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What does a pond need for a good ecosystem

Posted: Yesterday at 13:46

Bless you - you're very kind - if it doesn't turn up this week I'll yell 

Is this new Hawthorn tree diseased? Looks worrying.

Posted: Yesterday at 13:45

I agree Nut, the fact that the rootstock is narrower than the grafted shoot is a point of weakness which is why I suggested the stronger support - but I've seen similar grafts even up in time.  

I've seen lots of grafted hawthorns (lots planted on urban verges)  with suckers from the graft and below - I think it's the nature of the beast 

Is this new Hawthorn tree diseased? Looks worrying.

Posted: Yesterday at 13:27

Paul's Scarlet is usually grafted onto a hawthorn rootstock and what you see is the grafting point.  I'm sure it'll be fine.   It looks as if when the graft was made the tree was bound tightly until the graft took and the binding has since been removed.  This is normal practice.

Be sure to remove any suckers that come from below the graft as they will be ordinary white hawthorn and will outgrow the grafted variety. 

The graft point is always a weak spot on a trunk, and I think I would support it with a diagonal stake tied above the graft, just in case of strong winds in the future.  Check the tie regularly throughout the growing season.  The sort of support I mean is shown here 

Enjoy your tree 

Aye up - the other half wants a go!

Posted: Yesterday at 12:54

Mmmm, I've had him nearly 19 years now, but it's only since we moved to this garden a couple of years ago that he got really interested - the sempervivums are because I bought some and put them on the terrace where he can see them from his studio window - the garlic is because ........................ no idea really, but he does like mediterranean food 

Help a complete novice with weeds!

Posted: Yesterday at 12:42

It depends on what you want to replace the weeds with.  If you just have bare soil then weed seeds will germinate and you'll have weeds again.  

If you really don't want to do the dig and plant and weed thing, I'd suggest that you just mow the borders, right up to the fence and around the shrubby plants and let the lawn spread to the fence.  You can pull the weeds out of the base of the shrubs a couple of times a year so that they don't get totally overwhelmed.  

If you spray you'll just be left with dead plants which you'll have to dig/pull up, then you'll have bare soil and you'll have to decide what to do with it. 

Help – how do I stop insects biting me?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:37

Buckets of standing water (and any other still water, even tiny amounts) will be housing hundreds and thousands of baby mosquitoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Empty the water out!

And before going out into the garden in the late afternoon/evening, use Avon's Skin So Soft dry oil spray - don't worry, I know you're a chap but even the Royal Marines use it by the tank load to repel mozzies when on manoeuvres on the west coast of Scotland. 



Aye up - the other half wants a go!

Posted: Yesterday at 12:32

Hurrah!  You now have an Undergardener to be trained up 

What does a pond need for a good ecosystem

Posted: Yesterday at 11:56

It's not arrived yet .................. it said on the web that it was usually despatched within a couple of days, and then when I got the there was a deliver day range stretching into May  

I may have to go the the GC and see if they have any 

Get if off your chest.

Posted: Yesterday at 11:54

Well, no excuse then ........... boundaries and consequences apply to adults as well as children!!! 

Glad your son had a lovely time and that you're still in one piece 


Posted: Yesterday at 11:52

Japanese Knotweed doesn't wrap itself around things, so you can breathe more easily 

You might have bindweed in the garden - there are two sorts, the white flowered which is larger and the pink flowered which is smaller .  

Russian vine is a much larger plant 

If you post a pic of the offending weed we'll have a go at identifying it for you - to post a pic you need to click on the green tree icon on the toolbar ar the top of where you type your post, and follow the instructions.  Don't hesitate to ask if that's not clear 

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