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whats gong on?

Posted: Today at 10:29

Not sure about the clematis Lucy3 but i think the roses should not be cut back until spring? I am sure i will be corrected if wrong. It may depend on what type of rose.


Posted: Today at 10:25

I remember 'first footing' star gaze lily not sure i can do it now my hair has gone gray! 

It was suppose to bring good luck to people for the coming year. As soon as midnight had passed and January 1st had started, people used to wait behind their doors for a dark haired person to arrive. The visitor carried a piece of coal, some bread, some money and some greenery. These were all for good luck - the coal to make sure that the house would always be warm, the bread to make sure everyone in the house would have enough food to eat, money so that they would have enough money, and the greenery to make sure that they had a long life.

I think they also carried salt but not sure why?


Posted: Today at 10:11

Works for many things happymarion including influenza. I do hope you will be feeling better soon.

Drinking baking soda for your health.



Posted: Today at 09:36

Sorry to hear you are poorly with the flu happymarion. Hope it gets better soon.

I know i may be considered a crank but i beat off a flu bug in about 18 hours that some of my friends had for two weeks.I discovered the use of baking soda and have been using it for two years and have not had the flu or major cold symtoms sinse. I would just ask you to look at it.

It actually makes a lot of sense when you read through it.



House moving and needing plant advice

Posted: Today at 09:16

First thing it says in the link Berghill. Good to know people remember this. 

Tree being cut in half by a tree tie

Posted: Today at 08:38

No such problems round our way.

Now where did i park my bike?


Vermicomposting for begginers

Posted: Today at 08:29

The little white worms are Pot/Whiteworms (Enchytraeus buchholzi)

 You get them in their millions. They are no harm what so ever to the red worms or the compost. They are not very aesthetically pleasing. They tend to appear as a thick white band (like a wet bandage) around the side of the bin when the soil gets acidic so is a good indicator of potential problems. 

They are a popular forms of live food cultured by aquarists. 

You may also get springtails (Collembola).

Again harmless but they do compete for food with the worms.  




searching for unusual plants

Posted: Yesterday at 20:04

Salino. I think it is Rosa glauca (R. rubrifolia)


Posted: Yesterday at 19:27

Are the PM'S working?

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