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Crocks in Pots - A Waste of Time ?

Posted: Today at 14:27

From The Guardian of all places.

Crocks in pots improve drainage?

The theory Water drains more quickly through coarse materials, so a layer of gravel or pot fragments in the bottom of containers lets excess water drain freely.
The evidence Research by soil scientists shows that water doesn't flow freely from fine-textured materials into coarser ones. Water moves into coarser materials, such as gravel or crocks, only once the soil above is saturated, so a sudden change from a fine to a coarse texture causes water to collect in the soil above, rather than drain away. This can be bad news for roots. Pot feet help to improve drainage and prevent waterlogging, especially in containers sitting on a hard, flat surface.
The verdict False: a drainage layer in the bottom of pots reduces the volume of soil available to plant roots. Don't add gravel or crocks, but ensure pots have drainage holes.

Dare i or not???

Posted: Today at 14:16

Thanks very much Verdun. euporbia Polychroma is exactly what i am looking for.




Posted: Today at 00:07


I also forgot the name for those plants that divide into 3 and more on one stem!!!!

Can you help with that name? i think it has something to do with decision in the name but i could be wrong? 


I had to look up my old posts and found that FIDGETBONES was spot on and i was miles away. The name is fasciation. i think? Not sure how i would forget that.Thanks fidget

Dare i or not???

Posted: Yesterday at 23:39


Some cypress spurge accidental fell into the the bucket that i was carrying when out up the wood the other day. I was not sure what it was at first but it fitted my needs (if you know what i mean).

  I must admit it is perfect for the boarder between yellow and green, but after i got back and looked it up i find that it is very invasive and illegal in some states of America as a weed.    Can i take cuttings (yes i can) and plant the whole plant in a sunken container in a boarder to stop it getting overgrown? I think they have long tap roots???( from yellow to green) or am i just asking for trouble, when it seeds??? Is there a similar plant that i can use instead??   I need yellow to green and then green to blue in colour as its a rainbow boarder and it must be free of £££( As i have already spent £2 pound for fertiliser (BFB) on this forgotten border. )   Spread sheet of colours ( R,O,Y,G,B,I,V) and seeds to show will follow. All from this site with kind thanks, to all. Its nice to be nice, for other people even if i have made it my own project for someone else.

Thanks to all again.



Deep Down & Dirty: The Science of soil

Posted: Yesterday at 22:57

Where is Wally. 

Anyone spot Edd?? ( i have worms)

This is very old now but it is well worth the watch. 

Where do you all think soil comes from? I have past over topics about worm casts and fungi in lawns and trees. 

Please just watch this. Please .


Talkback: How to make a comfrey feed

Posted: Yesterday at 22:45

Hi preksha patel.

Not sure what you want to feed with your bottled (feed) But i recomens dilution.

Avoid your tomatoes until you have your first truss of toms showing through. dilute the rest at 20-1 and use often but only when the soil/compost looks dry. Over watering and feed will be fatal to your plants. A little when needed will be good for all plants especially in the raised beds as they will drain and get dry quicker.

If your soil is good then you will not need liquid feed to often. Sort the soil out first and the liquid will only give the plants a boost.




Posted: Yesterday at 22:30

Bee Fly - Bombylius major

I had to Google it and will kick myself for forgetting.

 They hover like???????????? Hover flies!

 Regards for your quick answer.


I also forgot the name for those plants that divide into 3 and more on one stem!!!!

Can you help with that name? i think it has something to do with decision in the name but i could be wrong? 


Posted: Yesterday at 22:16

Oh my god !!!!!!!!!!! 

What do you lot talk about????

I left half way through my holiday and that was page 669 its now 712 that is 43 pages to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It took me a day to read the other posts bar this one!

I do hope you all had fun and are deep into the growing season, now.

lots of new topics and some unanswered? some i disagree with and some need expanding upon. Nice to se Mike back on form and  bill posting pics (it must still be cold over there.)

The lakes is always fantastic, no matter what time of year it is, but the sunshine made it better and i got out to climb in the sun for many days. bliss, bliss, bliss.

The only problem was the gardens and seeds/plants, on my mind.They where niggling at me all the time. Not sure this will ever go away. But i do not think that is a bad thing. We all like home.

The over insecticide plants (that i was forced to do) are fine. and i have just cut them all off and burnt them. New growth will be fast. So no worries now. (apart from no lady bugs, but we do have loads of hover flies and bees, so that is a good sign.

A few months ago someone posted a pic of a bee type  creature with a long proboscis  about the same length as the body, can any one enlighten me on its name please as its so nice to see one in the wild/back yard! lol.

Kind regards


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