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How do trees come into your life?

Posted: Today at 22:44
Fishy65 wrote (see)

Ah...but does anyone know the preferred wood for the arrow shafts was Ash  

Unless you were in a hurry, and only then hazel wood was used (in the green) 

Waterproof Garden Shoes

Posted: Today at 22:34

Look familiar GemmaJF.

I do like these though.



Perhaps a Survey worth doing...

Posted: Today at 22:20

MGWF= Making Government Work Far better.

 I hope

Perhaps a Survey worth doing...

Posted: Today at 21:59

Just thought I could be Edd-i-e

Perhaps a Survey worth doing...

Posted: Today at 21:53

Are they rude? 

aerating shoes

Posted: Today at 21:49

In 'My public profile' under My settings it has a tick box, is yours un-ticked star gaze lily.

That might be the problem. 

I think we may have tried this before?

Perhaps a Survey worth doing...

Posted: Today at 21:37

E-d-d ?

Winter project

Posted: Today at 21:33

Have you you got any pics you can show us please gardenning granny


Posted: Today at 12:55

Another pet hate Alan4711.

Moronic isn't it. All that effort of picking it up and then just littering! 

We started to mark the bags we found with day glow ribbons and they soon got the message that other people disapproved.

Might be a tactic you would like to try.


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