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What are your favourite native flowers?

Posted: Today at 16:52


Not sure where it came from though.

To deck or not to deck.....!

Posted: Today at 16:24

We were going to put a slab path out the back, but the OH said sod it. So i did!

Music in the Garden

Posted: Today at 16:21

Pantomime season at Middlebrough F. C. again........

I live just down the road.

New allotment OMG...

Posted: Today at 16:15

I C. Thanks GWRS.


Posted: Today at 15:40

Are you with Al-Qaeda star gaze lily?

EDIT: I see you caught and corrected. mine pies would have gone down with a bang.

kitchen worktops

Posted: Today at 15:36

Not as bad a using babies.

One last question

Posted: Today at 15:33

Completed.  But i use my Knee as device for finding rocks in your garden.

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Today at 14:38

Alien at work Cangrandmafixiit. I have got a injured one of them in my system. I call him Alen. (he is missing a eye)

I did watching UK Border Force last night.
The team was in Dover and they put in a nice selection of bedding plants and a small box hedge.

Recomendations for golden 3-0 high yew hedge

Posted: Today at 14:26

This topic has been busy. Sorry, I couldn't get a word in hedgeways!

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Trilliums for Lily.

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Got this nice present today and i know its not from here.

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Slug farmers. Volunteers needed. (There's is method in my madness)

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Is it just me?

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Dare i or not???

should i plant this or not? 
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Major boo boo!

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Paper pots, first year. Will this become a problem.

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Beekeeper request.

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Growing mealworms for beginners.

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Vermicomposting for begginers

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Spam back again

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No need for moss killer.

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Professional Soil Testing Kit.

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Not sure this is appropriate here, but you should all know!!!

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