ID for hardy geranium please

Posted: Yesterday at 17:08
Verdun wrote (see)

Nut, think she pinched it!  

Verdun, you can't escape from Nut until she's given you sandwiches and coffee and cake and filled your car with plants

ID for hardy geranium please

Posted: Yesterday at 17:06

Think I probably did Nut - but there are two of them  

I thought it might be that but the pic here just didn't look like it.

Now I've looked at the pic here which looks exactly like it.

Thanks you two


Posted: Yesterday at 17:02

What a clever Womble!!!

diseased mint

Posted: Yesterday at 16:40

Dave, I was just going to say - aphid damage - often seen on young mint leaves.  Pick it off or use a soapy water spray.  Nothing to worry about.

Any well recommended Tree Surgeons?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:37

Hi again Jefferey

I don't know the area so unfortunately I can't help, other than to remind you that you seemed to think highly enough of a local arboriculturist to mention his name twice previously on the forum

Is he no longer around?

ID for hardy geranium please

Posted: Yesterday at 16:23

Growing behind my pond in the shade - bone dry in summer, damp in winter.  The plant is a good 15 - 18" tall with very fresh-green coloured scented leaves.  The flower is small - little more than a centimeter in diameter, with pretty fringed petals. It dies right down in the winter.

This might be one given to me by lovely Nutcutlet, or it might be one of the interesting unknowns that spring up from time to time in this garden.

 It's bottom right in the third pic - to show scale etc.

Horrible stringy weed - what is it?

Posted: Yesterday at 15:01

Perhaps I should take longer and check my answers

Horrible stringy weed - what is it?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:49

Yes, I lay claim to having had a Senior Moment ........ I've earned it

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