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getting started

Posted: 08/02/2014 at 14:36

Welcome Barbara  looking forward to hearing all about your gardening and your allotmenteering!

Hedging and Horses

Posted: 08/02/2014 at 13:59

Our  horses, ponies and cattle (and even our goats) left holly uneaten along the hedgerows - although I do understand that New Forest ponies, with their bristly muzzles, will browse on gorse so maybe they'd eat holly.  

Of course, some hollies don't have prickles - they'd probably eat that as would deer, sheep and anything else.  


Posted: 08/02/2014 at 13:52

Oh flippin 'eck !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted: 08/02/2014 at 13:45

You're making me feel guilty now you lot 


Posted: 08/02/2014 at 13:27

Oh yes Verdun - soopa-doopa Highspeed Whizzy Whizzy, even when we're both on line ............. sorry, I'll get my coat 

nutcutlet wrote (see)

No WUM on my forum. I love that ignore button. No kitchens either.

Do you think we should have a code word for cake Dove? So they don't notice

But there's doughnuts, bacon sarnies, beer, wine, toad in the hole, Yorkshire puds, rhubarb and custard and roast potatoes - we'd need a lot of code words 

Kniphofia- Red Hot Pokers

Posted: 08/02/2014 at 13:06

Kniphofia Green Jade is a gorgeous one 


Posted: 08/02/2014 at 12:57

They're pretty quick at deleting them during the week - there are fewer techies on duty at the weekend and to a certain extent we're dependent on Daniel popping in over the weekend and doing a bit of housework!  

As for blocking them, they do try but filters aren't foolproof - and I think we probably don't help matters, we keep talking about cake and it just attracts Kitchen Spammers 

Hyacinth care after flowering in water vases

Posted: 08/02/2014 at 12:50

I've had hyacinths flowering outside in tubs for the past three years and they're still flowering well - I give them a handful of chicken manure pellets and some potash after the flower heads have been removed and leave them in an out of the way spot in the garden, in the tubs until the leaves die down when I remove them from the compost and dry them off in the bottom of the mini greenhouse.  In the autumn I replant them in the tubs with violas etc in fresh compost .

I hope that's of some help. 

Hedging and Horses

Posted: 08/02/2014 at 12:43

I would plant a holly hedge - just ensure that you buy a variety/ies with prickles and not the smooth type.  It will need protection from the horses whilst it becomes established, but after that they'll leave it alone. 

Beetroot Problems

Posted: 08/02/2014 at 12:17

Most plants will grow if there's any opportunity at all 

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