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Posted: 14/02/2015 at 08:17

At this time of year I bundle it up, put it in a string or net bag and hang it in the shrubs or on the fence and watch the bluetits using it their nesting material.  Then later in the summer when it's dry and dead I put it in the compost bin.

Scarlet Emporor Runner Bean in blossom indoors in Feb advice please! :)

Posted: 13/02/2015 at 20:22

Daisy, save your energy and enthusiasm for something that will work otherwise when you're continually met with disappointment you'll lose heart and lose interest in gardening -  there's not a hope in hell that your bean plant will produce anything.  Sorry


Posted: 13/02/2015 at 19:15

Hello folks - hallway, sitting room and dining room all looking spick and span, thanks to a lot of help from OH when he got back from work at 3.30   Now the bedrooms need spring cleaning   I'll have to get on with it before the weather improves 'cos the garden will beckon ...


Posted: 13/02/2015 at 10:28

You can do it when they're in flower, but of course they won't look as attractive after that - so when the flowers have gone over is the usual time

geranium madame salleron

Posted: 13/02/2015 at 10:06

It sounds from this very interesting article  that the modern Madame Salleron sold in GCs nowadays may not be the older Madam Salleron which was traditionally used as a foliage bedding plant.  Certainly if yours had flowers on when it was bought it sounds more like the modern flowering variety.  If it flowered once it can flower again, but may need higher light levels than it gets indoors in the winter to encourage it.


Posted: 13/02/2015 at 08:12

Awww Wintersong ((hugs))   Happy Anniversary!!! 


Posted: 13/02/2015 at 07:41
CurlyCarly wrote (see)

I've been told that you shouldn't pick Rhubarb later in the season (nor blackberries either) as the poison from the leaves starts to be drawn back down the stalks. Can anyone confirm this please?

You shouldn't pick rhubarb later in the season because the nutrition/energy in the leaves needs to be reabsorbed by the roots/crown otherwise you will have a weak and unproductive plant the following year.  Nothing to do with the toxic oxalic acid  in the green part of the leaves.

As for blackberries, any on the plant late in the season are likely to be less sweet  than the earlier ones due to lack of sunlight, that's the only reason for not picking the later ones.  There's an Old Wives' tale that says on 30 September the Devil trails his coat-tails over the hedgerows making the blackberries taste bitter.

Ground Ivy in the Asparagus bed

Posted: 13/02/2015 at 07:18
Dovefromabove wrote (see)

When you say 'ground ivy' do you mean Glechoma hederacea which is a small plant with square stems, soft fuzzy leaves and little violate .....



Posted: 13/02/2015 at 07:14

Good morning all

Today I will be mostly damp-dusting


Posted: 12/02/2015 at 21:56

Oooh BL - get well soon, and keep the germs over your way please!

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