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Posted: Yesterday at 18:33

No one who is well would do that - must be severe mental health issues


Posted: Yesterday at 17:53

That sounds like a bizzee day Verdun   Glad Spike's ok - don't either of you go catching a chill now!  You'd better have a tot or three of something medicinal and Spike needs a nice warm hottie bottle to snuggle up with in his basket

Raised flower bed

Posted: Yesterday at 17:36

Thought you would   It'll look fabulous - Verdun has a very good eye for such things.

The great thing is that it's evergreen, so even in the winter your garden will look fabulous. 

Unknown edible in garden what is it??

Posted: Yesterday at 16:50

You can grow some varieties outside but they're very weather dependant - not tried growing them in containers - they need rich soil, lots of water and sunshine

Problem Solving

Posted: Yesterday at 16:33

Hi Steve

I find it's best done on my hands and knees with an old kitchen peeling knife,  (now relegated to the garden shed for that sort of job) just cutting vertically around the edge of the stones.  It doesn't take long and doesn't have to be done every time you mow - just as it needs it.



Posted: Yesterday at 16:28

Oh Wonky   You're just not used to having weekends and bank holidays off are you? ((hugs))


Posted: Yesterday at 16:19

Glad your horse is happy BL

Unknown edible in garden what is it??

Posted: Yesterday at 16:16

I like the look of that dish with the boerwors sausage, cornmeal pap and pumpkin leaves with tomato sauce - that's another reason for growing squashes again next year

Plant ID help please

Posted: Yesterday at 16:12

Definitely Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' - the Weeping Willow-leaved Pear.


It's the 'willow-leaved' that threw you off the track Rinus

Unknown edible in garden what is it??

Posted: Yesterday at 15:22

I posted a thread about eating squash leaves on the food forum that I'm a member of - we had an interesting reply from a member who has lived in South Africa and says that it's a staple part of the diet there

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