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Half dying evergreen

Posted: 27/06/2014 at 10:01

Hi Kevin - whereabouts are you?  DEFRA only has to be informed if the outbreak is in Gt Britain but not on the mainland, eg Isle of Man, Northern Ireland etc. 

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Posted: 27/06/2014 at 09:57

"I enjoy "adapting" things for example my pond is an old poster for hustle!"


How??????????  This we must see ..................... 



Posted: 27/06/2014 at 09:48

Clarington - I think we must share the same mother 



Gardeners World PDF's

Posted: 27/06/2014 at 09:45

Daniel, thanks for coming in here to explain that - I'm sure that will be helpful 

Plant identification

Posted: 27/06/2014 at 08:31

Hi Karen 

To post a picture on here you need to click on the green tree icon on the toolbar above where you type your post, and  follow the instructions to upload a photo from a pc.  Sadly it doesn't work for phones - yet 

If it doesn't work let us know 

Why does my festalis ismene (Peruvian daffodil, spider Lilly) die after 2 days

Posted: 27/06/2014 at 08:14

Or possibly - are they the sort of flower that fades after pollination?  This might explain why they work better as cut flowers where they are less likely to be pollinated ....... just a thought 

Why does my festalis ismene (Peruvian daffodil, spider Lilly) die after 2 days

Posted: 27/06/2014 at 08:13

Did they have enough water?  I don't know about Tigria, but I understand that the Spider Lily likes quite moist conditions. 


Posted: 27/06/2014 at 08:09

Clari - what a lovely day - engagement, roses and hedgehog - days don't come much better than that 

Fidget, colour is so interesting.  Obviously studying it was part of my art degree and I found it fascinating.  So much of it is subjective and relative - and I know OH has a degree of colour-blindness - he used to call my green skirt brown - but he absolutely denies it. 

Clematis it dying?

Posted: 27/06/2014 at 07:45

Where I have clematis planted in a sunny spot I have laid some old terracotta tiles over the root area to protect the roots from the sun's heat until the plant has established deeper roots and the planting around it has grown up enough to shade it. 

I think I'd stop watering, cut the clematis down to about 12 - 18" from the ground, provide some shade for the roots and cross my fingers 

When the soil has dried out a bit, water once a week in dry weather. 


Posted: 27/06/2014 at 07:37

Morning Daisy 

Chicky - we do occasionally get Gt Spotteds on the feeders here in the garden - they were frequent visitors to the feeders at work - and you're right (what am I thinking - not enough coffee yet this morning)  the green woodpeckers didn't use the feeders, it was the Gt Spotteds - the greens were frequent visitors to the  lawn in front of my window, poking into the ant nests.  

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