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The Glory of Spring

Posted: 30/03/2014 at 18:04

 The glory of spring and the month of March, everything is bursting forth. I have been away from my little patch this month and when I returned I just had to take some pictures of what has erupted in my garden.

Anyone planted out their sweet pea seedlings?

Posted: 30/03/2014 at 13:39

Planted my sweet peas out 2 weeks ago as artjac says they are not as tender as you think. Mine usually slow up for a few weeks then before you know it there going like a train up a track. I'm in Stafford in the Midlands.

Plant Identification

Posted: 30/03/2014 at 13:16

I have ground elder on one side of my garden.

The problem is that if you try to pull it up you break the roots and they just make new shoots. At the moment I am trying a new approach by picking off the leaves as soon as they appear and so trying to starve the roots of food and removing the light source. I have been told that this will eventually kill the roots and I have noticed that some roots are starting to weaken, this will of course be something that will be ongoing for several years but then we gardeners are a patient lot. 

Fruit and veg growing

Posted: 30/03/2014 at 12:21

Hi Kassie I grow my runner beans in reusable potato growing bags they are deep and I bury vegetable waste in them like you would if you dig a trench in the garden and I find that they grow away beautifully. The photo is of the beans I grew last year.


Talkback: Vegetable plants for beginners

Posted: 26/03/2012 at 20:36

beckye Hi

I only have a small garden and have grown all my veg in pots for many years. Keep trying it is worth it. The season really began for us tonight when I made a rhubarb crumble with the first of this years harvest. My rhubarb is also grown in a large pot with multipurpos compost and top dressed with shop bought horse manure in early february, this year I even forced it with a rhubarb forcer. This year will be different though as my husband has bought me 3 vegtrugs.  Do you have a balcony, is it windy etc. If you could tell me the aspect you have maybe I could recommend easier plants for you to grow. I am trying some of the Thompson and Morgan urban collection this year. The veg plants are surpossed to fit into smaller spaces and ideal for growing in pots. I,ll keep you posted. Happy Growing.

monty don

Posted: 26/03/2012 at 20:15

Hi Cloud 8

I too have the Geoff Hamilton DVD collection and love them to bits, I never tire of watching them, I just love all gardening programes who ever is presenting and never fail to learn something new from every one. I only have a small garden but always find insperation from looking at other peoples large gardens either on tv or by visiting one of the many fantastic gardens open to the public you can always find some idea to take home I find. Geoff was great and I miss him. Happy growing.

Talkback: Ask Adam

Posted: 26/03/2012 at 19:44

Hi whitevanwoman

Thanks for that, we have had some rain since I posted but I have found that I have a split in my water butt, so I siphend off the water before i lost it all and have reserved it for my blueberry. A new water butt is now in place and I am awaiting another down pour. I am new to the gardeners world forum and am so chuffed that I got an answer, I can see that I am going to make a lot of new gardening friends. Hope you get some rain soon too, best wishes.

Talkback: Ask Adam

Posted: 17/03/2012 at 14:33
In these days where rainwater is in short supply can anyone tell me if tap water put through a filter jug is a good alternative for blueberries, my water butt in the garden is dry and I am worried about my blueberry plant. It is in a pot of ericatious compost, on a warm patio and I live in Stafford in the midlands.

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