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Photinia leaf drop

Posted: 18/03/2014 at 21:58

I think between us we can make our photinia happier and healthier 

Photinia leaf drop

Posted: 18/03/2014 at 17:40

I've had bags and bags of leaves falling this past few weeks

Photinia leaf drop

Posted: 18/03/2014 at 17:40

I must say I am impressed, Ive added these pictures using my iPad, didn't know I could do that!



Photinia leaf drop

Posted: 18/03/2014 at 17:33

Thanks for the replies I think I'll wait until the flowers have finished and no risk of frost and I'll give it a heavy prune and hope it stimulates some new growth, right now it's looking very bare, a neighbour had an enormous photinia bush which was very healthy and one day they had some cowboy gardeners in to "trim" it..... I was horrified to see it butchered it and now it's got strong new growth! The tree cost £250 I'm just going to have to be brave and go for it. Will go and take a picture of it as it is now ...


Photinia leaf drop

Posted: 08/03/2014 at 19:14

About 3 1/2 years ago we splashed out on an established lollipop shaped tree it's about 15ft ? Tall planted in to the ground in front of the house, the ground is heavy it's wet in winter and dries out in the summer. It's loosing leaves quite dramatically just as the red is coming through. No obvious sign of bugs it just looks incredibly sad I have given it slow release feed. I was wondering if it's lacking in nutrients ? Or should I try and hack it back in the summer ?

im envious when I see neighbours with photinia with thick glossy leaves, any suggestions ?

What to do with a bucket of snails!!

Posted: 03/08/2012 at 09:00

Catapult it's amazing how they can fly 

Talkback: Grow carrots in a container

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 15:29
Hopeless couldn't view the video as I'm using iPad
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Photinia leaf drop

What can I do to make it a happy tree again 
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