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Posted: 20/03/2014 at 19:23

Hello folks   I'm back  Hope everyone's loved ones are improving, and that Fidget's head bone is ok - hope she didn't land on anything else important, like her tailbone!!! ((hugs)) 

I have a gammy knee that occasionally just drops me on the ground - hospital couldn't find anything wrong with it, but there obviously is!!!   Anyway, one day just after we'd moved here and I was carrying armfuls of ivy to the skip in the front garden, OH was at work and the builders had just driven away, when my knee dropped me to the ground along the side path - when I'd got my breath back I had to crawl backwards on my hands and knees until I could pull myself up using some garden furniture and hop indoors and lie on the sofa until OH came home a little while later - whopping bruises etc but I'd not hit my head thank goodness.  I promised myself I'd always have my mobile in my pocket when I was on my own in the garden after that, but do I? ................. 

Today was interesting if a bit hectic - we were in the Uxbridge area, then back to Suffolk via Pinner and then Constable Country - the weather was lovely and the blackthorn blossom on the hedgerows made the countryside a picture - no detours via GCs today 

When to tickle over flower beds?

Posted: 19/03/2014 at 13:19

Hi Rob

After the winter, as soon as the soil is no longer soggy, wet and claggy you can 'tickle it' regularly with a Dutch hoe to deal with newly germinated weeds - you can also sprinkle some fertiliser (I use Fish Blood and Bone - amounts according to pack) and 'tickle' it into the surface with the Dutch hoe.  My soil has been fine for the past few weeks because it is free-draining sandy loam - if yours is heavy clay it may still be wet and claggy ....


gardeners world presenters

Posted: 19/03/2014 at 12:58
Verdun wrote (see)

My ideal GW presenters would be me and Dove. ....I would get top billing, of course 

Of course Verdun, it goes without saying - age before beauty 

Best buy books!

Posted: 19/03/2014 at 12:09

Just an idea - I have seen boxes full of RHS reference books at auction houses when they sell off the contents of a house following someone's demise.  These boxes tend to sell for peanuts - you may not want all the books in the box but it's often still cheaper to buy the boxful and keep the books you want and take the rest to the charity shop.

If the sale is from the home of a keen gardener you may find garden tools being sold too. 

gardening and mental health

Posted: 19/03/2014 at 09:20

More power to your writing elbow Doc 

I know that having a garden has proved more beneficial than anything else in the recovery of a dear dear friend after years of depression and anxiety - on a bad day just having somewhere green to sit and watch the birds on the feeders, and then to find a long awaited shoot sprouting; and on a good day to dig and weed and have a  truly transformative influence on the sad little patch of inner-city dirt that it once was ..... it has brought her much happiness, increased her resilience and self confidence and enabled her to achieve her educational potential, become independent and has now found a lasting and fulfilling relationship. 

And as for improving her problem-solving skills ......... wonderful 

Plant ID's please

Posted: 19/03/2014 at 08:14

3 is definitely one of the rosas - look at those thorns!!! 

2 could well be creeping buttercup - particularly if it's cropping up all over the place

1 anemone of some sort


Posted: 19/03/2014 at 08:08

OK, now I've found some camellias I like ..



Lust is beginning to rear it's ugly head 

However, we're on chalk here - lots of it and it's very near the surface, and as it's free-draining we need all the rainwater we can garner for the veg plot, so I'm not going to buy a camellia ..... I'm not ..... I'm not ..... I'm not ...........  

Forkers!!!  Don't let me!!!!!!!!!!!!




Posted: 19/03/2014 at 07:52
KEF wrote (see)

Good Morning Lovely camellia Chicky. Lovely Woodland pics Lily.

Dove thanks for reply, will you let us know when Hefty appears?



Good morning KEF  I will - I went out there with a torch last night before going to bed, but not a sign of him/her 


Posted: 19/03/2014 at 07:03

For some reason I've never found a camellia that I coveted   

She's probably not called Donation either ......... or Sunburst .............. 

Mixing lilys bulbs

Posted: 19/03/2014 at 06:24

I grow my lilies in large pots - I don't mix the varieties as they take different lengths of time to flower, so you could have a pot of dying blooms with one still budding.

Having them in pots means that I can group them together when they're flowering 

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