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Bee Friendly Garden 2015 - Ready, Set, Go!

Posted: Today at 01:24

The bees need something and when the time is right, everything will catch up. 

If not we are all doomed!


A couple of plants to identify

Posted: Today at 01:19

But the hairy stems are in the first pic, That may be what is causing the confusion. Look harder. I think it might be this.

(not to be confused with the OP pictures.)

 What do you think?

Do you see where I am coming from?

Plum tree appears to be dying

Posted: Today at 01:02

Click green tree icon.

A small window will appear with two tabs showing one for (your computer) and the other for (an external site).

Hit your comp tab and then pick select. This will take you to your computer files (new small window) where you can pick your file and press ok/open. The window will close and you will see your file name appear in the box next to the select button.

Now hit the upload button. This will probably cause a error window to open (Radupload ajax callback error with lots of text). Press return or the X (top right) 

Then wait till it appears in the small window. This can take a while so be patient.

When it appears press the save button and wait again. It should appear in the reply box but again this might take time.

Some files can be too big and will need to be cropped before they will load.

Hope this helps.

From the ED, today.

I'm sorry that you're having trouble posting images on the forum. A couple of things to check:

The images you upload need to be in jpeg or jpg format.

They should be less than 2mb in file size. If your files are larger you'll need to reduce them in size - there's a free app for iPad which will do this here:

I hope that helps!

Daniel Haynes



Posted: Today at 00:53


Small child's take two years to decompose. The OH keeps climbing out, no matter how decomposed she is. 


A couple of plants to identify

Posted: Today at 00:46

Agreed.. LOL 

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: Today at 00:42


Eucalyptus pauciflora. Are you sure?

 Is that the stuff?

Perhaps  "clinical" was the wrong word to use. 

What I meant to say is I love you young garden and it goes against my grain to say it.

Well done, it looks fantastic and I like it so much even if it is not my style.

Ants in pots

Posted: Today at 00:22

Come on then Verdun. Please Help me out. I can't get borax with my open worm bin.

They have been watered often to the point that I have started using boiling water but think that I will hurt the worms.

The only good point is that the bin will be emptied in 2 weeks and sieved. So they will have to find a new home. 

I would just have liked to see the results of the formula.

Caterpillar ID

Posted: Today at 00:11

You could be right Nut but it has been so cold up north that all of these flowers shown on here (in bloom) are just a fantasy to me. 

It's getting me down we are 2-3 month behind.  

I'm just a little behind



bean seed germinating

Posted: Yesterday at 23:57

Sorry if i have missed the point of this thread. 

I am still not sure what the question is???

Green Magpie talked sense, but to what question, I am still not sure???

Here is one for you.

It's been a long time since I grew these ( apparently no need with my clients)

But my 4 year old son brought home me one from school in a MacDonald cup . He has no interest in the results. but I do! 

How much soil do they need, for beans??????????????

As I said it's just a test for me.  

Do they self pollinate? They are structured to not let me in with a cotton bud!!!

I know insects are designed for this but I only have one plant. (hope you see the fun to be had with only one plant)



How long do you think it will continue??? 

Its 3" - 3" and 4" deep, pot?

Does it need two plants to pollinate? 



Caterpillar ID

Posted: Yesterday at 23:21



  It's one of the most common Noctuid moths in Europe.The European Yellow Underwing moth. 

it's endemic! get over it.

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