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Posted: 21/07/2013 at 07:06

Good morning all   Deadheading and cutting back is the plan for today here too.  It's cool and overcast so at least I won't fry.  

Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 20/07/2013 at 21:06

Hello folks  no gardening today as I've been parent-visiting - tomorrow there's lots to do out there, including preparing the broad bean patch for some Swiss Chard to be sown, and cutting back of the perennials that've flowered.  

We also have to block a hole in the fence as the magpie murdering cat has become a blackbird butcher 


Rhubarb. When/how to split the crowns?

Posted: 20/07/2013 at 16:24

One big crown or two smaller ones - production will be about the same, two will take up more space, and you mustn't crop them in the first year after transplanting  so .... I agree with Oldcompostheap, get another variety that produces a bit earlier or later to extend the season. 


Posted: 20/07/2013 at 10:09

Hi TiaC - do you know what sort of tomatoes you have - did they come with a  variety name, or are they called 'Bush type' or anything like that?

Hogweed in my meadow

Posted: 20/07/2013 at 10:02

Cut all the flowers off and remove.  

Get a knapsack sprayer fill with glyphosate/Roundup and spend an evening or two walking over every inch of your meadow spraying every individual hogweed plant - then leave well alone.  They'll be well and truly dead by the time you mow the meadow in September.  

You might have to do this every year for the next few years but it'll be worth it and it's the only way to do it.  If I did this over three grazing meadows a few years ago and it worked.

I was also digging out ragwort at the same time 

We had orchids, fritillaries and other precious things growing there - they weren't harmed. 


Posted: 20/07/2013 at 09:55
SwissSue wrote (see)
Dovefromabove wrote (see)

Just reported 3 spam posts by Creadios 

Have just sent a very nasty message to the above twit! Probably won't make much difference though!

Don't suppose he'll even know you've sent it - he won't come  back to revisit the scene of his 'crime' and he certainly won't have ticked the email alert box - he gets paid to put as many 'ads' on the web as possible, he doesn't care where 

Garden privacy - alternative to trees

Posted: 20/07/2013 at 09:52

And what a lovely wall - it's a pity to hide it.  I think I'd put some tall posts in with some trellis sections mounted at the height you need the screening, and grow clematis and honeysuckles up there - then you could have a bed of hardy perennials in front of the wall showing it off nicely 


Posted: 20/07/2013 at 09:46

Do you know the variety of pear?  Does it have blossom each year?


Posted: 20/07/2013 at 09:23

Hi Andy - I can see they're petunias now - it helps when I put my glasses on 

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