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48 perrennials for p&p of £5.98

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 19:05

Cut and paste the link and then hit the space bar - that'll activate the link




Newly planted leylandi dead?

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 18:30
karma2 wrote (see)
Barry ??25 for 10 is exactly what I got them for so for 40 it works out at ??100.....yes mate maintaining them isn't a problem as I used to do this as a sideline in I take it you guys on here don't have much love for the leylandi...????

If we had £1 for every problem we've addressed on this forum about Leylandii, either trimming, shaping, or topping, or trying and failing to grow plants in a border near a Leylandii hedge, or dealing with the neighbourly repurcussions of a Leylandii hedge, none of us would ever bother to buy Lottery Tickets again


Posted: 05/05/2015 at 18:10


Amnesia Rose

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 17:02

They're only available via that link as cut flowers - they're imported that way - as it says  ".... Amnesia Roses are sold in wholesale wraps of 20 stems. Always give your wholesaler a good weeks notice, as Amnesia Roses are often imported from Ecuador or Colombia....."


Posted: 05/05/2015 at 16:44
Hostafan1 wrote (see)

.. too much beer and wine.

Arrgh help please

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 16:41

You never stop learning - that's what makes it so much fun


Posted: 05/05/2015 at 16:24

Wrens have been known to use bird boxes - in fact they often congregate in them in the winter to keep warm.

I don't know of any superstitions about wrens, but I like to think that at times of great emotion our senses are heightened and we notice things more than we do at other times - in a way this is the gift our lost loved ones give to us.


Amnesia Rose

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 16:04

The Amnesia rose is a florists' rose, grown abroad and imported.  I don't think it's available in the UK, and probably wouldn't be happy growing in UK garden conditions.

Can't prove anything

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 15:58

I grew broad beans mixed with wallflowers in my last front garden.   People kept stopping and asking what those pretty black and white flowers were

Can't prove anything

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 14:01

Bless you - try not to get anxious about things.  It sounds to me as if your new neighbours are trying to be helpful to someone new in the area. 

As you say they probably know that you have a difficulty and they want to help. I'm sure they don't expect you to wave a magic wand and create a wonderful garden overnight - if they like gardening they know how much hard work it takes - also, as you'll learn on here, most gardeners like to share.

Don't worry about having a disability and being young - most people with any amount of intelligence know that disability is no respecter of age and things can strike at any time.  A very dear member of my ex in-law family started having strokes in her late 20s - she had a tough time to start with, but then she moved to somewhere where the neighbours were kind and helpful and she got to know them. 

They knew that she wanted to be as independent as possible, but all gardeners lend and borrow tools and give cuttings and seeds, and soon she had a lovely garden she and her children could play in, and as her health took a turn for the worse the garden became a sanctuary for her, and her neighbours always knew where to find her, resting in her little garden. 

Don't put too much pressure on yourself - talk to your neighbours when you feel up to it - explain that you're shy (or something like that) so they know to give you a bit of space, then you'll feel in control of things.  A smile can work wonders even if you're not up to talking that day.

And one day you'll be the person offering to help your neighbours or give them a cutting or seedling or two - how lovely will that be?!

So no, you're not paranoid and silly - just a little shy and anxious, and gardening is a great way to get some confidence and make some friends - just take little steps - you don't have to do everything at once



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