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Posted: 29/12/2014 at 08:06

Morning Clari   If your father's medication works I'll recommend it to the builder

As for the dog (lovely) if it's a labrador it'll want to go in the pond.  If it's a terrier it'll dig your garden up.  If it's a collie or a spaniel it'll bounce around all over your plants

Have fun


Posted: 29/12/2014 at 07:47

Good morning KEF

Today had been planned for the start of work in our house - replastering and redecorating - but the builder has flu


Posted: 29/12/2014 at 06:52

I think that your garden soil sounds ideal for figs - if only you could persuade someone to help dig a planting hole through the shale you could plant them there and then the roots will be naturally restricted - it sounds perfect to me.

However, if you want to go ahead with the tank I agree with with Verdun, lots of drainage holes and crocks - and I've used John Innes No. 3 with a bit of added horticultural grit for my fig.

Good luck.


Posted: 29/12/2014 at 06:41

Good morning all

Sharp frost outside Brrrrrrrrrr!  Only -0.02 in the back garden, but I'm sure it's much lower in the front.  Everything sparkled in the torchlight when I went out in my pjs to read the thermometer. 

Lili - just spotted your familiy's news!  How lovely - congratulations

Shame about the greenhouse - fingers are crossed that they'll be ok ....

2015, here we come!

Posted: 28/12/2014 at 19:32

Sounds good to me Nut - I was having a pre-emptive inspection this morning


Posted: 28/12/2014 at 18:20
Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

.... I wonder if Dove likes Baileys , don't think it's her sort of thing, thick and sweet

If it's what's on offer I'm happy to drink it BL, and it's very good poured over good vanilla icecream


Posted: 28/12/2014 at 17:08

BL - I'll have one with you

green house heater

Posted: 28/12/2014 at 15:54

Wills, they're all hardy - they'll be fine. 

A heater will only cause condensation which will provide the perfect breeding ground for moulds and botrytis etc and they will kill your plants! 

Dilemma........wot to choose?

Posted: 28/12/2014 at 15:48

I think there may well be some radical changes around here in 2015.  We came here three years ago and got the bare bones in place - but now we're getting to know this patch and how the sun and shade affect it, not to mention the effects of the large trees on the boundary. 

Some plantings will be altered - I think some more shade-loving foliage plants are called for, some beds need to be enlarged (to make room for plants waiting for a home), more structural plants are needed too, and maybe even another bed or two created. 

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