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Please can anyone identify this plant for me?

Posted: 21/03/2014 at 19:32

Euphorbia lathyris or Caper Spurge - it's a good plant in the right place but can be a nuisance in the wrong place.  If you don't want it there pull it up, the roots don't go deep.  But before you pull it up make sure you use rubber gloves and long sleeves as the milky sap can cause irritation if it gets on your skin - if it's a sunny day the irritation can be quite severe so do be careful. 


Posted: 21/03/2014 at 19:26

Lily, Rosa Bonica is going at the sunnier end of the Shady Bank, just across the terrace from the dining room window and back door - behind it will be the clematis I ordered the other day and it'll have some alchemilla mollis, a clump of sweet rocket and some variagated pink and cream bugle around t. 


Posted: 21/03/2014 at 19:12

That's just how it was here when we moved in - and right up to the top of the house gable!!!  All gone now 


Posted: 21/03/2014 at 19:09

Oh dear, sorry to hear about the Acer   Which one was it? 


Posted: 21/03/2014 at 19:07

Oh, sorry to hear about storm Verdun - although I do like thunder and lightning - always have. 

The liner and underlay for the pond have been ordered and should be delivered on Monday - I didn't get butyl in the end, but another sort supposed to be more flexible but guaranteed 40 years - if I'm still around when it springs a leak the empty pond'll be just the right size to come in very handy ............ they can put a rockery on the top 

Plant ID's please

Posted: 21/03/2014 at 18:27

My thoughts agree with Nut's 

Flowering Climber

Posted: 21/03/2014 at 16:39

I'd plant a vigorous rambling rose, something like a Kiftsgate, Bobbie James, Rambling Rector or Paul's Himalayan Musk - it would soon obscure the cable and grow up into that tree - it would look a picture



Posted: 21/03/2014 at 16:33

Hi Arthur -   you can cut it back when it's finished flowering - there's some information here 


Posted: 21/03/2014 at 14:16

It is a very pretty rose - lovely in a jug with some alchemilla mollis 

And speaking of roses Fb, my little Rosa glauca has little pink buds swelling on it's stems.  

Just had a visit from our Lovely Builder - he's going to come over next week and do a few jobs, including finish off the pond (he and his mate are into wildlife and fishing and gardening so they'll do a sensitive job)  - the liner has been ordered and should be here on Monday. 

The builder's mate is also going to find time to dig the new bed in the front garden - that'll save my back 


Posted: 21/03/2014 at 13:40

Fidget, it's a Rosa Bonica 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

..... I've just ordered one of my favourite roses for the sunnier end of the Shady Bank, outside the dining room window - I've grown this rose in two other gardens and it's been a delight each time - it's only failing is that it's scent is slight - but it'll be growng near a clump of Sweet Rocket and some honeysuckle - I've been trying to find a better rose for that spot, but it's got them all beat!  It flowers all summer long and is the prettiest thing.  Beautiful for cutting too  Although it's described as a ground cover rose it can reach over a metre in height and as the bank is at least a couple of feet high that'll be perfect.  As it's replacing a very old scarlet climber that was here when we moved in, I've ordered a containerised one to give it every chance - I've also dug in a big pile of FYM so it should be fine. 

Should be here in 10 - 14 days says the email, but as they're only a few miles down the road maybe it'll be sooner than that 



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