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Posted: 12/02/2015 at 19:44

I treated myself to some 'special' snowdrops too - mine are G. viridapicis, G. Magnet, G. Ikariae and G. Elwesii 


Posted: 12/02/2015 at 19:38

Just heard that Panda is home safe and sound.  We had a lovely time.  The picture of her snowdrops is one she took on her ipad.  These are some I took at Raveningham Hall.

An elderly viburnum? covered with lichen and moss.

Not sure what the above orange flowered plant is - it was in one of the greenhouses - I photographed the label but I'm still not sure what it is

Venerable figs  being 'rejuvenated' in the walled veg garden.


Neglected asparagus bed.....

Posted: 12/02/2015 at 09:18

If you're going to keep the bed for asparagus you could try the traditional method of using salt to help keep down the weeds - asparagus is a maritime plant and is quite happy in saline conditions, but it will weaken or even kill most weeds.

However if there's a chance that you may want to grow something else in that patch don't use salt. 

If you want to try using salt, use the type sold for pickling, not iodised table salt.


Posted: 12/02/2015 at 09:04

Dunnit!  Was that the one you wanted Bekkie?  There are several ...

Companion planting

Posted: 12/02/2015 at 09:03

Bumping for Bekkie


Posted: 12/02/2015 at 08:23
Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

.....   Dove, I could have offered Gary a bed, but he's going by Brive, an hour away in a car. I'm nearer Périgueux.


Thanks BL, I will mention it - he said his route can be a bit flexible and a bed may well be worth a detour


Posted: 12/02/2015 at 08:06

Qualcast 700W Electric Rotovator

Posted: 12/02/2015 at 08:02

Buttercupdays - my thoughts exactly.  And I speak as someone whose partner borrowed a cultivator for me to use on our allotment (many years ago).  After half an hour of struggle it went back in the shed for the kind person who lent it to collect, and I carried on forking over the allotment with the robin and blackbirds at my feet tugging on worms.  It was a long time ago but I remember that time spent digging so clearly. 


Posted: 12/02/2015 at 07:57

Good morning all  

Exciting day planned - I'm escaping from decorating chaos and meeting up with a black and white bear of our acquaintance and going to look at snowdrops at Raveningham Hall (home of Sir Nicholas Bacon, President of the RHS and my old boss) - at the last count we have to pass at least 4 garden centres on the way


Posted: 11/02/2015 at 19:17

By the way, hope you don't mind if I flag up the heroic efforts of a friend of my daughter and her husband.  He's cycling around the world to raise money for the charity Recycle which provides reconditioned bikes for people in Africa where they make a huge difference to their lives.  It's a really good charity so this is an unashamed plug for Gary and his efforts .  Also if you check out his route and you live anywhere near he's very grateful for a place to set up his tent overnight, or even a bed and a meal if that's possible

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