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Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 21/10/2017 at 17:49

They'd be blowing up the road as OH is cycling back home ... he could've ended up with some trendy headgear 

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 21/10/2017 at 17:33

I rescued them when they looked as if they were about to take off Fairy 

hot lips

Posted: 21/10/2017 at 16:21

I would wait until the spring, when it begins to put out fresh growth, then cut it back by two thirds. 

Compost heaps and rats

Posted: 21/10/2017 at 16:14

Rats will gnaw through wire ... my brother who is a potato farmer says they'll gnaw through concrete to get to potatoes ... if you have rats don't put potatoes in any form in your compost bins, they love them.  Keep the compost damp and turned regularly ... this will discourage them as they're looking for a warm dry and quiet home for the winter.  And get a Pest Controller in.  If you have 6 rats now you could have a hundred by next summer.  

finding my subscriber club number!!!!

Posted: 21/10/2017 at 16:07

When your magazine arrives (mine arrived this morning) you'll find your number above your name on the address sheet with the magazine.  

Hope that helps 


Posted: 21/10/2017 at 15:56

Pansy   Monty was growing Szechuan pepper, not black pepper.  Szechuan peppers are a type of citrus tree and can be grown outside in the UK. 

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 21/10/2017 at 15:28

Ah, in just 20+ mins the tide has turned and on Porthmeor beach the sea is looking quite different, absolutely thundering in with the wind behind it. 

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 21/10/2017 at 15:09

Getting more blustery here now ... the watering can has just blown across the garden and I've rescued it and taken the washing in  ...  Brian doesn't seem to be having much effect on St Ives Harbour webcam 

or around the point at Porthmeor beach 

but there's rain on the camera and the sea's beginning to boil over

at The Minack 

Stay safe folks. 


Posted: 21/10/2017 at 14:13

Hope you're having a lovely day Chicky 


Posted: 21/10/2017 at 14:11

Patience ... all gardeners need plenty of it  ..... if it's still dead by next August I'd chuck it ... in the meantime put it somewhere sheltered, frostfree but not warm and keep it moist but not soggy ... then keep your fingers crossed.  

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