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Green manure vs. planting bulbs

Posted: Yesterday at 13:50

I think I'd rather mulch under trees than grow green manures.  They'll need digging in and tree roots may well be a problem, not to mention the bulbs. 

Green manures work better in veg plots where you're going to be turning the soil over thoroughly before planting in the spring.   That's my experience anyway. 

True geraniums

Posted: Yesterday at 12:53

Yes - it'll be much happier spending the winter in the soil rather than in a pot

Who still has bees?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:40

Bumbles of some sort on the buddliea in front of our sittingroom window yesterday late afternoon. 


Posted: Yesterday at 11:38

Have a look here Hosta, and see what you think

As I said I've never knowingly seen one ...


Posted: Yesterday at 09:26

Definitely the 60s Joe, I became a married person in 1970 and had been left school a couple of years - still far too young to choose a life partner but you know what young people are like - they know best

Hedgehog spotted

Posted: Yesterday at 09:20

We use these little bowls .  They're fairly weighty so they don't push them about as much as with a plastic one.  

The terracotta plant pot saucers also work well.


Posted: Yesterday at 08:31
jo47 wrote (see)
... Waiting for the gas man today - annual fire and boiler check and service - one good thing about renting ...


That's a thought Wonky - given last tenant's abysmal record at opening door to tradesmen, you and hub had better ask Landlord when boiler was serviced last!

Sorry - you've probably though of that - just being a mum

Creeping buttercup

Posted: Yesterday at 08:18

Yes, that'll do the job.  A sturdy old table fork is nearly as good as long as you don't mind getting down on your knees.

Failing that a dab of glyphosate gel.


Posted: Yesterday at 08:14

Speaking of flowers - when I go out there to pick the last of the tomatoes and grapes, I think I'll pick a big bunch of flowers for the house - the rain's going to spoil them all


Posted: Yesterday at 08:12

Oooh, the Thorntons please Fidget - not keen on chocolate mints myself

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