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Alcofrolic fruits for Christmas

Posted: 28/11/2013 at 21:21

Bilje that sounds delicious - I might even like the trifle 


Posted: 28/11/2013 at 21:19

I  collect the moss I rake from the lawn, let it dry and put it into those fat cage bird feeders and hang out on the fence in the late winter early spring - the bluetits, long tailed tits and chaffinches are very grateful and we have hours of pleasure watching them collecting it for their nests - it's amazing how much they use 


Posted: 28/11/2013 at 21:10
graham wells wrote (see)

Hi All you Viola lovers . Have just joined .

Thanks to DOVEFROMABOVE for including The National Society Web Site on an earlier post..

Quite a few people visited this from his message.

I will be following your thoughts as to what people like so much about the flower


My pleasure Viola Man - it's a great resource - the Viola Soc. website I mean 


Posted: 28/11/2013 at 21:05

Hello folks  Back from visiting Aged Ps and then on to see son and deliver Not Cornish Pasties and Banana chutney as his wife's in Saudi for the week.  

Lovely pics Punkdoc 

If you could invent something...

Posted: 28/11/2013 at 12:32
artjak wrote (see)

.... I would like a tiny fork lift machine to lift and carry big sacks of compost, it would have to manage two or three steps also.

That's one of the things I've got OH for! 


Posted: 28/11/2013 at 12:28

What a shock!  Hope no one was in there!


Posted: 28/11/2013 at 12:14

We'll get bored when you put snaps of Aunty Marge in her sun hat on 

Fantastic photos!!!

lavender bush in pot - winter

Posted: 28/11/2013 at 11:53

I would - they're just a little more tender than we tough English types 


Posted: 28/11/2013 at 11:52

I do  unless they're in beds where I want them to self seed 

silly quotes

Posted: 28/11/2013 at 11:26

Do as you would be done by


Be done by as you did

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