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Posted: 29/06/2015 at 13:27

You need one of these


Tomato disaster!

Posted: 29/06/2015 at 13:09

I would hope that they grow lots of side-shoots - the ones that you would normally pinch out, and grow them as bush tomatoes - as for the Under Gardener ... a bit of corrective training would appear to be in order






Posted: 29/06/2015 at 13:03

What lovely news!  thanks for the update and well done

Green soldier stink bug

Posted: 29/06/2015 at 12:33

As has been said, if you're in the UK it's one of the Shield Bugs and will do no harm - fascinating little creatures - love 'em


Posted: 29/06/2015 at 12:31

Oooh ... yes there's tennis that has to be watched too .... I suppose I could pod broad beans while I do that ...


Posted: 29/06/2015 at 12:30

Hello again - just back from a dash into the city - OH needed to pick up some stretchers from the art supplier, so I bamboozled him into coming to John Lewis with me to buy a new printer/scanner and a food processor.  The old printer died months ago, we don't do a lot of printing so we thought we'd go for a cheap and cheerful one Hewlett Packard @ £29.99 !!!  It's not going to be the cheapest for ink, but at that price, with a JL two year guarantee how can we go wrong?  The expensive ones we've bought in the past usually die just after the 12 month guarantee expires, leaving us with a load of ink cartridges we can't use   And my food processor is beginning to fall to bits after 15+ years of heavy use, so another Kenwood Multi-Pro has been purchased and I can pick it up from the Waitrose in the village tomorrow afternoon. 

Now all we have to do is set up the printer ... think I'll let OH play with that 

I've got the soaker hose on the Shady Bank giving things a soaking - after lunch some big pots need moving and there's more deadheading to do - I need to pick and freeze some broad beans either today or tomorrow  and the 100s & 1000s tomatoes need moving to their final pots.  Oh, and the pond needs another dose of Sludge Control stuff ... busy busy busy ...

Plant idenitification help plese

Posted: 29/06/2015 at 11:59

For some reason it won't let me zoom in, but I think it's one of the acanthuses - either Acanthus mollis or Acanthus spinosus - if it has spines it's the second one.

I'd please

Posted: 29/06/2015 at 08:37

It won't let me zoom, but from here those could almost be buttercup leaves ...

I'd please

Posted: 29/06/2015 at 07:44

Don't think so Norfolkdumpling   I know what you mean (I've hoed sugar beet fields too ) the leaves are a similar colour but Fathen (chenopodium album has a different shaped leaf.

It does look a lot like mugwort to me.

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 29/06/2015 at 07:18

Thanks BL   DD's garden looks gorgeous - lovely lilies, and as Chicky says, that rose/clematis combination is to die for

I hope she had a lovely day and is able to put her feet up for a little while today and feel very pleased with herself


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