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Posted: 29/11/2014 at 14:19
Verdun wrote (see)
....... the great outdoors is calling me.  Sunlight glistening on dogwood stems and miscanthus flowers from here ...and it's so warm 

Verdun - that's not kind

Winter composting

Posted: 29/11/2014 at 14:10

Hi Daryl

I would continue to add your peelings, cabbage leaves etc and from time to time I'd open the lid and give it all good stirring to aerate and mix it. 

I use a long metal spike I happen to have in the garden, but you can buy a compost aerator online.  It will continue to breakdown over the winter.  It's not the heat that does it (few garden compost bins are big enough to generate enough heat to do that), but a combination of bacterial/fungal action and the work of the worms and slugs that hopefully have  found their way into your compost bin.



Posted: 29/11/2014 at 13:51

Brrr!  Temperature is dropping - it's nearly as cold now as it was at 6am and there's a chilly wind - I've put the heating on.



Posted: 29/11/2014 at 11:02

Mrs G - I think the worry about osteoporosis and levothyroxine is only relevant to those of us on high doses and in 'women of a certain age'.  If your son is having annual TSH level checks etc I don't think there's cause for concern.

Fidget - when Pa was in hospital very poorly  due to the hospital's mis-prescribing I took up residence in the ward - I slept in the chair by his bed and would not be moved - just as I would have done with a child.  There had been so many mistakes made and I didn't trust them.  I had to tell them six times that his saline drip (that was supposed to be flushing the toxins out) wasn't working before anyone would sort it out.  As you've done I acquainted myself with the Complaints Procedure and made sure that they knew I had.  I was eventually offered a meeting with senior consultants and management.  It must have been by mistake that I was wearing my Social Services ID   Apologies were given and a new Care Plan was drawn up and adhered to - more or less.  That hospital had failed two CQC inspections.  

Things had improved, but last time Pa was taken there by ambulance for an outpatient appointment a couple of months ago they 'lost' him and he was found in a cubicle in A&E some hours later - Pa is unable to move without hoisting!!!

We have to stand up and shout - sometimes repeatedly!!! and take nothing for granted!!!

I know that in general it's not the fault of the doctors and nurses etc - but they are too busy too much of the time and  the systems and procedures don't work


Posted: 29/11/2014 at 09:33

Re vitamins/minerals etc.  I have a thyroid condition and take levothyroxine which can contribute to osteoporosis - because of the thyroid condition I gain weight easily so I limit my dairy intake which otherwise would have contributed to my calcium intake - therefore I take a calcium supplement to protect my bones.  Seems logical to me.

I am also prone to high blood pressure for which I take medication.  A few months ago I started taking a supplement designed for women over 50 which, amongst other things, is designed to maintain a healthy cardio-vascular system.  At my most recent BP check there was a significant improvement. 

Whatever the cause, whether placebo or not, I shall keep taking the tablets unless I'm advised otherwise by my doctor.

As for Selenium/zinc etc.  My daughter suffered from severe ME for a long time and this severely impacted on her education and career (as well as rubbishing her social life).  After about 10 years of misery she was advised (by a new GP) to try an off the shelf supplement containing selenium and zinc amongst other ingredients.  Within a few months her health had improved and it continued to do so.  It worked for her

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: 29/11/2014 at 08:19

Lyn LOL - no apparently I'm seen as a mother-figure!  Not quite the image I'd hoped to project but no, at least I'm not the girlfriend.

Recommended pet (for cats) insurance?

Posted: 29/11/2014 at 08:09

This one says it covers dental work, subject to an annual dental inspection, but I presume that if it's a pre-existing condition no insurance will cover it.


Posted: 29/11/2014 at 08:06

Good morning all

Mild (almost 10C) and damp here in Norfolk.  Housework and food shopping to be done - a bit down to earth compared with yesterday's outing with Topbird .

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: 29/11/2014 at 07:31

Whatever you do with your time is your own business - however I can assure you that the rest of us also have homes to clean, washing to do, shopping to do, meals to prepare etc as well as gardening to do, and many of us are not as young as we once were. To complain about the cost of having letters after your name is bonkers.  Qualifications earned through education do not have to be paid for (nowadays the education does, but that's another matter ) but letters denoting Fellowships and memberships of various bodies are only necessary in employment. - usually once one has been a Fellow for many years and contributed to the work of the organisation the Fellowship is granted for life and no payment is required upon retirement.   If you want to continue paying then that's your business - we all have to pay for our hobbies.  However having letters after your name is impressing nobody but yourself - many of us on here have academic and professional qualifications but we don't dream of using them on here.  Ma used to put mine on my birthday and Christmas cards, but again, that's another matter 

I'm sure that people will be glad that you have found a special friend through the board.  However that should be a private matter - friendship is not a trophy to be bragged about and you should not be challenging people to 'Guess who".  If I were that lady I'd be very annoyed at being treated like that.

You have been advised to read through your posts before submitting.  Can I advise you that when you read through you're not just checking for typos etc.  You should be trying to read through another's eyes, to see how  what you have written will be read and interpreted by other people . 

A playwright has to understand how his play will appear to the audience; a novelist has to read his work as if seeing each page for the first time, and if we are to gain the understanding of our audience we have to understand how what we write comes across.   Writing a list of instructions to be followed is easy - writing to gain someone's understanding is a skill that needs to be honed.

As for using the computer all day - I log on with my morning coffee - check my emails and reply etc and I can do any banking, pay bills etc as necessary.  I then open the two messageboards of which I'm a member and read and contribute as I choose while I have my second coffee and breakfast.  I then get on with my day, returning to the forums when I sit down to have another coffee or a rest after a strenuous bit of gardening.  The computer does not rule my day any more than having a cooker and food mixer out in the kitchen does - I do not feel compelled to be cooking all day just because they are there. 

Mike, I'm sure that somewhere inside you there's a very nice chap but you're not letting him shine.  Stop endlessly justifying your behaviour - if you want to be a regular contributor on here then just get on with it - stop bragging about qualifications and girlfriends, stop using 'ploys' to try to get people to reveal personal information, stop the self-pity and stop posting when you've taken alcohol.   I'm sure you'll notice an improvement. 



Posted: 28/11/2014 at 20:17
Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

........ Dove you not meant to have with alcohol but prob helps with pain.... 

Not painkillers Gg - just bogstandard vitamins - take them every day 'cos I'm getting a bit older than I used to be. 

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