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Clematis Alpina

Posted: 19/04/2014 at 19:27

Mine were planted in spring 2012 - this year they are absolutely covered with blooms - no pruning, just a sprinkling of Fish Blood & Bone in early spring - love them they're gorgeous. 

Courgettes or Cucumbers?

Posted: 19/04/2014 at 18:21

Courgette and cucumber seedlings look pretty similar in my experience - they both get the jagged leaves after the seed leaves. 


Posted: 19/04/2014 at 17:48

They're expensive to buy! 

Problem with Fatsia

Posted: 19/04/2014 at 17:44

I googled Fatsia new growth and found this 


Posted: 19/04/2014 at 17:36

Which type of wormery Clari?

What plant is this, plus pic this time!

Posted: 19/04/2014 at 17:33

Yes, now I can see it from a better angle, I'll go with Salix caprea as well 

Plant ID, updates and confirmations.

Posted: 19/04/2014 at 15:56
Jack 3 wrote (see)

..........I can't believe is was so stupid and just bought three trees because of how they looked now, without thinking properly about the future. Well you live and learn...........

That's how garden centres make their money - they make the plants look so tempting   How many times have you read that one of us has gone to the GC for come compost and come back with a car load of plants 

Lawn care

Posted: 19/04/2014 at 15:53

I've always used a weed and feed treatment on my front lawn and it never affects the flower beds around it.  I think it'll be fine.  

For the first few mowings after the treatment put the grass in the waste bin rather than on the compost heap - that way the weed treatment won't contaminate the compost. 


Posted: 19/04/2014 at 15:46

Not Knotweed - that's a Definite 

Looks like the white flowered bindweed to me.  

You're not the only one with the problem - here's a previous post with discussion about getting rid of it 

Good luck and don't hesitate to come back and ask more questions 

Help a complete novice with weeds!

Posted: 19/04/2014 at 14:45

Lawns spread sideways if you let them - mow the weeds when you mow the grass.   But you need to mow the lawn regularly - I see from the photograph it's actually got some grass seeds on it - that means it's growing upwards and not sideways.  Lawn need mowing once a week minimum in the growing season - you probably think that's quite enough gardening! 

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