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Posted: Yesterday at 04:17

Sorry Hun. 

Did we actually send  Ric Stein your way! He has more restaurants over here than McDonalds.

It tends to be down Verduns way, though.



Posted: Yesterday at 04:01

We don't really have street traders/vendors over here, anymore Pat (the government and MSM renamed them all as "work-shy skivers", especially in Glasgow.

Asking for FISH AND CHIPS on the streets of Glasgow is a very dangerous thing as it has a totally different meaning! Actually just being on the streets of Glasgow is a very dangerous thing these days if you are English but then again they do have something, very precious that we do not have and they are certainly worth keeping hold of.


Posted: Yesterday at 03:46

That sounds about like it, Hun.

Sorry for being nosey Pat E. I'm English.

Where you born over in NSW Pat E or did you not pay your TV licence and sent over there?


Posted: Yesterday at 03:35

No catch.

Well actually there was. It was a young guy at work, many years ago who had gone there for the first time and been out on the town on his first night (bit worse for ware) and just wanted a late night take out. So he wandered into a shop and asked for fish and chips to take out with a drink.

He came out with a gourmet meal! and a can of beer. A very fresh fish, just caught and it did not come with batter and chips. He did get a half bottle of wine with it and it did cost him. He never said if it came in a news paper wraper as I could not stop laughing.

I just told him you have better taste over their. He was just a young lad.

Music in the Garden part 2

Posted: Yesterday at 03:20



This sounds almost soft compared to this austerity england (small e) and its destruction and sale of social housing but the gardens are nice apparently.



Posted: Yesterday at 03:11

Hey Pat E.

I found this very funny but I'm not sure if it's true.

If I got off the plane over there and went to a food take out shop and asked for fish and chips, What would I get????


Posted: Yesterday at 03:03

Yes we do have imminent emergencies Pat E.

Do you know of a guy Called David Cameron? He likes to go to war when his paying clients says No and even if we say No he waits 2 weeks and does it anyway. 

(every new PM does this) Boys and their new toys, you know what I mean.

Well this time (because we said NO to war in the first place ) He sold all his toys to Saudi Arabia and now they would like to play with them, so we will have to back out as apparently some of these toys might have lead paint and they could be dangerous.

W111 on the horizon and that is not funny.

The good points are I have no shares and the price of oil is great!!! What could be better?


Posted: Yesterday at 02:43

Pat E

I'm on 24 hour rescue call. I have no choice. (grounded)

Peoples lives depend on me! LOL. ( I just man the calls and distribute the right people to the right area, at this moment in time as I have a broken limb and I'm not allowed back out in the field to help.


Posted: Yesterday at 02:37

I presume Midsomer Murders is just like Neighbours to you?


Posted: Yesterday at 02:30

Sorry Pat E. Thought that read "just turn up"

Pat E wrote (see)

It's ok, it turned up. 


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