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Wilting fatsia japonica

Posted: 23/11/2017 at 18:21

It sounds as if some new growth has been damaged by frost.  I would leave it alone for now ... if it's not recovered by next summer it will be time to replace it. 

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 23/11/2017 at 17:21

Hello folks ... we're back from out trip to the city ... Black Thursday apparently  

I have a stylish new hairdo ... very now ... short at the sides (very short) and longer on top   
I also have some comfy new sort of slipper/shoes from Hotter ... gJ7TfD_BwE 25% reduction 'cos of Black Thursday  Three new paperbacks from Waterstones 'cos I couldn't resist them  and a gorgeous warm scarf/shawl sort of a thing from Accessorize (sort of navy paisley with a bit of silver thread). 

OH is cooking supper and I'm on the sofa snuggled into my new shawl with a G&T and listening to Abba and we've just had a text from our beloved niece saying that she's got an A* in her Physics pre Mock (whoever heard of 'pre Mocks???)   

It's been a lovely day ... I raised a glass to you Pdoc and there's a G&T here for you whenever you want  ((hugs))

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 23/11/2017 at 13:46

sitting in The Lamb with a pint of Adnams and a good book.   Hair appt in an hour. 

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 23/11/2017 at 10:44


Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 23/11/2017 at 10:05

Morning BL 

Just a bit snuffly and sneezy really ... it hasn't really 'developed'. 

It's this gallery ... it's part of the art school and shows all sorts of international artists ... absolutely wonderful 

HELP! My Petra Croton is dying :/

Posted: 23/11/2017 at 10:02

Hi   This is a UK based forum with a few members in NW Europe and a few other places so we have little knowledge of whether your croton would be better outside or not.

This website gives some pretty comprehensive advice 

Good luck 

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 23/11/2017 at 09:38

Hmmm ... the best laid plans etc ...... the gallery doesn't open until the afternoon and that's when I've got my appointments ... we'll catch the 11 o'clock bus instead of the 10 o'clock and pop to The Lamb Inn for an early lunch then I'll get my specs and have my hair cut OH goes to the bicycle shop ... we'll go to the exhibition one afternoon next week ...... 

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 23/11/2017 at 09:04

LilyP ... good news indeed!  


Posted: 23/11/2017 at 08:18

Perhaps a photo would help us 

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 23/11/2017 at 08:13

Good morning all  and G'day to all Down Under   Beautiful photos Chicky. 

Have a really lovely day Obelixx 

Still wet and windy here but not as grim as in some placed.  We're catching the ten o'clock bus and spending today in the city ... Better get a move on ... 

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