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damn things!

Posted: 10/05/2014 at 18:25

I'm also trying the sheeps wool stuff on my pots of lilies - it's proving successful 

what paint can I use outside - cheap and cheerful

Posted: 10/05/2014 at 18:23

We used the Cuprinol Shades on our fence - the coverage was great and a little went a long way. 


Posted: 10/05/2014 at 18:16

Hello Panda - glad you had a lovely lunch.  

We've had rain on and off all day - every time the rain stopped I rushed to finish what I was doing inside so that I could get outside, but as soon as I went outside the heavens opened again so I came indoors and started another job, so the sun came out again   Think it's been playing silly bees 

Lord Anson Perennial Sweep peas

Posted: 10/05/2014 at 17:52

I've never yet been convinced that Suttons adverts or the blurb on their packets are written by gardeners 

I've never known a perennial sweet pea with any scent and I've been around quite a long time 


Posted: 10/05/2014 at 17:48
Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

.............Mum and baby will stay in hospital for about 4 days, in France they like the milk to come in before letting them out...............

Very wise  indeed - I'm appalled at the way tired and inexperienced mums are virtually thrown out onto the street here 

Verdun - your niece's good news passed me by - Congratulations - that's fantastic.

In amongst my son's series of catastrophes we've had some good news - son in law has been given a considerable pay increase and has been told he's great   

Shady area

Posted: 10/05/2014 at 17:41

Sounds like my last garden 

Foxgloves, ferns, Lily of the valley, pulmonaria, alchemilla mollis, ajuga, astilbes, vinca, and hellebores will all give you background tone and texture and some lovely soft colour.

For brigher colour you can grow some New Guinea Hybrids Impatiens - the newer version of Busy Lizzies that doesn't succumb to the downy mildew that has wiped the older variety out 

apple tree issues

Posted: 10/05/2014 at 17:29

Is it an old tree?  Have you any idea how it has behaved in previous years?  Are there neighbours who would know?  

This might be of some help 

Shady area

Posted: 10/05/2014 at 17:21

What sort of shade is it Samantha?  Is the soil dry or damp?

 Is it under trees and if so are they evergreen or deciduous?

Celery and the cuckoo in the nest

Posted: 10/05/2014 at 14:52

One of the cultivated orache famly come to mind ...................


Posted: 10/05/2014 at 13:54

I've been very good - I've been spring-cleaning inside the kitchen fridge and the bigger one in the garage.  Unidentifiable jars of goo have been thrown away as has anything more than a year past it's best before date.  OH will be very happy 

Of course, as soon as I  was past the point of no return and had emptied the first fridge the rain outside stopped and the sun shone 

Now that I have almost finished .................................... it's raining again 

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