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Posted: Today at 01:32

Wow Clarington. Gob smacked!!!

Just release the purse to him and say 'I trust you' but we need to keep the maintenance  bills in control would you like to do them? Do you even know when the internet bill is? 

'It's ok Hun. I can tell you about it after'



We only fall for it once. But It is that time of year again???

Sweet talker you!!!!


Posted: Today at 01:18

Same Welshonion.

Loads of butterfly's, in the house now.

But as I remember not many  ladybirds this year (up here) ????

Winter project

Posted: Today at 01:06
gardenning granny wrote (see)

Oh dear - with grandchildren staying wioth me at present we've been maionly in the kitchen making gingerbread houses (two of those) stuffed dates and fudge.  I'll try to whizz round the garden tomorrow and take some patient, we grannies are very busy at this time of year!

No worries Hun. 

Perhaps next summer in the good light, with the kids making something new for you. I would like to see your garden.


Edit: Sorry! I have just read back and i sound like a pedo!.


I have my first son, now and he is 4. He makes me (things) and I'm sure he is a genius.  Just like yours.

I would never have known that slugs taste like worms (ever). Would you????

Dog bless them.

Kind regards



Posted: Today at 00:56

OH. I forgot to mention about the Pantomime (chuckles of Oz) 

I haven't enjoyed myself so much in years!              

I didn't go!!!!!         



No, No,No. I did. Apart from the beginning ,middle and end, plus the 3D bit. it was rubbish!  


They wanted me to play Tin Man but after some thought I had to decline. My heart wasn't in it.

I used to have a job as a pantomime horse, but quit while i was a head!  


Tried to book next year!!!!!!! (  



They are sold out of front seats (true!!!) and they don't know who is staring in  it yet!!!!  

I have respect for seasoned actor in panto ( The chuckle bros) I enjoyed shout 'It's beneath you!'.  

We never once got a ' it behind you'  My 4yr old was disappointed and scared by the 3D glasses. (to young perhaps?) But he wants to go again now?  

The two brothers (Barry and Paul) I took my own place and threw humbugs rapped in paper with betting odds, saying " explain this"   7/4, 9/1 9/4  5/2 and many others with "explain this 6/2"  ( there was a lot thrown, wrapped humbugs, through the show, till the end )

Upon where they asked.  ' what are these'  Where upon i shouted out " i Thought you were the wizards of odds"   


NO JOKE!!!         

I HATED IT!!!! Honest!


Posted: Today at 00:00

Hi. Susan Porter. If (it)  is now going to trial. Then your daughter will get compo.  Not much help, I know but it gives a ending to the situation. 

I am not very good at what to say at these situations but what i do say is true and as blunt as a brick (sorry). That does not make the situation any better.

The law is the law.

Things will get better from now on. You have all done very well.

I know it makes no difference but i am proud for you all,even if they say it's a sin. Well done.

You have to make a stand against these people.

aerating shoes

Posted: Yesterday at 23:43
star gaze lily wrote (see)

Yes box is ticked Edd. Not sure why it doesn't work tho.

Have you allowed GW in with your browser? Not sure what you are using. 

I know I tried to send you a PM (test) and you got it but could nor read it. not sure how that works? Did you get a email from GW (reply) and just could not access it.

Or did you click on top right messages (under name)  and were just unable to look at it?

Intrigued now

Try turning your Security off, for a second and any add blockers and let me know. Then i will try again. 

Only if you want to test it?  You can put it back on straight after. 

I think your PC security might be stopping it getting through. (intrigued)

Camera Corner

Posted: Yesterday at 23:29

Venus is the obvious thing Charlie November. (it has a purple colour and does not twinkle.)

It can be seen most of the year by the naked eye and it does not twinkle like a star. If you can recognize a planet in some other way, you might notice the steadiness of its light by contrasting it to a nearby star.

The scientific name for the twinkling of stars is stellar scintillation (or astronomical scintillation). Stars twinkle when we see them from the Earth's surface because we are viewing them through thick layers of turbulent and dirt.

Always good to look out for.

Plant ID

Posted: Yesterday at 23:12

gardengirl6. I was given some free from Mark 1963 . Last year and they did very well.

I still have some seeds of cleome 'colour fountain' and 'violet Queen'  If you would like some, or anyone else. There are no use by date on the packets but I'm sure they are good for a few more years.

Edit: 'violet Queen'  says Sow by:August 2015 and the other says Sow by: 2016

I am sure they will last till two or more years after. 

PM. Me.



PS. Good to share and nice to be nice.

How do trees come into your life?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:44
Fishy65 wrote (see)

Ah...but does anyone know the preferred wood for the arrow shafts was Ash  

Unless you were in a hurry, and only then hazel wood was used (in the green) 

Waterproof Garden Shoes

Posted: Yesterday at 22:34

Look familiar GemmaJF.

I do like these though.



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