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Posted: 28/12/2015 at 18:21


Hello folks - we're back from having the Christmas cobwebs blown away at Minsmere


I'm keeping you lot at arm's length - you and your internet viruses

Get well soon everyone

Maybe one of these will help .........



Posted: 28/12/2015 at 18:03

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 28/12/2015 at 17:37

Lilly P - I am so sorry - sincere condolences to you and your family at such a sad time ((hugs)) x

Strange forces at work

Posted: 28/12/2015 at 17:14

I remember someone suggesting to a woman in our village that her daughter could do with going on a diet - Mrs E stated quite firmly that she didn't believe in diets ... "the fat has got to go somewhere, and gravity being what it is, she'll get fat ankles."

Well, would you have tried to contradict her?


Posted: 28/12/2015 at 17:09

I'm not sure that they've got the right idea about naming these storms - every Frank I've ever known has been good looking, intelligent and kind and gentle. 

I think 'they' should do what most wise parents do, select a few possibilities then wait until they've seen the baby before deciding on a name that suits it ........

Log burner

Posted: 28/12/2015 at 10:57

I think that's sometimes the problem, people with tight budgets see them as a way of cutting down on fuel bills, and can't afford an expensive installation bill either

The Old Beeb Posters!

Posted: 28/12/2015 at 10:34

I came in 2011, when we moved here and I had a proper garden again   I only intended to ask the occasional question or two, hence the somewhat flippant name referring to the pigeons in the ash trees and a favourite tv programme .... somehow I find I'm still here

Strange forces at work

Posted: 28/12/2015 at 10:31

Might be all this water around - high humidity - damp atmosphere ... warm weather - like putting them on a hot wash?


And does anyone else think that we should stop naming storms - ever since the Met Office started giving them names they seem to be getting a bit above themselves


*Not intended to be flippant about those in real difficulty ((hugs))

Log burner

Posted: 28/12/2015 at 10:25

Good luck

My ex was a builder and specialised in restoration of old timber-framed houses - after wood-burning stoves became popular in the 70s there were many times that he had to restore or even rebuild lovely old rural cottages etc because the chimney had caught fire due to the layer of tar which had soaked into the brickwork - the tar would sometimes even be visible in the bedrooms, as dark staining on the chimney breast !

Fortunately modular chimney liners were introduced and most people use them and this has really reduced the number of chimney fires from woodburning stoves.  However, some people still try to manage without in order to save money ... it's a dangerous and false economy.

It may also be to do with insufficient updraught in the chimney and there may be some blowback which is coming down your chimney - again a properly qualified chimney sweep is the best person to advise you. 

Strange forces at work

Posted: 28/12/2015 at 10:15

I'm blaming global warming - 'They' said that there would be effects that we don't yet understand ......

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