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Olive green "slime"

Posted: 07/12/2015 at 07:27

If you click on the RHS link I posted above and scroll down you'll find several methods of control for liverworts, algae etc, including Nostoc.


Posted: 06/12/2015 at 17:57

Hello folks   Cornish friend arrived just after breakfast - we spent a day nattering, drinking coffee, eating homemade soup and mince pies and also spent a couple of ours at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts which is just up the road - luvvit!   We've just waved her off and collapsed on the sofa

Hosta ((hugs)) that's what knees do - they pretend to be better so you go around behaving as if you're seventeen again, and then they let you down - you don't have to tell me, I've been there - I'll never trust my knee again

Olive green "slime"

Posted: 06/12/2015 at 17:41

Hello Terry

I suspect that it's one of the liverworts  - lots of info here

I hope that helps.

How to tell if a rose is a climber?

Posted: 06/12/2015 at 09:34

Pasting the links into the browser doesn't work for me - it usually does so I don't know what's gone wrong there.

Anyway, we can see the image, thanks Jo

Looks rather like a David Austin type to me - have a look at their website



Posted: 06/12/2015 at 09:28


Breakfast this morning Flumps?


Mushrooms on Lawn - What Are They - How Can I Prevent Them

Posted: 06/12/2015 at 09:23

Can't see them well enough to attempt an ID, but I wouldn't worry.  Most gardens have fungi of one sort or another appearing in mild damp spells, especially in the autumn.  They're part of nature's way of breaking down organic matter in the soil so that plants can make use of it.  The ones in your lawn may well be breaking down the roots left in the ground after your tree was felled. 

The toadstools that you see are simply the fruiting body - the main part of the fungus is the mycelium underground which can spread over vast areas. 

Some may be toxic to some degree, some may not.  Most animals leave them alone, but if you have the sort of dog that just has to try to eat everything then you can sweep up the fungi and bin them. 

Improving the drainage in the lawn may help to reduce the number of fungi you get in the future.

I hope that helps

well, is it a sign?

Posted: 06/12/2015 at 07:27

Welcome Pompeyboy!  

Red robin loosing leaves

Posted: 06/12/2015 at 07:22

The spray might have affected new growth which is quite tender.  There's usually no need to spray for aphids at this time of year as they don't survive cold weather.  I don't use insecticides for aphids - I just brush them off with my fingers, or wash them off with a jet of water.  I don't like using insecticides as they don't discriminate between good and bad insects, and we need all the good ones we can get (bees, ladybirds etc).

But,most outdoor plants don't like being indoors - they really really don't like it . 

Most successful indoor plants come from tropical or arid regions where they are used to higher temperatures and quite different conditions. 

Also over-watering can cause leaves/shoots to blacken and die - it's highly unlikely that your plant will need watering if it's outside this winter unless it's in a very sunny spot.  Only water when the soil an inch below the surface is bone dry.

Good luck


Posted: 06/12/2015 at 07:12

Good morning all

Hope everyone's ok - good to hear from LilyP.

The wind's dropped here thank goodness - we have a friend visiting today - she'd have had a horrid journey if the wind was as strong as yesterday.

Thoughts are with all the rescue services, firemen etc who will have been working all night in some areas - heroes the lot of them


Dr Who was BRILLIANT!!!

How to tell if a rose is a climber?

Posted: 06/12/2015 at 06:45

Neither can I BL

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