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Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 28/03/2017 at 20:20

  Going to try to stay awake for the whole of Stargazing Live .......... it's wonderful ..............

Garden composte

Posted: 28/03/2017 at 20:01

I filled my raised veg beds with two thirds screened topsoil and one third well rotted manure. 


Posted: 28/03/2017 at 19:59

I agree with Bob ...the second one looks like a pulmonaria .

As for the first ................ show us another photo in a week or two's time. 

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 28/03/2017 at 19:32

It does look awful Fidget .......... I do hope that everyone's loved ones are ok. 

Best Gardening tv shows

Posted: 28/03/2017 at 19:21
Buttercupdays says:

I remember watching Geoffrey Smith's 'World of Flowers' with great enjoyment. Would love to watch it again now I've learned more, but it doesn't seem to be available,though you can get the book.

See original post

 I absolutely loved that series.  

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 28/03/2017 at 19:19

Hefty - that's soooooooooooo lovely !!! 

Fairy, your alpina is  well ahead of mine down here - looking lovely.  I like Silver Chimes too 

Daily wildlife moments

Posted: 28/03/2017 at 19:08

While we've been outside mulching and digging, it's been lovely watching our bluetits busily popping in and out of the nest box and listening to the robin singing from the ash tree while the bees were buzzing in the pulmonarias.  A really lovely day. 

Save the Bees.. Please sign Petition

Posted: 28/03/2017 at 19:00

Done ... thanks 

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 28/03/2017 at 18:56

AuntyRach   if it wasn't curly sarnies and beige nibbles, what was it?  

I love Stargazing Live - I'm fascinated by the stars and planets etc - I don't understand a lot about them, but I feel they're incredibly important and I love to look at them in awe and wonder.  After all, they're what caused our ancestors to start counting and calculating the passage of time.  Amazing 

Resurrected Nine

Posted: 28/03/2017 at 17:21

Well, the fog did clear and it's been glorious out there - I've weeded, planted and mulched to my heart's content, and the Undergardener has started digging over the veg patch ... it's all looking a bit more like a garden now 

Sorry about the rain that some of you had 

As for shoes, I like lots of different shoes, but most of them seem to be an entirely different shape to my feet ........ I spend most of my time in Hotter 'trainers'.   at least they're comfy if not elegant

SGL, well done on the success of the shopping expedition.  I'm impressed!  

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