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Fungi Growing on tree stump

Posted: Today at 16:00


BobTheGardener provides a link in the last post in the above thread, Hope it helps.

Nut there has been about 4 different posts on this in the last 3 days It's not Hen of the woods.

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Fungi Growing on tree stump

Posted: Today at 15:49

Bad news I'm affraid. Honey Fungus. 

Fruit ID please

Posted: Today at 15:26

I have never opened one Dove. philippa smith2 has it I think.

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Fruit ID please

Posted: Today at 15:12

Could it be a squash Dove? ( Chayote Squash )

Rejuvenating rosemary

Posted: Today at 13:38

What shape would you like it to be?

Don't do any pruning till spring or summer and you may need to prune the rosemary back in stages. 

Grass ID

Posted: Today at 13:27

It is very difficult to tell without having the seed heads. I would take a guess at some type of CAREX

Apple Tree Problems

Posted: Yesterday at 18:05

I will leave this one for Dove to answer  but that stuff on the left of the bottom pic is a givaway.

Mystery fruit

Posted: Yesterday at 18:00

I will take a guess at dogbane or Frangipani.

Apple Tree Problems

Posted: Yesterday at 17:48

This may be black rot, a canker disease common to apple and crabapple or it could be fireblight. difficult to say without pics.

Does anyone know what this is?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:44


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