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East Anglian garden visting

Posted: 30/05/2015 at 11:56

Me too, and if Wonky could get her rota days sorted she could come along too

East Anglian garden visting

Posted: 30/05/2015 at 11:03

Right, Wonky and I are planning to visit East Ruston this coming Friday!  Anyone want to come along???


Posted: 30/05/2015 at 11:01

Glad you're back in one piece and that it all went well Panda!

I'm going to send you a PM in a minute

Regina Gisela Cherry - is it dying???

Posted: 30/05/2015 at 10:32

I think it's just been very unhappy for quite a while. 

If you've only just cleared the grass etc away from it then it will really have been struggling.  Then the poor thing produced some lovely blossom which probably exhausted it.  That may have been its dying gasp, but it may recover if it's not stressed any more.  I'd give it a thick mulch with some soil conditioner from the garden centre (not right up to the trunk - leave a small space) and then leave it, only watering if the soil under the mulch is dry. 

Don't feed it - just talk nicely to it and hope ... we'll keep our fingers crossed

french beans yellow leaves

Posted: 30/05/2015 at 10:21

I'd say that it's low temperatures - Brrrrrr!!!

Most French beans prefer warmer tempertures than we've got at the moment. 

In future you might like to try Buerre de Rocquencourt dwarf bean (a lovely yellow wax bean type with a  great flavour) which is more tolerant of cooler springs.

Tomato plant leaves turning brown - should I pick them out?

Posted: 30/05/2015 at 10:18

I doubt that it's blight - that needs warm moist air to take hold.  At a guess it's either the cold wind or the rain or both. 

Can you post us a picture to give us some more clues?

gwgardeningforshade15 magazine

Posted: 30/05/2015 at 08:56

It looks as if it's an on-line magazine - you can get it here


Posted: 30/05/2015 at 08:52

Chicky - I love Crambe in a border, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't like our shallow gritty soil full of tree roots - I'm trying to find something that'll give that 'airy cloud' feel that would be happy in the new island bed I'm planning for next year (you heard it here first folks!!!)

Plants ID

Posted: 30/05/2015 at 06:40

Pics 1&2 ..................???

Pics 3&4 ..................cornus

Pics 5&6 .................viburnum

Pics 7&8 ................ artemisia

Pics 9&10 .............. ???


Posted: 30/05/2015 at 06:19

Good morning all

Clari, jolly well done!  They should give you a medal!!!  and a day off!!! ((hugs))

We'll sort your weeds out for you this weekend, won't we folks!?

It's a beautiful morning out there  - I've just been feeding the robins by hand on the terrace - lots of other birds out there too, coal tits, greenfinch, goldfinch, house sparrows, blue tits, great tits, dunnocks, wren, blackbird, collared dove, starlings and there's a green woodpecker yaffling from over the other side of the fence

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