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Left handed tools

Posted: Today at 17:56

Lucky you Verdun. I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

Cactus discoloured???

Posted: Today at 16:45

Have you moved it into intense natural light recently. It could be sunburn. I'm not kidding. 

water butt tap not working

Posted: Today at 14:04
GemmaJF wrote (see)

 fill up the hosepipe for syphoning with clean water from a household tap.


If you think tap water is clean then think again. I would rather take my chances with the rainwater (distilled)  in the tub, no matter how old, rather than the poison from the Fluoride in the tap water. IMHO.

Just a rant, Sorry.

Back to the subject.


Coffee granules

Posted: Today at 13:51

It is caffeine that kills the slugs. There is very little left in spent coffee grounds.

 steephill is correct it is illegal to use it as a pesticide against slugs but there is nothing stopping you using it as a soil conditioner and it is great for that. 

My worms love to eat it so mine goes straight into the vermicompost bins.


Posted: Today at 13:44

More holes needed in the bin NewBoy2

No compost will be added ( you want to make it not use it as feed ) Leaf mould would be fine if you must. The GC compost has chemicals in it.

You will get better reproduction rates if it is kept warmer. It will also produce vermicompost faster. I recommend only using a lid indoors.

No need for a lid outdoors unless you have a rat problem.

50/50 scraps and brown cardboard. Leave to age for a couple of weeks before adding any worms.

Have a read through the link at the top of the page.


Video for how to

Posted: Today at 13:27

Turn off your add blocker and see if that works if not temporarily turn of your security. you will find it under settings/extensions.

I had the same problem and this was the solution. They are very easy to turn off and on again.

How do I go about draining this?

Posted: Today at 13:09

blairs. What if it was me that added the clay before they moved in? 

With a bit of luck it will just be compacted and the problem easily sorted. You will never know until you test it.

How do I go about draining this?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:06

Dig a few deep test pits around the garden to find out if the soil is clay and if so how deep it is. 

We can take it from there when you find out.

You might be lucky and find there is only a thin layer.

water butt tap not working

Posted: Yesterday at 16:49

The inside plastic collar is fixed Alan4711 otherwise there would be loads of people walking round like daleks with water butts stuck over their heads.

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