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Resurrected Seven

Posted: 04/03/2017 at 16:01

Pansy ((hugs)) I'm so sorry you're being faced with such tough stuff at the moment. 

I hope your love of plants helps to give your life meaning, as mine has for me at the grimmest of times. 

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Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 04/03/2017 at 15:54

I think you've earned a big slice Wonky! 

Is it really a problem?

Posted: 04/03/2017 at 15:47

The reason you see old pictures of farmhands with binder twine around the bottoms of their trouser legs was to stop the rats "runnin' up 'em"

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 04/03/2017 at 15:37

Rhubarb & Custard Cake cooling down ... Kettle's on ... just form an orderly queue ...


Posted: 04/03/2017 at 15:23

But once the wood chips have been broken down the nitrogen returns to the soil, along with the other constituents, so any nitrogen depletion is only short term. I would only be concerned if wood chips were being dug into a brassica bed or similar. 

Removing Moss

Posted: 04/03/2017 at 15:16

At the rate the robins and bluetits are gathering moss from our back lawn today, there won't be any left in a few days' time 

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 04/03/2017 at 14:44

Now a robin is gathering moss from the edge of the back lawn 

Tree Stump

Posted: 04/03/2017 at 14:05

You can cut it as low down to the ground as possible and then hire a stump grinder to grind the main stump out - they're no bigger than a petrol rotary mower and can be hired from most tool hire and DIY places. 

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 04/03/2017 at 12:52

The birds are really getting on with the nest building today -the  robin has been hopping along the fence with a length of dead clematis stem in his beak, blackbirds are pulling mud from the pond edge and a pair of bluetits are busy going in and out of the nest box on the ash tree trunk. 

Ive just stopped for lunch and am enjoying The Now Show - it is such a good programme

Who's visiting your bird feeders?

Posted: 04/03/2017 at 12:13

Love stock doves - we used to see them on the farm as children but not so many about nowadays. 

I'm chuffed The nest box on the fence which was used by a pair of bluetits last year was trashed by Doris ............... but today I saw a pair busily popping in and out of another nestbox we fixed onto the ash tree last year

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