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Flower Sprouts

Posted: 22/03/2016 at 09:48
I would pot them on individually into small pots. They're too small to be planted out and they won't grow to their full potential if they remain close to each other.
What are they?


Posted: 22/03/2016 at 09:00
As I understand it aronia and apple are both rosaceae so presumably compatible?

HELLO FORKERS March 2016 edition

Posted: 22/03/2016 at 08:57
Just read the news. Thoughts with the Belgians.

We're at MIL's in a little village in south Lincolnshire, near Stamford. It's lovely and the season is a bit ahead of us in Norfolk so hedgerows are getting quite green.

HELLO FORKERS March 2016 edition

Posted: 22/03/2016 at 08:02
Lovely sitting here by the inglenook, listening to the jackdaws on the chimney and the church clock chiming the quarter hours. An idyllic sunny spring morning.

Advice on filling new raised veg bed

Posted: 22/03/2016 at 07:55
Enjoy your veg growing Trucker. Let us know how it's going. Pics would be good


Posted: 22/03/2016 at 07:32
I agree with Buttercup. You have an aronia on Apple roots. The roots will supply water and nutrition. That's all.

HELLO FORKERS March 2016 edition

Posted: 22/03/2016 at 07:07
Morning all. Slept like a log here. We'll be setting off for home later this morning and then back into our routine too.

HELLO FORKERS March 2016 edition

Posted: 21/03/2016 at 23:37
Sleep tight Hosta x

HELLO FORKERS March 2016 edition

Posted: 21/03/2016 at 23:28
Hello just popping in on phone. Had a lovely visit to Nut's garden today to see the results of all her lopping, pruning and shredding. Loads more light and lots of space for bigger beds and borders. Lots of spring colour already.
Sat in the car and watched a large red kite being harassed by a couple of crows on way back to MILs. Lovely meal out this evening. Now I'll just see what's been going on here then it's time to sleep. Sweet dreams everyone

What an amazing forum this is

Posted: 21/03/2016 at 23:15
It's fun here isn't it

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