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Salix all bare

Posted: Yesterday at 12:21

Salix need a lot of water and are happiest in damp soil.  The soil there looks very dry. 

Enough is enough

Posted: Yesterday at 12:09

It's a free world (well this bit of it is) - that's your choice - it's not mine - I'm enjoying the new longer programme and the range of topics covered.  I don't have a dog but I don't object to seeing them for a few seconds (and that is all that it is) on camera, any more than I object to the inclusion of a shot of a robin or blackbird in one of the gardens. 

However if the intention of your post is to pass your opinion on to the programme makers rather than to 'get people's backs up'  you're on the wrong website.

You need this one .

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Fig Tree leaves turning yellow

Posted: Yesterday at 11:59

It has a sprinkling of Fish, Blood & Bone in the spring and again in early summer.  As soon as it begins to wake up in the spring (leaf buds swelling, new figs forming etc) it gets some tomato feed in a watering can full of water weekly until September-ish.  

I follow the advice here re care and pruning for figs 

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 09:39

Pat, I've asked him for the botanical name of his 'Lilac Indulgence' or whatever he says it's called  

Hosta ((hugs))  remember who your friends are when you come into your well-deserved wealth won't you? 

I've never had an email telling me I've won a fortune 

Last time I had a phone call about my car accident I asked for all their details 'cos obviously someone had stolen my car and I'd have to contact the police and the chap on the phone would be called to give evidence  ......  long silence then the line went dead 

Fig Tree leaves turning yellow

Posted: Yesterday at 09:29

If the leaves turn yellow in the summer it's usually due to lack of watering.

At this time of year autumn is the most likely reason for colour change and leaf fall - but my fig leaves aren't changing colour yet   I'm still watering mine at least twice a week.

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What is this plant type?

Posted: Yesterday at 09:20

Well, it's not a Calluna vulgaris

Lilac Indulgence sounds lovely , but what sort of plant is it?

It must have a botanical name consisting of its Genus and species, then 'Lilac Indulgence' will be its varietal name.

e.g. Solanum lycopersicum is the tomato's botanical name, there are lots of varieties such as 'Gardener's Delight', Alicante', 'San Marzano'.

Without the full name we don't know what sort of plant it is 

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 09:07

BL ((hugs))

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 07:12

Pat, I've told Joseph that it's not Calluna vulgaris and suggested that he looks at your suggestion. 

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 07:10

Morning Chicky 

Bright and dry here at the moment but there are thundery showers forecast. I'm going to pop up to the farm shop later - I wonder if I'll go into the GC and get more bulbs ? 

What is this plant type?

Posted: Yesterday at 06:56

Think you're mistaken there Joseph. It's not Calluna vulgaris ( the common heather growing all over Scottish moorlands and many other parts of Great Britain. The flower shape is all wrong as is the size of flower and leaf.

Have a look at Pats suggestion, she is a very knowledgable Australian botanical artist. 

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