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Posted: 18/05/2014 at 06:53

Good morning KEF   

Mr Dove made a fantastic chicken jalfrezi and pilau rice - he used Bhaji man spice kits - Bhaji man lives nearby and they've just started stocking them at the farm shop - he challenged OH to cook me a curry and he did the first one a fortnight ago and really enjoyed it (he's never enjoyed cooking before) and the other day announced he was going to cook another!  I'm not complaining   The packs contain all the spices in little packets and the instructions are so clear about what to add and when and how to prep everything, even an OH can do it!   He's got to report back to Bhaji man how he got on - he'd been given clear instructions - even about lighting candles!!! 


Posted: 18/05/2014 at 06:43

We're getting some too, especially in the lawn.  I'm going over with a lawn rake to keep the heaps down so that when we mow we don't get bare patches.  If you do that the day before you mow and pour a good bucket of water into the ant heap when you've taken the top off they'll move on - but they'll reappear elsewhere - I think it's just one of those years.

We've also got them in the compost heaps, but the regular stirring up and aeration seems to deter them.

Where you really don't want them is building nests under your plants and in your pots - if keeping the soil/compost moist won't send them packing  you can treat the garden with nematodes which are very effective 

Good luck 

Gorgeous fern

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 06:36

I've looked it up in my books and the nearest I can get to it is Polystichum setiferum 

possibly 'divisolobum' 

Calla lilies

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 06:14

They look gorgeous Cody.  I've never grown callas. 


Posted: 18/05/2014 at 06:09
Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

Night all.

I'm going to lunch with son No 2 and DIL and new baby grandson tomorrow.  DIL's parents will be there. I've made a choc mousse, but forgot to add the last egg white so it's very dark and chocolatey. Taking lettuce and strawberries from garden too.

Sounds just right BL - you are expecting us aren't you?  

It's a gorgeous morning - the doors out onto the terrace are open and the birds are singing away.  

There was a bit of a stramash going on last night, but it was here in our garden - lots of noise down in the little wilderness .................... three hedgehogs making a rumpus  ......... THREE!!!  

We were pretty sure that there were at least three individuals visiting, but we'd not seen them all at one time before  - obviously a bit of a party going on - they must've heard that it was Campari and curry night at Dove's place 


Posted: 18/05/2014 at 05:55

So glad to hear that the experience wasn't too bad and that you had such wonderful staff.    Welcome home and welcome back to the forum - but take it easy 

Flummoxed by foxglove!!

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 05:46

Red Dahlia - can you post us a pic please 


Posted: 17/05/2014 at 22:04

Here we are - it was on this thread - their email address so you can contact them re any problems with offers 


Posted: 17/05/2014 at 21:59

There was a message on here the other day from the GW Offers Team - I'll see if I can find it ...................... I may be gone some time 

GARDENERS' WORLD 27 April 2014 ratings success

Posted: 17/05/2014 at 21:46

Class envy?  Where did that come from? 

I come from a rural area where lots of people have quite large gardens, certainly larger than the one I have here - there are still lots of those people you know, and they need programmes that relate to them too.  The traditional English council house has quite a large back garden.  My daughter and her husband live in a rented Victorian apartment in the centre of a large town - they share a decent sized garden with the apartment below them. 

And what about Carol Klein and the young couple in their garden? -  all the plants they'd collected, been given, grown from cuttings or whatever - doing things on a budget - that was all covered in the programme.  

Monty has written about having had help at Longmeadow at the insistence of the BBC ever since GW has been filmed from there - it's on record and has been quoted on this forum.  

Not everyone is into 'fussy houseplants' but some people are and propagating and selling them is often a useful way of raising funds for all sorts of things, whether it's a local gardening club or a PTA bring and buy.  There's very little about houseplants on the programme, why complain when they're covered occasionally, particularly when it's incidental to the demonstration of a technique that can be applied elsewhere.

I found plenty that was practical and quite a bit that was inspirational in yesterday evening's programme.  I'm sorry that you didn't but we are all different.  

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