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Ash Trees

Posted: 03/06/2014 at 18:46

We're in Norfolk (right in the middle of Ash Dieback area) and have two mature ash trees at the bottom of our garden.  They were very slow to come into leaf this year and one in particular has only just filled out - Nutcutlet also mentioned that her ash trees were very late into leaf as well.  No signs of any dieback (fingers crossed) just very very late for some reason.  Also mine haven't flowered this year, so no problems with ash keys and seedlings later in the year.  Last year was a bumper year for them.

You'll be quite a bit later than us so I'm sure your ash trees will be leafing up soon.

It must be good news, after all the weather saying is, "If the oak be out before the ash we will only have a splash, but if the ash be out before the oak we shall surely have a soak."

No matter what the Met Office tells me, I'm expecting nothing more than a splash 

A day in the garden.

Posted: 03/06/2014 at 18:39

Best tip - hang on to neighbour's pressure washer and aim it permanently at cat's bathroom area 

Nope, marigolds aren't grafted but they are annuals so they only grow for one year.  

The plants in the first pic look as if they could be golden rod - that will grow year after year.  Was there any there last year?

Not sure about the second plant.

Good luck with the cuttings - they'll either take or they won't.  I think your plastic shelter is a good idea - it should help prevent rot setting in. 

Good luck 

A perennial for a shady, long and very narrow border

Posted: 03/06/2014 at 18:31

Not sure about tall - it's the pathway to the back garden and the wheelie bins have to go along there - in wind or rain they'd get bashed about. 

And it is going to be difficult to dig any manure in - I think my only option is to dig out the top 6-8" of soil and mix it in a barrow with manure/compost and put as much back as will fit.  

G. macrorhizum is a good idea - I know geraniums like it there as it was totally overgrown with crane's bill when we moved in.

A perennial for a shady, long and very narrow border

Posted: 03/06/2014 at 17:14

I did wonder   I wish - I'd love to find a place for C batt.  I have very fond memories of it in a lovely pub garden 


Posted: 03/06/2014 at 17:08

Clari, this is the best one I know - someone I knew through work is a rare breed poultry breeder and she says it's the best. 

Now that I've battened down all hatches in preparation for the promised heavy rain and possible storms, the sun's come out 

Thank You

Posted: 03/06/2014 at 17:04

A perennial for a shady, long and very narrow border

Posted: 03/06/2014 at 17:03

We have lots of ferns, alchemilla, pulmonarias and vinca in other parts of the garden. 

The euphorbia is something I hadn't thought of 

Saxifrage is another idea.

I had thought that keeping to one plant would probably give a bit of impact, as the bed's so narrow.  


Posted: 03/06/2014 at 16:06

OH and I have been in and out like yo-yos, getting washing in and putting it out again then getting it in again.  I'm blaming Verdun 

I've also popped all my tomato plants back into the mini-greenhouse 'cos we've got some heavy rain forecast tomorrow and I won't be here to look after them.

The under-gardener will be here, but he's got his painting head on this week 

My potted rosemary bush (about 18" tall ad 4 yrs old) has been looking odd recently - half of it went all floppy and then began to die.  The other half is fine.  I was worried that there might be some vine weevil grubs in there so, with a great deal of effort I extracted it from its pot - no weevils, but it was obvious that it was a plant of two halves - and one half was dead - I got my knife out and cut the dead half off and repotted the living half in a fresh pot of fresh compost and grit.  Fingers crossed!!!

I've got some cuttings on the go, but they're nothing like big enough to give me all the rosemary I need for all the rosemary potatoes and porchetta I'll be cooking this year.  I might have to keep my eyes open for a bargain rosemary plant!

It can go on the list I'm making for the GC trip on Thursday - I've got a money off voucher!!! 


A perennial for a shady, long and very narrow border

Posted: 03/06/2014 at 15:49

Along the path from the front to the back garden we have a very narrow border - it is 6" wide and 5 metres long (I know, I'm being ecumenical ).  

It faces North,north-west; half of it is against our neighbours' brick garage wall and the other half is against a 1m high brick wall.  

I'd like to have something climbing up there but I know the neighbours don't want that, so I just want some ideas for a plant or plants that will cover the narrow strip of soil with some colour and texture and look good. 

The soil is sandy loam.

The colours in the front garden are blues, plums, rusts and soft yellows. 

I've pulled up all the trailing campanula that was there 'cos it always got tall and flopped over onto the path before it flowered.

At the moment I'm thinking Ajuga, but I thought you lot might have some other suggestions? 

ID please

Posted: 03/06/2014 at 13:57

Thanks Louise 

We've agreed - it's Greater Knapweed 

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